The youth welfare office Steinfurt is regionally responsible to the youth politics, the youth professional aid, for the co-ordination of the open and associated youth work, as well as for youth-specific topics. Additionally it is coordinating organization for the hosting and sending projects of the European voluntary service since 1997. Since this time over 200 volunteers from 23 different countries did their EVS in our region and over 180 young people went out of Germany into another European country to gain new experiences with the EVS.Image Image

Consulta en los numeros de referencia de los siguientes proyectos:

EIRef  Start date  Duration  Organisation name 
2012-DE-34 01.09.2014 12 months Jugendzentrum Lengerich
2012-DE-37 01.09.2014 12 months ANTL e.V.
2012-DE-109 01.09.2014 12 months Offene Ganztagsgrundschule Lotte
2012-DE-33 01.09.2014 12 months Wespe e.V.
2013-DE-36 01.09.2014 12 months Kolpingsfamilie Saerbeck e.V.
2012-DE-38 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendzentrum Hopsten
2012-DE-35 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendzentrum Ladbergen
2012-DE-36 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendtreff Bansen
2011-DE-47 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendtreff St. Antonius
2011-DE-45 01.01.2015 12 months Berufskolleg Tecklenburger Land des Kreises Steinfurt
2011-DE-46 01.01.2015 12 months Jugendtreff Tecklenburg

The next deadline: 30st April 2014 

The start date of the activity: 1st September 2014 and 1st January 2015 

The duration of the activity: 12 Months 

Please take a look in the European database on EVS accredited organizations in internet to see more information about the projects.


Debeis rellenar el siguiente documento:


Éstos son los datos de vuestra Sending organization:


·         Nombre: Asociación Mundus – Un mundo a tus pies

·         ID Ref.: 2013-ES-63

·         Dirección: Av./ Mónaco  27 -29  08917  Badalona (Barcelona)

·         EVS Coordinador: Alberto Tortolero

·         Contacto email:


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