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Please find attached our list of projects and application form( note that only the green marked projects are available for this deadline)
Read more about the projects on www.icye.dk
Envía tu cv y carta de motivación concretos a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com  LO ANTES POSIBLE!                                                                               



EVS en Wroclaw, Polonia! Plazo hasta el 7 de Abril!

“Jump into the volunteer’s ferry” group EVS project will be developed in The Foundation of Social Integration Prom  from Wroclaw, between 1st Sept 2014 and 31st July 2015.

4 volunteers from different countries will work during 10 months (activity starts 01.09.2014 finish 30.06.2015).

Main task of the project is equal opportunities and Roma communities. This project embraces different levels of interventions towards different populations (Polish children, Romani communities and adults with mental disorder).

It’s aimed to develop solidarity and to promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people. Volunteers will work in integrating community centers for youth and children from polish and Romani group, in You are not alone- a club for people with mental disorder and their families, sometimes in the office helping by ongoing project in the frame of Governmental Romani Programme. Four hours a week will be dedicated to polish lessons. Volunteers will actively take part in all the activities and working methods to be used in the center (workshops, observations, presentations, exchange of ideas, cooperation process, group dynamics) assume that volunteers will actively take part in every stage. Through participation in the project four young people will get acquainted with Polish culture and the Roma minority, will increase their interpersonal, intercultural and language skills, learn interesting ways to work with groups at risk of exclusion, increase self-reliance and responsibility through a confrontation with another culture.



Our organization is located in Wroclaw Image

www.wroclaw.pl/ms/english/www.wirtualnywroclaw.eu/ – a very open and cosmopolitan city full of young people and students.
The main goal of the Foundation “Prom” is to integrate and support people from disadvantaged backgrounds; to enable them to participate in educational and cultural events; to promote them in society; to fight against discrimination, intolerance and lack of acceptance towards the most helpless groups in Poland ( the poorest, unemployed, national minorities).
The major need is to break off the negative stereotypes and know each other by acting together.
We work with children, youth and adults from poor and pathological families (we have two community centres (working afternoons) for children and youth. We take care of them, organize artistic and sports activities, excursions, summer and winter holidays, we offer a chance for them to develop their interests, artistic skills and enhance educational possibilities.
We provide the poorest with food in cooperation with Food Bank, we give legal advice free of charge, learn about social issues and human rights. We have great experience in work with Romani Community from Wroclaw. We cooperate with Romani Bacht Association, we participated in international study tours to Romani Associations from Czech and Slovakia, Hungary, we published books about education and situation of Romani people in Central Europe and picture stories about Romani History.
Our Foundation also cooperates with teachers, psychologists, art therapist, trainers, dance instructors, lawyers, students and other non-governmental organizations for the enrichment of our activities and interventions within the community.

Description of activities:

Volunteers will be working in the Club for people with mental problems three times a week, in the morning. In the afternoon in different community centres for children and youngsters: one of which integrates Roma and Polish children and another is based in neighbourhood with various social problems. Sometimes they will be asked to work in the office helping by on going projects, especially those in frame of Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland.
Two volunteers will be more involved with the “You are not alone club” (adults with mental disorders)
Two volunteers will be more involved with the children’s centres (polish and Roma children)

The volunteers, however, will have the opportunity to participate in both Prom’s areas. They are not limited to just only one, but simply they will be more dedicated to either the centre for adults or the centres for children.

The main aim: Development of solidarity and social activity promotion within the group of youngsters and children.
The main subject: Proving an equal chance to Roma community, children from poor families and people with mental problems.
Volunteers’ role and tasks
Volunteers will be supporting Prom’s employees in the carrying out the project:

Proposed activities:

“You are not alone club” (adults with mental disorders):
participation and help in the activities for adults with mental disorders;
opportunity to create and develop leisure activities (art workshops, gymnastics, field trips, relaxation, theatre, table games);
cultural exchange through story telling/ presentations;
organization of meetings with other similar centres promoting communication and exchange between the beneficiaries;
help in extra activities that might take part (e.g. Easter/Christmas fairs);
Helping by food distribution to the poorest families from our beneficiaries.

