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Intercambio juvenil “Helios” en Bolonia. 6 participantes!

Venue: Emilia-Romagna – Italy

Dates of the youth exchange:  18-28 August 2014

Participants per country: 5 + 1 group leader

Age profile: 18-25 years old – under 30 for the group leader. Gender balance. Interest in environmental issues and artistic skills (e.g. movie-making, photo-making…)




Financial conditions for the youth exchange:

Food, accommodation and activities are 100% covered by the project. The travel costs are 100% covered up to a maximum of 170 Euros/person. No participation fees requested.

Project description:

To be able to respect the environment it is neccessary to know it and to live it, in a way of admiring its beauty, importance and its value in vary points of view. Even just doing an activity outside, taking a walk or being taught by the experts on the environment awareness could raise our sensibility and our desire to become more active. In addition adapting a behaviour which is respectful to the environment is helping your health. To convince people to adopt this kind of lifestyle it is neccessary to emphasise this benefit.

Eventually we realised that the society we live in (paricularly our local community) is not much sensible to the environment issues, eventhough all of us are involved and responsible for the future of our planet. However we, the youth, should realise our responsibility because it is us who inherits this planet and that is why we should solve the problems in a long-term. Therefore our role consist of two approaches: we will change our everyday habits to be more eco-friendly and make people aware of the environment problems. Because our biggest mistake would be just awaiting, not acting, not taking one´s responsibility of the own social role. Therefore the Helios project is structured as a path on which the participants learn in a non formal way. They face the environmental challenges and confront with the relationship which binds their everyday life with the environment. This learning path will help the participants develop an awareness of the topic in a way that they will feel supported and stimulated in everyday life to act its way. This project aims to create instruments for the participants to become more active on a local level as well as on the european one, in a way that they will be able to fully understand their social role.

The project is especially aimed at supporting the active citizenship of the youths in general and their European citizenship in particular but also to foster the mutual understanding of the youths coming from different states. The participants express their own opinion and reflect their own nation and culture through meetings, games, group workings debates and intercultural events.

The goal of the project is to reflect how different lifestyles can protect or harm the environment. We want to stimulate a green awareness, critic and responsible to reflect our habits and ideas, to talk about problems of today, to have ideals, to understand European policies, to speak about our lifestyles and to observe the everyday life of the other people



Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 170 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com lo antes posible con el asunto Helios.


Intercambio juvenil “Second life” en Eslovenia, 6 plazas!

Mundus busca 6 participantes para el intercambio juvenil “Second life” en Eslovenia.

Fechas: 19 al 29 de septiembre de 2014

El intercambio promoverá el trabajo en equipo en grupos multiculturales.

The main aim of the training is to raise the youth awareness on the importance of sustainable development and allowing them to develop “green” skills alternative eco-friendly behaviour.

Mas info:

Haz clic para acceder a Second%20life-description.pdf




Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 170 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a través del siguiente formulario lo antes posible.

“Me,myself and I…and the COMMUNITY” Project. Macedonia 14-23 Marzo 2014

europa y macedoniaMundus es la organización que envía participantes a éste training tan interesante sobre las alteraciones sociales relacionadas con el trabajo voluntario. Los costes para el participante se reducen al 30% del coste del viaje y la cuota de socio de Mundus que nos permite seguir gestionando nuevos cursos y oportunidades para nuestros socios Mundus. Mas info aquí.
Period between 14-23 March 2014 in Strumica, Macedoia.
The project is about European Citizenship and will involve Macedonia, Serbia, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain and Croatia.

The main target group of the project are high school students who are on the cross road to choose their future – will they study or will they work.

After high school, after turning 18 we become adults, we have rights and obligations towards our community. But do we know this? Is turning 18 just a legal right to drink or turning 18 means more than that? 

The objective of the project are:

 to involve 36 youngsters from 7 European countries in intercultural exchange and allow them together to learn about the concept of Citizenship, what means Citizenship;

 to analyze all aspects of being a good citizen and learn about the rights that go with it;

 to film a movie filmed in local communities and during the exchange, that will help youngsters from across Europe to hear about Citizenship;

 to organize local quiz on the topic Citizenship with at least 30 high school students on the last day of the exchange;

 to straighten cooperation between partners and provide space for youngsters to recognize and understand diversity in Europe, practice tolerance, respect and provide space for sharing our cultures.

Each of the groups involved in the project are composed of 5 people in total (4 participants and 1 leader).

As a group – make a research on the topic of Citizenship in a national context  within YOUR country. Make a short presentation.

As a group – find at least 5 people from your country and ask them the question – What does Citizenship means in your opinion? Are you

European Citizens? What does this means to you?  And FILM THE ANSWER !!!!

7.1As a group – think how you will present your country to the rest of the group. You will have a National evening to organize as a group and present your cultures, tradition, songs, dances, food. Bring as much as you can promotional material from your country and share it with us, food, snacks, drinks ect.

The venue of happening will be in Strumica, Macedonia and the hotel accommodation Hotel Central Strumica. You will be accommodated in double, triple and four bed rooms – mix nationality. Each room has a bathroom.

Accommodation and full board meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are covered by the hosting organization.

PLANE: If you are choosing plane to arrive you must know the following http://skp.airports.com.mk/default.aspx?ItemID=372 this is the link for the airport web-site. The airport in linked to the city Skopje by taxi and by bus. Taxi will cost you 20 EUR maximum, Bus will be less than 3 EUR. Taxi and buses should take you to the main bus station is Skopje from were you have buses to all the cities in Macedonia regularly.

