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EVS Project ”Active Education=Effective Social Change” POLONIA

Hosting organisation:  “We add Wings”, ul. Świerczewskiego 49, 42-624 Niezdara

EI number: 2010-PL-99

1837_childrenpolandActivities dates: beggining of January – 30th June 2014

Places of work: Youth Culture Houses in Piekary Śląskie, Tarnowskie Góry

Vocal Trade High School in Katowice, Foundation “Guardian Angels’ House” in Katowice, promotional meetings (workshops, events) with youth and adults in Ożarowice, Niezdara.

Working days: Monday – Friday (sometimes weekends too – depends on the period of events and actions), usually from 1 pm until 7 pm – language classes included

Transportation: We provide season bus and tram tickets for volunteers valid in the “GOP” area (main cities: Katowice, Tarnowskie Góry, Piekary Śląskie, Bytom, Będzin, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Mysłowice and villages in the neibourhood)

Accomodation: 4 volunteers will live in 1 full equiped flat situated in Tarnowskie Góry, 2 of them share a room

100% Travel amount: (Volunteers are obliged to cover 10% of the travel amount)

Volunteers with organisations are asked to find the cheapest way of transport, send to us the proposal of travelling (link to web site) and we’ll buy it for the volunteers.

Each organisation will provide 1 volunteer – Applications are requested to send here: aga.banan@interia.pl  and alessia.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com IN COPY

Work specification:

Volunteers will work with children and youngsters (up to 18 year) – they will help to lead classes aready existing in YCHs  and institutions in Katowice, but also their own. That’s why creativity, artistic, language and social skills are very much needed in the future volunteers. Volunteers will help to organise meetings, events, workshops and actions which main topics will be: interculturality, YiA, promotion of their own countries, folkloure, european citizenship, identity etc.

They’ll be responsible for taking care of association’s web sites and also preparing posters, invitations and other needed promotional materials.

We need volunteers who are open, energetic, active, creative, talented in many ways, with good organisational skills, with “initiative” and own ideas 😀 Volunteers who “add wings” to the others – just like we do!


hosting projects in Köln

Are available several hosting projects in Köln.
Next starting date is September 1st, 2014. If you are interested in a
12-month-service, have good German knowledge and are under the age of 26 (on
the day when the voluntary service starts), please send your application in
November 2013 (including CV and motivation letter) to:

Colonia-2Are available the following hosting projects:


The following projects are accessible only for volunteers from
underrepresented groups (for example volunteers with health problems, from
rural areas, with migrant background, with no highschool degree):

RECUERDA: que tu send Organisation es Asociación Mundus – un mundo a tus pies. Si necesitas cualquier informacion sobre la asociación contacta con alessia.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

4 proyectos SVE para Belgica. inicio: febrero 2014

We are still looking for EVS volunteers for the following projects:

hupfende studenten neu kino

If you are interested it is important to follow this procedure:

Send your application as soon as possible.

  • Activity start: Tuesday 04 February 2014
  • Activity end: 02 or 03 August 2014 (no date-changes possible)
  • Length: 6 months (no duration-change possible)
  • Important: the volunteer will stay & live with a local Belgian host family.

The integration in the local culture by living in a host family is an important part of the project.

Please only apply for this project if you are truly motivated to integrate in a host family.

Recuerda que tu Send Organization es la Asociación Mundus – un mundo a tus pies

Nuevas vacantes SVE para los amantes de los libros

librosBULGARIA:  The Sofia City Library is an accredited organization by 2012.

The project “WEB culture in the library – ways to attract new audiences” aims to improve the visibility of the Sofia City Library in the Internet space through  emphasis on importance of libraries to national identity. The main idea is to help the library to stand out on the Internet and become more popular among young people. The project is intended to encourage creative thinking and creative ideas of young people by providing them with publicity and a new audience.

