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Proyecto EVS en LATVIA en Centro de juventud

Hosting/Coordinating Organisation: Youth Open Centre “JACis”

Ref.Nr.: 2013-LV-47

Location: Rezekne, Latvia

JACis on the web:http://jacisyouthpartners.blogspot.com (blog of the previous EVS project “Youth Partners”)

Time of the project: 01.09.2014. – 31.08.2015. (12 months in JACis)

In total 4 volunteers will be involved in the project.


File:Flag-map of Latvia.svg


Youth open centre “JACis” is non-formal education organization financed by local municipality. Aims are:

  • to develop and to organize youth leisure time and non-formal education activities;

  • to involve youth in the local and international youth projects;

  • to develop tolerance, understanding and respect to other cultures;

  • to provide necessary information about healthy life style, studies and work possibilities;

  • to promote youth active participation in society and voluntary work;

  • to support children/youth from social risk groups/ disadvantaged families and to organize activities for them;

  • to develop youth work in the city.

Centre is open for youngsters from 12 until 30 years old. They can use the Internet, play table games and leam games, pool, participate in youth projects and realize their own ideas. Different kind of activities are provided by JACis. All activities depends on the interests and needs of youth and children (Hip-Hop festival, Pop-iela festival, educational quizes, creative workshops, preventive activities, photo-orientation activities, writing and realizing of small cultural projects, karaoke evenings, musical Fridays, different kind of discussions, meetings with Erasmus students and EVS volunteers, pool and novuss tournaments, mutual events in cooperation with Rezekne’s Central Library, with societies „Jaunatnes Čemodans” („Youth Case”), „Rezeknes entrepreneur society”, „Angels with us”, with a society of creative artists „Artistence”, etc.). All activities are for free.

There are 2 full time youth workers and several local volunteers, who help to plan and organize activities for children/youngsters.

Youth Open Centre ”JACis” is looking for a motivated volunteer for an EVS project, who would like to take part in EVS project.

We are looking for a volunteer who is interested in the target group (children/ youth) and in the development of activities in animation (culture, art, expression, sport activities, leisure time activities, etc.) As we work a lot with children from poor/disadvantaged families and anti-social families, volunteer should be open minded and able to face difficulties in the work. The volunteer should be at least 18 years old, given the fact that he/she will take part in working with under-18 years.

The role of the volunteer:

  • to integrate in the project and in the community with the support of the organisation;

  • to bring new ideas and to give a view about his/her own culture.

  • The volunteer will be a part of the team and will participate in the stuff meetings.

The tasks of the volunteer:

  • To plan and to organize different educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities for young people and youth;

  • To express his/her own initiative in the organization of activities and actively participate in the work of the youth centre;

  • To set his/her own learning tasks and to achieve them with the help of the mentor and youth workers;

  • To realize his/her individual event/project/etc.

The volunteer will organize and help the youth workers to organize the educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities for youth and young people. Volunteer will have an opportunity to adapt himself/herself in rural area, to learn new social competences and how to work in a team.

There are several activities, which are already a tradition, for example, art-terapy workshops, photography exhibitions, “Popielas” festival, where young people from Rezekne schools make a mucisally-theatretical performances for a mix of songs; The Hip-hop music and dance festival in summer.

As the youth centre is active in the EU programme “Youth in action”, now “Erasmus+”, a volunteer will also help to plan and organize international activities.

RECUERDA enviar tu candidatura con el asunto Youth Open Centre “JACis” LATVIA

a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com LO ANTES POSIBLE!


OPEN CALL FOR EVS IN GEORGIA! Deadline 30 Abril 2014

Venue – Rustavi, Georgia, Kvemo Kartli Region

Dates: 01.10.2014 – 30.09.2015 (1 year)


Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” is a non-government organization founded in 2006 by active leaders of Kvemo Kartli Organization of the Scout Movement and is located in Rustavi city, Georgia.

The mission of GYE is to empower youth of Kvemo Kartli region in Georgia to achieve their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potential both as individuals and as responsible citizens.

Target group – with which EVS volunteers would work GYE mainly works with 12-25-year-old young people who are regularly visiting GYE office and Youth Centers. Almost every Georgian youngster can communicate with foreigners at least in basic English.