Children’s centres:
participation and help in the activities for children;
helping by trials and shows of Children’s Dancing Romani Group “Terne Romani Bacht”;
participation in educational projects organised by the foundation;
helping in organization of important events exe. Christmas Eve with Prom Foundation;
preparation of volunteers own activities under the supervision of Prom’s educational workers;
organisation of meetings with the representatives of other community centres and non-governmental organisations from Wroclaw promoting volunteering within the Roma Association – Romani Bacht;
meetings promoting volunteers cultural background;
helping by organisation and participation in trips (one day or one week long);
promotion of the European Voluntarism within the young people from other community centres contributing to the increase of knowledge about different countries and their cultural tradition.

Occasionally in the office:
by on going projects within Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland
helping by organisation of international meetings and conferences, exhibition if there are any within Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland.

Volunteers will have a chance to observe different specialist at work: teachers, psychologists, dance teachers, language teachers and art therapist.

Important events organised in the foundation during the year and assisted by volunteers: Christmas Eve, long term trips for children (may be winter or summer holidays).

Typical volunteer’s day will be structured as follows:
10:00 -13:00 work in the Nie Jestes Sam club (You Are Not Alone club) for people with mental problems and their families – three times a week
11:00- 13:00 Polish language course twice a week. (4 hours). During all project.
13:30 lunch
15:00 – 18:30 work in the community centres for children: “Zakątek Krasnoludka” (Dwarf’s Corner) – community centre integrating Polish and Roma children, “Promyki” (Rays) community centre. Sometimes working in the Foundation office helping with on going projects.
Volunteers will have 2 days off during a week, mainly at the weekend. If their assistance is required at the weekend (during trips with the children from community centres) then they get those two days back during the week. Volunteers will work about 35 hours per week. They are entitled to 20 days of holidays, in the time suitable for the Foundation and volunteers.

Linguistic support: Volunteers will have four hours of individual Polish lessons once a week.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be living in student apartments or with other EVS volunteers.

Alimentation: Volunteers will be provided with money to buy food. And begging of each month has to present invoice to proof expenses. While working in the community centres for children and Nie Jestes Sam club (You Are Not Alone club) volunteers will be served coffee, tea, biscuits or other snacks.

Pocket money: Volunteer will be provided with pocket money every month.

Local transport: Volunteers will be provided with monthly pass for local transport: regular bus, night link, fast bus and trams.

Volunteers profile:
We would like to invite all the people to take part in the project who are:
interested in psychology, educational science studies, social work in a big city, interested in Roma culture, history and current problems of Roma community, creative, optimistic, outgoing and honest,
flexible, patient, friendly and helpful, independent, with ability to show initiative (very important in working with people with mental problems) !!! responsible and trustworthy, interested and experienced in work with children, youth, people with mental problems and minorities, interested and experienced in working in NGO’s office, helping with international projects, motivated to complete this project.

Volunteers are not required to have qualifications necessary to work with children, young people or people with mental problems, but some experience in working with this group is essential !!!
It will be great when they speak little polish or have interesting skills and hobby: dancing, painting, drawing, hand crafts, circus skills, playing instruments or singing, expirience of theater – very popular with our beneficiaries. Good computer skills will help in work by the projects in the Foundation office.

Deadline to send application for volunteer 7 of April 2014. (cv with picture!, motivation letter and questionnaire that we send to candidates).

Please put your name and country on each file you send !!!


ENVÍA TU APLICACIÓN TAL COMO ESTÁ DESCRITO A ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com asunto “Foundatia PROM” antes del 7 de abril 2014.

EVS en Cluj Napoca! Plazas vacantes para españoles!

The Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre is looking for 9 volunteers for an EVS project due to start in November 2014.

Theme of the project: youth participation, active citizenship, European Youth Capital

When?: November 2014 – August 2015 (10 months)

Where?: Cluj-Napoca is the second biggest city in Romania, one of the few growing cities regarding its population. Cluj-Napoca is the regional center and economic powerhouse of Transylvania. Cluj-Napoca is 2015’s European Youth Capital and it aims to become European Capital of Culture in 2021. Cluj-Napoca. The city has a high number of students officially not registered in the city as inhabitants but living most of the year here in fact. Because of this the real number of inhabitants goes beyond 400,000 people, while the percentage of its young population is over 50 percent.Image

Cluj-Napoca is the friendliest city towards foreigners, according to Eurostat. 96% of its inhabitants feel good in this city. Cluj-Napoca ranks among the top quarter cities related to how easy it is to find a job.