Along with the benefits for the Sofia City Library volunteers will gain new skills, get acquainted with Bulgarian culture and participate in various activities and practices that will expand their competencies. The project duration is 9 or 12 months and includes 8 volunteers from different Programme countries, relaying on the continuity of the ideas of the volunteers. Volunteers will actively participate in the cultural events of the library and with their own experience will affirm multicultural dialogue and promote positive awareness of the differences between people. They will work closely with children and young people in the Children’s Department and the American Corner. Furthermore, the Sofia City Library has language reading rooms and the presence of volunteers who are native speakers will enrich the department’s activities and will diversify patrons’ demands by organizing literary and poetry readings and meetings with patrons who speak the language. We want them to believe that their ideas can change our job to make it more modern and more attractive to young people.

The topics of their voluntary service will be as follows:

– Work in the social networks

-Maintain a Blog

Promotion of the Sofia City Library in the network

graphic design of the library’s website

-discussing new ways to attract and maintain audience

Workshop on Nurturing Internet culture in communication with youth audiences

– Workshops related to the promotion of reading and creativity in children

– Finding partner libraries for joint European projects

– Discussions on extracts from films

– Preparation for the conduct of the European Day of Languages

– Introduction to the Bulgarian cultural portals

– Virtual tour through cultural portals and their perceptions of the city as a cultural and tourist destination in the context of Sofia’s bid for European Capital of Culture 2019.

– Establishment of audiovisual products for the active presence of the Sofia City Library on the Internet


jodi-harvey-brown_26ITALIA: Se busca voluntario para proyecto de 9 meses en Mantova para el Festival de Literatura.

Hay diferentes tipos de Tareas: 
Contactar con empresas de arte, organizando el alojamiento y los viajes de los autores, la gestión de los asuntos logísticos – transporte, proveedores, almacenamiento, supervisión de los servicios al público – entradas e información de la oficina-. El cuidado y la actualización de la web de Festivaletteratura, incluyendo traducciones y la gestión de las redes sociales (youtube, facebook, twitter y más) relacionados con el evento.

Apoyar el archivado y la promoción de los materiales documentales relacionados con temporadas anteriores (materiales de papel / audio / video / foto), documentos de papel escaneado, inventario y catalogación, la realización de investigaciones bibliográficas y documentales con el fin de preparar folletos promocionales.
ser flexibles – Interesados y sensibles a la cultura y la literatura, y a la relación entre nuevas tecnologías y cultura.

Tener una buena familiaridad con los ordenadores e Internet.

Conocer el italiano a un buen nivel (al menos B1), debido a la especificidad de las actividades propuestas

Tener un buen conocimiento de Inglés o Francés

Para ambos proyectos enviar CV a alessia.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com 

(por favor, especifique para qué proyecto está aplicando).



8 SVE en Dinamarca

2010-DK-28 Fjord og bælt

fjord-og-baeltInterested in all the aspects of working with marine mammals. Both the cleaning and the animal parts. Some previous experience in working with animals, but not required.

Start date of the project: September 2014

Duration months: 9

Volunteers not older than 25.

Accommodation and meal: Host family

2011-DK-36 Sindhuset/Mødetstedet

Activity Center for Psychiatric patients, alcoholics and Psychologically vulnerable. Social contact with the visitors, activities (creativity, sport), cooking…

Start date of the project: September 2014

Duration months: 9

Volunteers patient and tolerant, mentally and psychologically well-balanced.

Accommodation and meal: Host family

2011-DK-35 Kattegatcentret – Marine ZOO

Environment. Ocean world, sharks and fishes, seals and oceans all over the world.

fiskeri-og-soefartsmuseet-esStart date of the project: September 2014

Duration months: 9/10

Volunteers must have shown interest  in environmental issues before. Not older than 25.

Accommodation and meal: Host family

2012-DK-9 Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole


Is an independent boarding school of lower secondary school students.

Start date of the project: August 2014

Duration months: 11

Preferably volunteers over 22

Accommodation and meal: At the project 

2011-DK-37 Rønde Frie Skovbørnehave

Kindergarten with children aged 3-6. Focus is on outdoor activities.

Start date of the project: September 2014

Duration months: 9

Volunteers must speak English. Interested in working with children and outdoor.