BUS: If you choose to use bus to arrive, here is the link of the main bus station in Skopje http://www.sas.com.mk. Regular bus lines connections are available to Strumica.

TRAIN: There is a possibility for you to arrive on the train station in Skopje which in fact is at the same place with the bus station just different flour. There are only few train connections Skopje – inner country. We recommend to use a bus to Strumica.

The hosting team will be waiting for you at the bus station in Strumica. When you will take a bus from Skopje to Strumica please sent an sms to the number

+389 78 224 096 that we should expect you at the bus station.

We reimburse 70% of your travel costs in the max amount of: 500 EUR per person (70% – 350 EUR)

Si te interesa rellena el formulario que encuentras en ESTE ENLACE y envialo lo antes posible a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


Curso gratuito en Georgia, “Social alternations of volunteering example”, 12 Abril al 20 Abril 2014



Mundus es la organización que envía participantes a éste training tan interesante sobre las alteraciones sociales relacionadas con el trabajo voluntario. Los costes para el participante se reducen al 30% del coste del viaje y la cuota de socio de Mundus que nos permite seguir gestionando nuevos cursos y oportunidades para nuestros socios Mundus. Mas info aquí. 


Interesados ponerse en contacto lo antes posible, idealmente antes del 7 de febrero de 2014, con ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


The training course Social alternations of volunteering example (S.A.V.E)  aims at  developing the competence of youth workers youth leaders, multipliers and volunteers about the impact of cross-border volunteering on the multicultural local communities, for example both in the hosting and sending society. Participants will explore how to increase the visibility of the Youth in Action programme by making current volunteers more visible in their hosting community and emphasizing their positive contribution and obtain from intercultural communication. Namely, struggle intolerance and negative vision on foreigners by fostering the initiative of young Europeans and a positive image of understanding new cultures.

But supporting participants in how they could in the future optimize the outcome of a European volunteering experience both for their homecoming volunteers and their society as a whole is not less substantial. They will master ways to demonstrate to their own community that volunteering in Europe produces responsible and active citizens contributing to their society and bringing back their intercultural experience.

A wide range of methods will be used such as workshops, inputs, simulations, role games, presentations, discussions, etc. The workshops and exercises and the presentations are the tools to provide the participants with theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences according to the contents of the training course.


The training course will take place in Kobuleti; Georgia  from 12 April to 20 April 2014 and will bring 27 participants coming from 9 different countries, from Georgia, Italy, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Armenia, Croatia and Turkey.

Each organization will send 3 participants. We ask each partner to select high motivated participants who are interested and motivated to the project.

Please note that EVS volunteers cannot be included as participants in this project as they are already receiving funding from the Youth in Action programme and this type of double funding is not allowed under the rules of the programme.


Bring with you information about your NGO, as we will realize an NGO Market, where you will present your organization to other participants (brochure, video, gadget etc…).

Intercultural Evening: bring music, food and whatever you think it will represent in the best way your country to us.



Participants have several possibilities to arrive. Most common arrival point is Tbilisi international airport. Flights to Tbilisi mostly are operated by Turkish Airlines, Austrian airlines, Lufthansa, Airbaltic, Georgian Airlines (Airzena), Polish airlines (LOT), Aerosvit and Belavia, etc, from/via Vienna, Munich, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Riga, Kiev, Minsk, Warsaw and Prague.

Wizzair flights to Kutaisi International airport via Warsaw, Katowice, Kiev, Donetsk… also Batumi International airport is closest airport to Kobuleti, it can be best option for Turkey

All participants will be picked up from the Tbilisi International Airport, bus and train stations and will be brought to Kobuleti.

Arrival Day: 12 April 2014

Departure Day: 20 April 2014


The organizers will reimburse max. 70% of participants travel costs from the home city to Kobuleti and from Kobuleti to back home.

Reimbursement of your travel costs can only be done upon submitting the original tickets, invoices, boarding passes tags, etc.

Growing YOUrope – Intercambio en Republica Checa


going-greenAre you trying to live eco-friendly? Do you want to do something more, but you don’t know how? Do you want to meet people with similar aims? Growing YOUrope is looking for enthusiastic people or anybody who would like to contribute to a new international project.

Growing YOUrope is a common project of so far 6 countries (Czech, Italy, Greece, Romania, France and Spain) aiming to create a platform for sharing and exchanging experience and good practices and organization of local and international projects. The first mission of the project will be a youth exchange in June/July 2014.

Who are we looking for?

– anybody who can help us / give some advices regarding the creation of the web

– anybody with an idea for a logo

– writers of articles about other projects, „Do It Yourself“ tips etc.

TRANSLATORS (from/to English or other languages)

– anybody who can help us with promotion and PR of the project


If you are interested read more here and please contact me on:  alessia.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

“From Paris to Barcelona” DIARY – day 2/3

Sigue en Barcelona el intercambio entre los chicos de Otto Production y Mundus.

Ya estamos a mitad de camino y en estos dos días hemos reflexionado sobre el concepto de interculturalidad. Hemos jugado con las palabras nativo, indígeno y ciudadano intentando meternos en el papel del otro y experimentando las dificultades que se pueden encontrar cuando dos culturas tan diferentes se juntan.

Hemos debatido varios temas que nos han llevado a entender mejor lo que caracteriza nuestra identidad.


El tercer dia hemos hablado sobre los que para nosotros son los derechos humanos fundamentales y como estos influyen en nuestra vida.  La tarde ha seguido con una visita al Casal dels infants del Raval donde nuestros participantes han podido conocer algunos jóvenes de Barcelona con raíces extranjera y han debatido con ellos el concepto de participación.



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