They also know Russian. All GYE staff members fluently speak in English and Russian. If there are situations when a person with whom an EVS volunteer communicates doesn’t know any foreign language, someone from GYE staff or a volunteer’s mentor can help him/her to fix this problem by translating their conversation.

GYE is aiming to promote, with support of EVS volunteers, available initiatives and non- formal education activities for youth in Georgia. GYE is trying to extend opportunities of local youth and children to express themselves physically and intellectually, and actively participate by developing and implementing local youth projects. We want to contribute to changes in the society by providing the after-school education activities, through non-formal education and volunteering. The aim is to change geographical and social isolation of young people in Rustavi and other small region cities to the active participation based on possibilities.

Working conditions

In the office of GYE, wireless internet will be provided to the volunteers. Also we have computers in our office and volunteers will be provided with their own work space and all necessary tools for working –including stationery, a computer, a desk, etc. Of course, for more comfortable use, we advise you to bring your own laptop.

Living conditions of EVS volunteers

Long-term volunteers will share with a flat will share a flat with one another – about 5 minutes walking distance from the town centre and 1 minute – from GYE office. Each volunteer will have his/her own private bedroom. EVS volunteers will be given money to buy their own food. There is a kitchen in the volunteers’ flat where they can prepare meals. Shops and restaurants are close-by (a 2-5-minute walk)


Disability Centre Support

Volunteers working at the Disability Centre will entertain different groups of people (from 7 to 40 years old) with games and creative activities.

Needed: positive, patient, Creative, previous experience with disabled persons a plus International project management

The volunteer will be asked to work as an assistant to the different project coordinators. There are 3 project coordinators responsible for different kind of projects: training courses, seminars, international youth exchanges, study visits, scouting and environment activities. EVS volunteer together with Georgian volunteers will be working, according to the up-to-date need, with one or another project coordinator on planning, implementation and evaluation of these projects. Also the EVS volunteer can be asked to communicate with our national and international partners, find new possibilities for cooperation, networking, etc. EVS volunteer will be always coached and be able to discuss what he/she is thinking about the activities and projects and how much responsibility he/she wants; suggest modifications. The staff will of course always welcome any creative ideas coming from the volunteer, for instance, in the youth area.

Needed: responsible and good intercultural communication skills, serious toward taken tasks, good team work skills.


The club provides after school food and fun to children who live in difficult conditions. Once in a week, about 10 kids come to GYE to enjoy life with games, food, art, and team building activities.

Needed: Loves kids and cooking, creative, energetic, can easily communicate with children who don’t speak any foreign language.

Media Club

This task involves arranging practicalities, preparing leaflets about our activities, preparing monthly organizational newsletter BULLDOZER, updating the GYE website, Facebook page and other little jobs depending on the need of the organisation. Also we have movie club where volunteer will be involved and making GYE video promotion materials together with local volunteers.

Needed: Self-motivated, hard working, collaborative, interested in IT, graphic design programs and experience in web-site maintenance.

European club

To foster young people’s sense of European citizenship, to raise Volunteering awareness among Georgia youngsters with fewer opportunities and less-privileged backgrounds. Volunteers can tell or make presentations, culture days about their countries, European Union and European Citizenship, Human rights, promote EVS, raise European awareness, etc. Volunteers will present the information in informal way as well as organize informal games and quizzes about chosen topic and short games to fight prejudice against minorities or people anyhow different.

Needed: Interest in different topics what challenging and can make better our lives, interested in actual topics/issues in our societies, tolerant, open-minded with sence of interculture understanding.

Ourdoor club

To help us to plan and realize Leisure type indoor and outdoor activities during a year:

• Work with GYE initiatives realized in Eco village

• To assist and lead events related with Nature Adventure – Fishing competition, orientation, survivals, basic

scout techniques

• To organize thematic educational presentations which will helps local youth to gain new useful skills, for

example renewable energy, recycling, biodiversity, nature and wildlife, organic farming.

• To assist or lead different outdoor / ecological competitions – Geocatching.

• To help educators to plan and realize Leisure type indoor and outdoor adventure activities during year:

Hikes, Weekend camping, Wall climbing, rafting, etc.


Active, interested in sport and outdoor/environmental education and activities, experienced in camping and adventure.