Coordinating organization – Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre (2012-RO-19): CVCN (Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre) has as mission the development of volunteering as a means of involvement in solving out the problems of the local community.Since the date of legal establishment in 2004,the different services provided to the local community involve:recruiting and recommending volunteers for other NGOs,training and supervising volunteer managers,offering a set of instruments useful in working with volunteers,informing volunteers about volunteering opportunities in Cluj-Napoca,organizing volunteering campaigns and promotion events,organizing training sessions for the development of volunteers,etc. Since 2010, CVCN has started to be involved also in EVS projects.Up to this point we have hosted 60 volunteers in different projects in Cluj (mainly long-term) and we have sent 62 young romanians in projects abroad.

Host organization – The SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation (2013-RO-89): the federation was established based on the Memorandum of Understanding for the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Initiative. The Federation has about 30 founding members, almost all of these being youth organizations.The SHARE Federation has the role of preparing and implementing the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Initiative based on the decision of the Cluj-Napoca Local Council on 22 June 2013.

What is the European Youth Capital?

The majority of the volunteers’ task and activities is linked to the European Youth Capital (title awarded to Cluj-Napoca in 2015).

The ‘European Youth Capital’ (EYC) is the title awarded to a European city for the period of one year, during which it will be given the chance to showcase, through a multi-faceted programme, its youth-related cultural, social, political and economic life and development. The EYC initiative encourages the implementation of new ideas and innovative projects, with regard to active participation of young people in society, and seeks to present a role model for the further development of youth policies in other European municipalities. The title is awarded by the European Youth Forum through a competition of programmes open for cities from 49 countries.

Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital in 2015. The year will fluctuate with several key moments, peaks completed in between with several hundred small actions, a permanent communication activity and public space presence. The European Youth Capital is not just about events but also about the city “wearing” the European Youth Capital. This is why the Capital will be present in the public space, in coffee shops, restaurants, public institutions.


Objectives: the project has as main objective the personal development of the volunteers, including growth in areas such as communication skills, deeper understanding of the concept of mutual acceptance and tolerance, time management skills, planning and organizing events, team-work related skills , creativity and innovation etc; at the same time at the community level, the project aims at promoting the active participation of youth in the community and creating a context that will offer chances for involvement for young people in Cluj.

What will the volunteers do?:

Volunteers will be working in three main departments of the SHARE Federation, in each of them having specific tasks and roles:

Location and event management: assistance in preparing and managing special locations, service and product providers, technical support for the location, assistance in logistics, assembling the location, internal design and features.

Communication and PR management: text editing, working with social media, helping in coordination of printed and other materials, assisting specific communication activities, such as press conferences;

Participants’ management and hosting: assistance in managing the staying of people arriving from other cities, countries, activities regarding the management of their movement within the city, assistance and guidance in managing accommodation for participants.

Each volunteer will work on one main field of activity and will get the recognition of the acquired practice on that specific field. In addition to these, the host and coordinating organization will offer volunteers the opportunity to develop their own personal projects, directly linked to their work in the European Youth Capital and complementary to it (starting from identified needs in the community).


Selection process: 

1.CV and letter of motivation to be sent to ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com by the 10th of April 2014

2. applicants selected after the first phase will be asked to carry out an online interview (11-15 April 2014)





Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Romania, Cluj Napoca

  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Start: 01/09/2014
  • End: 31/08/2014
  • Image
  • Image
  • Image
  • Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center is searching for 3 volunteers to take part in a one year hospital animation project in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • The project has as main objective the personal development of the volunteers, including growth in areas such as communication skills, deeper understanding of the concept of mutual acceptance and tolerance, time management skills, planning and organizing events, team-work related skills , creativity and innovation etc; at the same time at the community level, the project aims at enhancing the healing process of the children hospitalized in the local Children’s hospital by creating an environment that will support that.

What will the volunteers do?