Accommodation and meal: Host family

2012-DK-7 Efterskolen Solgården

logo_solgaardenIs an independent boarding school of lower secondary school students.

Start date of the project: August 2014

Duration months: 11

Preferable volunteers over 21 and Male

Accommodation and meal: At the project 

2011-DK-33 Husmandsstedet

husmandsstedetLocal Activity Centre. Youth Leisure. Creative activities.

Start date of the project: September 2014

Duration months: 9

Volunteer preferably male. Preferably with skills in creative activities or sport/music.  Not older than 25

Accommodation and meal: Host family

2012-DK-18 Midtjysk Efterskole

41608_224608664225611_1360661640_nIs an independent boarding school of lower secondary school students -sport , music, water sport, creative activities, out door activities, Theater.

Start date of the project: September 2014

Duration months: 10

Preferably volunteers over 22. Must be able to live in the country side, but in a very active project inviroment

Accommodation and meal: Host family or in the project

TU SEND ORGANIZATION ES MUNDUS – un mundo a tus pies

Preguntar por la Application Form a: alessia.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

And returned to:  office@icye.dk    before 1 February 2014


2 Proyectos SVE buscan 4 participantes LAST MINUTE!

1) Se buscan 2 voluntarios EVS para proyecto Centro de Apoyo a la Maternidad y Familiar! Republica Checa

Maternity and Family centre Krucek

EI number 2009-CZ-24

We are looking for 2 volunteers for long term EVS (12 months).

Activities will start on 1st of February 2014 and 1st of April 2014.

Our websites www.mckrucek.wz.cz , http://krucek.blogspot.cz/– you can find some photos from our actions in part “fotogalerie”. Unfortunatelly the page is only in Czech language, some parts from our EVS volunteers are in English – look at “projekty”è “Mladez v akci”.



2) Voluntarios EVS festival: Think once,think twice,think Dance-3, Bodrum


 ” Think once,think twice,think Dance-3′ is finally ready!

Volunteers will have an amazing experience of Short Term EVS in Bodrum.


What is our project about?

We organize International Bodrum Dance Festival every year in May.
Many dancers from all over the world meet in Bodrum and take part in
several cultural activities as well. Our volunteers will be working
with us on preparations of this festival and also they will be
actively taking part during the festival. Our EVS activity starts on
1st  of May 2014 and ends 1st  of June 2014.


Working hours will not exceed 35 hours in a week. Volunteer can use
weekends for attending our cultural activities in Bodrum Peninsula.

The total amount of volunteers are 30. Each NGO will send 2.




Mundus escogerá a dos voluntarios. Los escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Mucho ánimo y suerte!

Dear Volunteers…let’s cross fingers!

Fingers-crossed1Queremos desear buena suerte a todos nuestros voluntarios seleccionados para los proyectos que hemos presentado en esta ultima convocatoria del Programa Youth in Action.

Como todos ya sabéis ahora solo hay que esperar a que nos digan algo desde las Agencias Nacionales.


Seguimos estando a vuestra disposición en todo momento y esperamos daros pronto solo buenas noticias.




Varios EVS projectos libres para ya! Teatro, Vídeo, Festivales, en varios países! Republica Checa, Turquia, Slovenia, Rumania, Bélgica…







EVS Get CreACTIVE. Slovenia


1 voluntario


Voluntarios EVS festival: Think once,think twice,think

Dance-3, Bodrum


2 voluntarios


Voluntarios EVS “Animate Your Volunteering”, ARAD.

Proyecto sobre video y promoción del voluntariado! Desde

abril 2014!


1 voluntario


EVS for mental health en Cluj-Napoca, Romania, del 1

marzo al 30 Noviembre 2014


1 voluntario


SVE Eco-Village in ICELAND



Se buscan 2 voluntarios EVS para proyecto Centro de Apoyo a la Maternidad y Familiar! Republica Checa




EVS voluntarios para SEEDS, varias plazas en ISLANDIA!

PLazo hasta el 22 septiembre!