Hobby club

To rise interest in hobby education related with different Handy crafts and arts for local youth. As well each week there can be a different topics: fitness, film, going to the theater, visiting museums. Be fun and be local. This volunteer should be really motivated to discover all that Rustavi has to offer so that Rustavi residents can be proud and aware of things to do in this city.

Needed: Creativity, outgoing, handy, interested to find out new things in Rustavi.

Conversation club of foreign languages

For the past 5 years GYE has been offering different level of English, German, Spanish, French, Russian etc language, classes with the support of EVS volunteers. English and other language classes are not always taught by native language speakers in order to expose local youth to different accents, as well as to demonstrate the importance of the foreign languages to international interactions. We also hope to offer an introductory English class for the teachers at the disability center.

Needed: Patience, positive attitude and who have advanced level of English or other languages and wish to teach language

NOTE: We are expecting to host 7 long term EVS volunteers.

Please mark in which clubs you would like to run activities ( choose at least 2 fields) . As well we expecting all volunteers to support one another leading and organizing clubs.

Mas info:

Association “Georgian Youth for Europe”, http://www.gye.ge

Haz clic para acceder a EVS%20in%20Georgia%202014.pdf


Envía tu carta de motivación concreta y CV en inglés a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


Asunto mail: Georgia

Impact of non-formal education in youth employability – University of Bath

Fuente: Microsoft Europe

If you were an employer looking for a young person to recruit, would you rather hire someone with impeccable academic credentials or someone who you knew can communicate effectively, has good organizational skills, can take decisions independently, bring the best from others to achieve common goals?

hire-e1312896167909‘Soft skills’ such as these are increasingly important in the labour market. These skills can be developed within the classroom, but also through other activities –in what is normally referred to as non-formal education. One of the main providers of non-formal education for young people are youth organizations. A recent study by the University of Bath and ICF-GHK, commissioned by the European Youth Forum, collected data from over 1,300 young people and 200 youth organizations in over 40 European countries. It also benefitted from discussions with employers and guidance services. The study revealed that:

• Communication skills, team-working skills, adaptability and flexibility, self-confidence and intercultural skills are amongst those skills developed to a greater extent in youth organisations. These are also some of the ‘soft skills’ most demanded by employers;

• Sustained involvement with youth organizations pays-off: those young people we surveyed who reported higher levels of involvement in the youth organisations’ activities (in terms of frequency and duration) also report higher levels of skills development;

• Likewise, those who have participated in non-formal education activities in youth organisations outside their home country, even for short periods, report higher levels of skills development, in particular in relation to language, intercultural and leadership skills (and the extent to which participation in youth activities abroad was seen to help across the full range of soft skills that we analysed was shockingly clear);

Critically, our research also suggests that young people are not fully aware of how to best present the skills they acquired in young organizations –which may require greater action by youth organizations, career-guidance services, employment agencies and other agencies. Young people also often mention their involvement in youth organisations too late in the application process.

Finally, getting a job is not all about your skills. Involvement with youth organisations helped in other important aspects that help to land into a job too. A large proportion of our sample of young people to develop networks and connections, or ‘social capital’, that can aid in obtaining information about employment opportunities as well as in securing employment.

The economic crisis and its disproportionate impact on young people all around Europe make it all the more important that we invest in our future young people.

Os dejamos con un interesante video sobre la importancia del youthpass


Startup Programme – competición interuniversitaria de emprendedores

¿Tienes una idea de negocio? ¡Participa en la competición interuniversitaria de emprendedores!

Schermata 2013-11-25 a 14.49.44La Fundación Universidad-Empresa y la Fundación Junior Achievement organizan esta competición, dirigida a alumnos de los últimos cursos de las 19 universidades públicas y privadas que participan en esta sexta edición.

Startup Programme se enmarca dentro del programa europeo Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise y su objetivo es fomentar el espíritu emprendedor y favorecer la formación de emprendedores en el ámbito universitario a través de la realización de un plan de empresa.

El ganador del primer premio en la competición interuniversitaria, participará en la competición europea JA-YE Europe Entreprise Challenge 2014. Este premio se concederá al proyecto que mejor pueda representar a España. El proyecto ganador de este premio deberá ser un proyecto atractivo, con un alto potencial, creíble, realizable y con un alto nivel de conocimiento del idioma inglés por parte de los integrantes del proyecto.