The volunteers will work 4 days a week in the hospital, mostly in the afternoon (from 13-17), in order to prevent their activities from interfering with the medical procedures that usually take place in the first part of the day; the total number of working hours for the volunteer every day is of 6, including the language courses and other type of activities besides working in the hospital; no involvement will be compulsory for the volunteer beyond this limit, any further participation in the activities of the organization being possible only if the volunteer expresses a direct desire for this; the schedule presented below shows an example of how a one-week program would look like;  The volunteers will work in 4 different sides of the hospital: pediatric surgery and orthopedics, nephrology (here they will work with children dealing with dialysis) and the Pediatrics Clinic nr. 3 and nr. 1 (working with children that have respiratory problems).
At the beginning of the project the volunteers will be trained in a few introductory notions about clinic animation by the staff of our organization but also by other local volunteers that have been working already in this field. The specific daily activities in the hospital will require the active input of each volunteer since the EVS volunteers will be the main actors in choosing the activities, planning them, preparing all the materials and delivering them to the children (all this will happen with the support offered when needed by the project coordinator but also by local volunteers). The volunteers will not substitute the medical staff or be involved in activities that are similar to the medical attention given by doctors or nurses, but will bring something new to what a hospital offers in Romania, that is a series of educational and artistic activities such as: storytelling, English lessons (using the methods specific to the non-formal education), planning different games according to the level of mobility of the patients.

Envía tu carta de motivación concreta y CV en inglés programecvcn@voluntariat.ro;

LO ANTES POSIBLE. Máximo: 28/03/2014

Asunto mail: Cluj Napoca

Vacantes EVS para Alemania, varios proyectos. Anímate!

 The youth welfare office Steinfurt is regionally responsible to the youth politics, the youth professional aid, for the co-ordination of the open and associated youth work, as well as for youth-specific topics. Additionally it is coordinating organization for the hosting and sending projects of the European voluntary service since 1997. Since this time over 200 volunteers from 23 different countries did their EVS in our region and over 180 young people went out of Germany into another European country to gain new experiences with the EVS.Image Image

Consulta en http://europa.eu/youth/evs_database los numeros de referencia de los siguientes proyectos:

EIRef  Start date  Duration  Organisation name 
2012-DE-34 01.09.2014 12 months Jugendzentrum Lengerich
2012-DE-37 01.09.2014 12 months ANTL e.V.
2012-DE-109 01.09.2014 12 months Offene Ganztagsgrundschule Lotte
2012-DE-33 01.09.2014 12 months Wespe e.V.
2013-DE-36 01.09.2014 12 months Kolpingsfamilie Saerbeck e.V.
2012-DE-38 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendzentrum Hopsten
2012-DE-35 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendzentrum Ladbergen
2012-DE-36 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendtreff Bansen
2011-DE-47 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendtreff St. Antonius
2011-DE-45 01.01.2015 12 months Berufskolleg Tecklenburger Land des Kreises Steinfurt
2011-DE-46 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendtreff Tecklenburg

The next deadline: 30st April 2014 

The start date of the activity: 1st September 2014 and 1st January 2015 

The duration of the activity: 12 Months 

Please take a look in the European database on EVS accredited organizations in internet to see more information about the projects.


Debeis rellenar el siguiente documento:




Éstos son los datos de vuestra Sending organization:


·         Nombre: Asociación Mundus – Un mundo a tus pies

·         ID Ref.: 2013-ES-63

·         Dirección: Av./ Mónaco  27 -29  08917  Badalona (Barcelona)

·         EVS Coordinador: Alberto Tortolero

·         Contacto email: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


Envía tu carta de motivación concreta y cv a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

LO ANTES POSIBLE antes del 20 de Marzo!

Asunto mail: Germany Eurodesk


  • Organisation: Misericordia di Firenze
  • Location: Florence, Italy

Inicio: 1 DE ABRIL 2014 HASTA EL 31 DE MARZO 2015

  • The Mosaici Project 2014 will take place for the 2nd time in Florence in the Head Office of Misericordia di Firenze and in its branches, ambulatories, rest homes and disability centers. All the structures are situated in different areas of the city except for Villa Alessandro, a ‘Disabled Center’ ina suburban area between Florence and Prato.
    It will run from March 2014 to February 2015, there will be six Volunteers from European countries.
    Volunteers will be closely followed by our staff although they will be free to contribute with their personality, ideas and personal competence.