8 Proyectos SVE en Belgica (6 meses)



Recordad enviad vuestra cv y cover letter a dónde cada link indica y decir que Mundus es vuestra sending organization.

RECUERDA decir que tu Sending Organization es Asociación MUNDUS – Un mundo a tus pies.

Nuestro número de acreditación es: 2013-ES-63.

Y si necesitas mas info sobre nosotros escribe ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com



Mucha suerte! Y a trabajar! Aún quedan algunos días para que podáis ser escogidos!

Voluntarios EVS “Animate Your Volunteering”, ARAD. Proyecto sobre video y promoción del voluntariado! Desde abril 2014!

Millennium Center Association from Arad/Romania invites young persons to participate in new EVS project with movie theme entitled:


“Animate Your Volunteering”

We would like to apply with it at the deadline of 01.10.2013 therefore please send us your application as soon as possible, but no later than 20th September 2013. If You are interested in participation please read the following message:

Project type: European Voluntary Service

Title: “Animate Your Volunteering”.

Duration: 4 (four) months with stages starting in march / april 2014

Venue: Arad / Romania

Activities: The basic idea of the project is to discover the true meaning of volunteering in local neighbourhood, the need for it and present it to the public in easy to understand, attractive graphic form. Volunteers involved in the project will make street and internet research about all possible meanings of being volunteers and their active role in local neighbourhoods. Volunteers will ask people what does it mean to be volunteers for them, what is the role of volunteer in local neighbourhood and put the answers as database of ideas to create at least 8 short animated movies (with use of free of charge software such as powtoon, or simply frame by frame animation with use of drawn pictures).

Movie 1: who is a volunteer?

Movie 2: how big is the need of volunteering?

Movie 3: what can You learn by being volunteer?

Movie 4: EVS volunteer – presentation of EVS and YiA

Movies 5-8: practical examples of collaboration with local organisations in need of volunteers

Volunteers also on the basis of internet research and street interviews will discover in local neighbourhood possible places of being volunteers and what good can be done there by volunteers, after which they will put the conclusions in the animated movies in order to create the kind of advertisement of such places for recruitment process for other – future volunteers. In the animated series, volunteers will describe competences which are initially needed to become volunteer and especially the competences, which one can acquire while volunteering. In order to test the results of the research volunteers will work for a limited time of two weeks in chosen organisations. This experience will be also put into the movie, which at the end of everything will become animated diary which will summarize not only the volunteering stage but also EVS as an action from YiA Programme at the final stage of it. The EVS stage will finish with an event for public, which will contain as main feature the projection of the created by volunteers movies. Our project is great opportunity for EVS volunteers to go out from own neighbourhood in native country, visit and test oneself in another conditions and eventually come back home with head full of ideas how to work for benefit of local neighbourhood and how to transform oneself from the volunteer to regular paid worker – we put special emphasis on skills and abilities which may be useful to find a job later.

Tasks and objectives:

–        To create at least 8 animated movies about volunteering

–        To collaborate with at least 4 local organisations in need for volunteers

–        To learn Romanian language and Romanian culture

–        To acquire at least 1 new competence

–        To enhance at least 3 competences

–        To reach at least 80 people in total with messages about volunteering through animated movies within 4 months of project duration

Methods: non formal way of education (learning by doing) and informal one; e-learning

All You need to be a volunteer is:

  • strong motivation to spend 4months in multicultural environment of Romania
  • strong devotion to work according to task oriented schedule
  • strong believe in non-formal and informal way of education
  • ability to focus and work 7 hours per day, 5 days per week

Fewer opportunities: This EVS project is addressed especially to persons with fewer opportunities. Please see document attached.

Other conditions: are determined by EVS programme. We provide food, accommodation, training cycle and travel costs refund within Youth in Action programme rules and budget for action 2 (at least 90% of travel costs).

If You are interested and If You are:

  1. 1.     Future EVS volunteer please send us following documents:

– Curriculum vitae;

– Letter of motivation in which You specify the way of engagement in activities.

Mundus escogerá a 2 voluntarios. Lo escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a:  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline es 20 de septiembre a las 12AM.

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