Los participantes deberán estar matriculados durante el curso académico 2013/2014 en una de las universidades adscritas al programa. La edad deberá estar comprendida entre los 18 y 30 años.

Periodo de inscripción

Del 12/11/2013 al 29/11/2013

Un jurado seleccionará el proyecto ganador que representará a España en la final europea JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge. Podrá comprender 15.000 euros para financiación de proyectos, formación en el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts o la cesión de espacios en viveros para el desarrollo de proyectos.

Fuente: InJuve

Iniciativa de empleo: “Nestle Needs YOUth”

Nestlé ha anunciado la puesta en marcha del programa “Nestlé needs YOUth”, una iniciativa de empleo juvenil en Europa que ofrecerá 10.000 oportunidades de empleo y 10.000 puestos de prácticas y formación para jóvenes europeos menores de 30 años, entre 2014 y 2016. Aunque todavía no se conocen más datos sobre las fechas de su implantación en España, se estima que un total de 1.250 jóvenes de nuestro país podrán beneficiarse de esta iniciativa en el próximo trienio.


Mas info:



Urgente! SE buscan 5 participantes para el (TRAINING COURSE) “LOOKING FOR EUROPEAN FUTURE IN CAVES”, Kayseri, Turquia, 21-31 octubre!

Mundus busca 5 participantes para Training en KAYSERI (Turquia) el 21 al 31 de octubre. 4 menores de 26 años y uno que podrá ser mayor de 25 años tienen la oportunidad de vivir ésta aventura!


Alojamiento cubierto 100%

Transporte cubierto 70%

Cuota de socio Mundus: 40 euros que da derecho a participar en todos los intercambios de 2013 y 2014 (Promoción actual).



Aquí la descripción del proyecto en inglés:



“LOOKING FOR EUROPEAN FUTURE IN CAVES” will be organized in Hatay (Turkiye) on 21-31

October 2013 by participation of organisations from 6 countries. (Romania,

Lithuania,Poland,Latvia, Spain, & Turkiye). Each partner organization will have 5 participants

(1 group leader+4 participants) for this youth exchange. The hosting group will be informal

group Titus Youth Initiative by support of Hatay Fortuna Youth Union. The project will be

about promoting the art, cultural symbols as national heritages as Europe wide but specially

for participants from 18-25 years old so target group is made of participants from 18 to 25

years old. Our group is experienced on projects connected with art, and specially since we

had chance to organise similar projects before in different parts of Turkiye and Europe. So

let’s know more about what will happen in Hatay

Project “Looking For European Future in Caves” will be about cultural heritages (specially

caves) of Europe and their protection which is very important topic for youth to understand

each other and their common past. The symbols found in the caves in different countries are

part of the cultural heritage. The participants will examine the common history they have,

through sharing they’ll learn from cultures of each other, about the cave-art and improve

their intercultural competences. The main objectives of our project are to show and gain the

knowledge and the understanding of importance of the mutual historical heritage of our

countries. To observe and to accept its value. This youth exchange will provide to the

participants possibility to learn how to protect it and promote it among others and will raise

the awareness about intercultural dialogue through the art, dance and music, as tools better

to connect and understand each other and the cultural differences.

The working methods will be discussions, lectures and interactive games, as well as,

conversations with official experts about mentioned issues. Because of prejudices and lack of

discussions, as well as of not having mutual understanding among all of us, we’ll provide the

participants a non-formal environment for developing their knowledge and the information

gained in this youth exchange will give them an advantage during organising future projects.

In addition, we value intercultural diversity and we want to establish even stronger

connection with all the participating countries.



%70 of transportation costs of all participants will be covered by project budget. So all

participants (by their partner organisation) will have to buy their tickets from home to Hatay

(Turkiye) and we will pay %70 of it during project activities by cash. Visa costs for

participants who will need to buy visa for getting in Turkiye on borderline will be covered

%100 and it will be limited by 15 € (per participant) since only participants from Spain and

Poland will have to buy it from airport. During project we will host you in hotel/guesthouse

which will have international standards of 2* or 3*. All costs related to accomodation, and

food (3 meals per day “breakfast, lunch, supper”) will be covered by Project budget as well.