The volunteers will be involved in the following tasks: Health and social transport, welcoming services: Activities: Escort service of sick, elderly and disabled people; Drawing up documentation; Assistance and reassuring of the user’s relatives At the consulting rooms, volunteers will welcome the users giving information and helping the staff in their daily work, these structures are situated inside the branches of the Association. Personal care: Reading books or newspapers for some hours a day; Little errands, shopping, small payments in public offices, etc.; Phone assistance; Escort service for walks, company to overcome loneliness and social isolation. Activities in Disability Centers and Rest Homes: Company and animation during the day and for vacations, holidays and recreational events; Staging of performances, assistance/teaching at the computer labs; Listening and communication with the guests and especially with their families; Cooking Labs, Craft Labs, Drawing, Photography, etc.;Volunteers will follow a course on how to interact with disabled people; Solidarity markets organized at Christmas and Easter and sometimes for special events during the year and Food Aid. Besides the volunteers are welcome on activities regarding Volunteering Promotion and European Awareness such as Design of information and illustrative materials, brochures, in English or in the language of the volunteers; the main topics will be: Voluntary Service, European awareness and young people; Drafting of the history of our Museum and promotion of it; the welcoming of groups who want to visit Misericordia and the Museum, in English or in their own language. Contacting Schools, Volunteer Organizations, in Italy and abroad, for affiliations and to promote free visits to our Museum; Promotion of the Volunteering World as a way to spend time with and for other people, especially for young people. Involving the young Volunteers of the Association in new activities. Each of these activities will be documented by written/audio/video materials; these will remain in the Association for the realization of “A Mosaic of Lore, Customs and Testimonies from Europe” for subsequent EVS volunteers, for our volunteers, Florentine citizens and for the many tourists who visit Florence. For more information please have a look on EVS data base, Ei reference 2011-IT-150.


Positive, passionate and creative young person ready to offer his/her time for learning a lot in cooperation with the other volunteers and offer his/her time in Social and cultural project. It is important that you are open minded, show initiative, communicate easy with very different people and are flexible, so you can adapt to different circumstances. You also find it a challenge to work with people with limitations, socially, emotionally or physically elderly people. You don’t mind working outside.

ENVÍA TU CV Y CARTA DE MOTIVACIÓN CONCRETA PARA EL PROYECTO LO ANTES POSIBLE A ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com con el asunto de referencia “EVS MISER”

Vacantes EVS en Italia, último día de plazo!

After the official launch of the new Erasmus+ program (in which EVS is included) InCo is ready for the first deadline of the year. We have the placements listed below. They are all long-term projects (meaning activities of 12 months starting in September 2014).


Please check specific details about each host organization using the EI number in the EVS database:

  • Azienda Servizi Sociali di Bolzano (ASSB): EI>> 2012-IT-36 (2 vacancies available). Bolzano is a bilingual city (Italian and German are official languages and used in everyday life). Activities with elderly people.
  • Civica di Trento: EI>> 2013-IT-64 (2 vacancies available). Project located in Trento. Activities with elderly people.

ATTENTION regarding activities with elderly people: please consider that it’s not the same as spending an afternoon with your grandmother! It’s a very beautiful project and there is space to develop own ideas and initiatives but the life of elderly people also involves sometimes loneliness, illness, dementia and death (so you have to be open an prepared to this).

interested? So here the application procedure:

1) contact your sending organization (we won’t accept application done by volunteers directly, only through sending organizations!); (en éste caso Mundus)

2) get in deep information about EVS and its conditions; read as much as possible about the host organization in which you are interested on and the city in which it’s located, verifying so if it really matches with your ideas/dreams of experience abroad;

3) discuss the opportunity with your sending organization checking about the opportunity offered and your expectations. Matching profile and opportunities are essential to guarantee a nice service for you! In case of doubts, give us a call! We will be happy to help.

4) ask to your sending organization to send us an email with your application as it follows (we won’t accept application done by volunteers directly, only through sending organizations!):

>>email’s subject must be: “EVS application InCo: NAME OF THE HOST ORGANIZATION”, so, for example: “EVS application InCo: Caritas” (emails without the specific subject won’t be included in the selection process).

>> their contact details as well astheir EI number

>> one paragraph with their evaluation about you and how does the activity match with your profile

>> your CV with picture

>> your specific motivation letter (mentioning the HO and specific activities related). Please notice that general motivation letter won’t be considered! It’svery important you to highlight: why are you interested in this specific kind of activity (not in EVS in general); what do you think you could learn; which could be the difficulties you could face; how do you think you can contribute to the HO.

The deadline to apply is the 16th February. Our email is: sve@incoweb.org

If you would like to apply to more then one vacancy, applications have to be done separately – the documents and evaluation must be specific.

Emails which don’t follow the indications won’t be processed as valid applications and will be directed again to this announcement. Successful applications will receive an email of confirmation.