We will not pay preparation costs for partner organizations since it will be contribution from

side of partner organisations as we already informed before project application. 



Hatay is easy to reach from big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana. There are flights

from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara daily since it becomes more than 1 flight from each city. You

can check tickets and flights from http://www.thy.com, http://www.sunexpress.com,

http://www.anadolujet.com, http://www.flypgs.com, http://www.onurair.com.tr, http://www.atlasjet.com. So feel free

to check flights from all these cities since we have limited budget for all groups. If you will

come to different cities , we will send volunteers from our group to pick you up as well for

you not to have any difficulties. You can also contact with us about transportation issues for

us to support you during whole process. It will be also another option to come to Adana or

Gaziantep which are just 2-3 hours by bus/car and from where we will be able to pick up

participants in case if they will inform us earlier and flights are cheaper to these cities from

bigger cities.



Comfortable clothes and shoes for workshops which we will organize in indoor and

outdoor atmosphere depending on weather, slippers. Camera and laptop you can bring on

your own risk. Photos will be taken during project by our team as well and at the end of the

project we will share DVDs with all partner organizations before departure.

Don’t forget to bring good mood since you will have chance to spend your time during

Autumn in Hatay and it is the best period for this city. Be ready for unlimited fun and party

as well.

Traditional food, drink and souvenirs for intercultural night activities. It would be nice to

prepare some interesting presentations of your country but not Youtube videos. You can

teach your songs and dances to all participants when you will have the stage.



The participants are themselves responsible to get a travel insurance. If anyone who uses

medicine should bring with themselves. We don’t give any medicines and we don’t cover

insurance fees.



If anyone who is vegan or vegetarian in your group (or who has some allergic problems),

please inform us about this. It is especially important for us to know about

diets/allergies/special needs. We would not like to give kebab to participants who are

vegetarian so we should prepare some salads for them from before.


PROYECTO APROBADO! EVS “Advocacy For The Environment”, Braila, Romania. Desde MARZO 2014

Title: “Advocacy For The Environment”
EVS Service period :
Braila County, Romania

Volunteers: 4 volunteers, one from Spain

Financial rules – We cover 100% accommodation costs, food, program, visas

and 90% of international transport.


The Project “Advocacy ForThe Environment” promotes explicitly the non-formal education, the voluntary concept regarding the protection and conservation of the environment.

The project “Advocacy For The environment” will engage 4 young people from 4 European countries  who will learn about the importance of the environment, how to identify problems regarding the environment, what needs to be done for the protection and conservation of the environment and also how to work together as a team in order to achieve the objectives of this project.

The highlight of the project will be to transform the young volunteer into active responsible european citizens who will stand up and fight against the environment problems, being aware that the actions we do today will affect the future generations.

The program will combine various non-formal education activities such as: participating at various trainings that focus on the protection and conservation of the environment but also on means of doing this; visiting the town in order to identify the environmental issues, and how to fight against them; performing street animations, organizing debates, round table discussions in order to raise the community awareness regarding the protection and conservation of the environment; street actions such as planting trees involving other young people from the community,  etc.

Mundus escoge a 1 voluntario. Lo escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a:  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline es 6 febrero de 2014 a las 12AM.


EVS Get CreACTIVE. Slovenia

March 2014‐march 2015 at the Youth Centre and Youth Hostel Brežice

Volunteers: 2

Schermata 2013-09-09 a 14.29.37We’re looking for volunteers that are interested in all kind of art, music, theatre, multimedia, to work with youngster, to empower young people for active participation and are eager to learn new experiences. He/she should be friendly, patient and sympathetic. We expect open minded, creative

and highly motivated young people. We would like to host volunteers who have their own ideas to develop our project, who may have a specialized interest in arts & crafts, sports, theatre, multimedia

… and are fluent in English.


Youth centre Brežice, amongst other activities, is also organizing and preparing all sorts of events (concerts, festivals, fairs, lessons, courses, arts and workshops for youngsters). We wish that volunteer would be mainly involved in these activities. The volunteer will be encouraged to help to make a plan and run those activities. The volunteers can implement their own projects and get help with this. He/she will also have the possibility to learn and get to know other activities and projects we work at, and he/she could contribute his/her own ideas and personal interests to the programs.

Volunteer will never run activities alone.

  • During one week school holidays (every two months) volunteer will organize different group activities, workshops (sport day, art day, games day)
  • Once a month she/he could prepare intercultural activities (workshop where youngster could learn about the country where volunteer comes from. Example of such activities: music (special instruments, dance, music from your country), literature (story/fairy tales), food (special and local ingredients from your country), culture, …)
  • Native language lessons for youngsters
  • Volunteers will also help to organizesummer camp and other artistic, cultural activities
  • Volunteer has also be able to prepare and design posters & flyers for this activities, therefore some basic computer skills of design programs are welcome
  • Volunteers will encourage local youth for active participation through different activities and encourage them to be creative


We ask for a motivation letter and CV.

Candidates who will be required to attend the second selection will be asked to fill an additional

questionnaire. We are looking for 2 volunteers from two different countries. In any case, only

selected candidates will be informed. For more info, please contact: e‐tocka@mc‐brezice.si

EI number: 2010‐SI‐80


Deadline for the application: 20.9.2013.

Coordinating and hosting organization: ZPTM Brežice (unit: Mladinski Center Brežice /

Youth Centre Brežice), NA Slovenia, Youth in Action


Nataša Kalin

Gubčeva 10a, p.p.29

SI‐8250 Brežice


+ 386 (0) 590 83 791


RECUERDA que tu Send Organization es Asociación MUNDUS – un mundo a tus pies. Nuestro número de acreditación es: 2013-ES-63.

Y si necesitas mas info sobre nosotros escribe a alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Luxembourg, Helping disabled children

Helping disabled children

  • Contact person: Josette MULHEIMSHOFFMAN
  • Host: Institut pour Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux: http://www.ediff.lu/cgi-bin/olefa?com=0I30I0I2I
  • Location: Strassen, Luxembourg
  • Deadline: 01/05/2014
  • Start: 01/10/2014
  • End: 14/07/2015
  • The “Institut pour Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux” (Institut pour IMC) is the only school for physically and mentally disabled children and young people, aged from 4 – 18 years, in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

children l


The volunteer enable the multiple disabled pupils taking part more efficient in different activities. They help to teach by different means and activities to improve the skills of the pupils, this means from very basic knowledge (like a baby. They assist the pedagogic team in the daily tasks with the pupils with special needs. In different workshops the volunteer helps the pupils: In potterie: putting the glay in the hand of the pupil and forming the glay her hand In the rhytmic workshop: Singing and dancing with the pupils in wheelchairs In painting workshop: holding the pupil’s hand with the pencil to draw (as the pupils don’t paint themselves, it will be in fact the painting of a third person) In the cooking workshop: helping the pupil to cut vegetables, helping to hold the mixer, helping to form the coockies, preparing meals from the country of the volunteer Assiting the physiotherapist by training a pupil in one to one walk, in swimming with a single pupil (that means undress the pupil, putting on the swimsuit, showering and holding the pupil in the water and in reverse order), accompanying the pupils on the airtramp. Assiting a pupil with chewing problems to eat at lunch Accompanying the pupils to the “snoezelen” like holding a pupil in the ballbath For special occasions the volunteers help the pupils to make presents, like for father’s day and mother’s day, as well as painting eggs for Easter. In the project the volunteers will have the possibility organise the Halloween party, to help to develop the performance for the Christmas party , so that most of the pupils are able to take part. The creactivity of the volunteers is very welcome to design the decorations and costumes for that day. A powerpoint show may be prepared by the volunteers with activities of the pupils to be shown at the Christmas party and on the school party in Spring.


There are not any special skills required, only be willing to work with disabled children and young people at a very basic level.


In a meeting we analyse the CV and the motivation letters of the candidates. When the CV and the convincing motivation letter fit our expectations, we contact the volunteer again and explain clearly the tasks to assume, to be sure that the project will be the right choice for her/him.

Applications should be sent to : imc@ediff.lu

RECUERDA decir que Asociación Mundus con referencia EI número 2013-ES-63 es tu Sending Organization.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

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