Sigue los pasos y ofrece ésta información sobre Mundus:

Asociación Mundus con referencia EI número 2013-ES-63. Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Mucha suerte!

Participa a la simulación de la toma de decisiones en UE (Estrasburgo)

Modelo Unión Europea 2014

manifestaci_ndEs una simulación de la toma de decisiones en política de la UE, se lleva a cabo cada año en Estrasburgo y reúne a jóvenes europeos altamente cualificados y motivados de 18 a 26 años de edad, de los estados miembros de la UE Islandia, Liechtenstein, Noruega y Turquía.

Los participantes tienen la oportunidad de vivir una experiencia de primera mano sobre el funcionamiento de las instituciones europeas en las instalaciones del Parlamento Europeo en Estrasburgo, del 29 marzo al 5 de abril de 2014.

Las propuestas para el debate en MEU 2014 son los siguientes:

– Propuesta de la Directiva del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo relativo al Fondo Social Europeo;

– Tratado de Libre Comercio UE-EE.UU/Asociación Transatlántica de Comercio e Inversiones.

Los solicitantes tendrán que presentar un ensayo bien pensado y bien estructurado que refleje el pensamiento independiente y sus buenas habilidades de investigación y de responder a una de las siguientes preguntas:

1. ¿Podrán contribuir el Comercio Transatlántico y las Asociaciones de Inversión a la recuperación Europea y en qué forma (s)?

2. ¿Hasta qué punto las medidas de desempleo juvenil adoptadas recientemente por las instituciones de la UE afectarán a la participación de los jóvenes votantes en las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo?

3. Evaluar el papel de los gobiernos de los Estados miembros de la UE en las negociaciones  comerciales con los EE.UU.

El plazo de presentación de solicitudes es hasta el 5 de enero de 2014.

Para saber más: http://meu-strasbourg.org

Erasmus Lovers

euro_love_grunge_by_somadjinn-d4r8ryzCuando hablamos del nuevo programa Erasmus +, hablamos de 14 mil millones  de Euros invertidos en educación para el periodo de tiempo que va desde 2014 hasta 2020 , aprobado por la Comisión de Cultura y Educación el martes , permitirá a más de 5 millones de jóvenes de ir a otros países para estudiar, de participar en las actividades internacionales voluntarias. En el futuro, también se van a financiar becas para estudiantes no universitarios. Y aseguran que las subvenciones se pagan más rápido.

1) Erasmus + tiene como objetivo ayudar a los jóvenes de 13 a 30 años de edad para obtener móvilidad con el fin de aprender, estudiar y adquirir conocimientos profesionales y aptitudes en un país distinto de su país de origen. En el campo de la educación, vuelve Comenius , Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus , Leonardo da Vinci (formación profesional) y Grundtvig. También se introduce el deporte, por primera vez en un programa europeo . Los nombres de marcas existentes se mantienen , ya que son bien conocidos por el público .

2) La financiación Erasmus +  también estará disponible para la movilidad transfronteriza de los jóvenes y voluntarios, en particular para las actividades deportivas que ayudan a luchar contra la violencia , la discriminación o el dopaje. Eventos deportivos sin ánimo de lucro que involucran varios países también pueden obtener financiación de la UE .

3) A través de Erasmus +, la UE garantizará préstamos de hasta 12.000 € ( por un año) o € 18.000 ( por dos años) a los estudiantes que deseen cursar un máster en otro país. La gestión unificada del programa también ayudaría a acelerar el pago de las subvenciones a los beneficiarios. Los eurodiputados insistieron en que este nuevo sistema no reemplazará en ningún caso becas o sistemas de créditos estudiantiles que puedan estar en marcha a nivel nacional.

Si es aprobada por el Parlamento Europeo en la sesión plenaria de noviembre y luego por el Consejo ,

Erasmus + entraría en vigor el 1 de enero de 2014.



El presupuesto aumentará un 58% respecto al periodo anterior (2007-2013).

Erasmus+ destinará durante los seis próximos años:

– a prácticas o formación laboral más de 2.510 millones de euros,

– y otros 576 millones irán destinados a la formación de adultos.

– los programas de intercambio en edad escolar no universitaria recibirán un desembolso mínimo de 1.713 millones de euros.

Los intercambios entre responsables de asociaciones y entidades juveniles o actividades de voluntariado también podrán ser escogidos para ser financiadas por Erasmus+.

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