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Vacantes EVS en Eslovenia. No te lo pierdas!

Cultural and youth centre Medvode (Slovenia) is looking for 3 EVS volunteers. More about us you can read here: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=66000231245 and on our webpage: http://www.kmmedvode.si/ and Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/jedro.kmmedvode.



We are happy to cooperate with interesting people that wants to learn new things and are interesting to work in the field of youth and culture. We can offer you one year EVS service from September 2014  till September 2015.


There is a variety of voluntary work you can improve yourself in:


– creating graphic design for our organisation (designing newsletters, invitations, posters, monthly programmes, leaflets, website);


– working with children and youngsters (working in daily children centre, help at summer camps for children, organizing events and workshops for children and young people);


– media and public relations support (take care for advertising and public relations through the internet and other media, communication with users of our programs, making communication plan of our organization…);


– Music area (working with young bands that rehearse in our music studio, organizing concerts and events, creating audio design on concerts);


– working on multimedia (video production, computer workshops, helping with computer technicalities, making photos/videos of our events);


– coordinating educational projects on national and international level;


– sport and health area (promotion of health way of life, organising sport events – football, table tennis, yoga, basketball…, organizing different sport trainings);


– Culture (workshops of painting, sculpture, theatre, dancing, organizing art exhibitions…);


– working on your own project.


If you are interesting to work with us, send us your CV and motivation letter. In motivation letter please tell us also where you see your contribution and motivation to work in our organization.

Send your interest until 20th of April 2014!


IMPORTANTE! Para que soportemos y empujemos vuestra aplicación, al enviar el mail a evs@mcmedvode.si  or zorica.milenkovska@gmail.componed en copia a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com.

Asunto mail: EVS Medvode, Eslovenia

Recordad decir que Asociación Mundus -Un mundo a tus pies- con EI reference 2013-ES-63 es vuestra sending organization. 




Varios EVS projectos libres para ya! Teatro, Vídeo, Festivales, en varios países! Republica Checa, Turquia, Slovenia, Rumania, Bélgica…







EVS Get CreACTIVE. Slovenia


1 voluntario


Voluntarios EVS festival: Think once,think twice,think

Dance-3, Bodrum


2 voluntarios


Voluntarios EVS “Animate Your Volunteering”, ARAD.

Proyecto sobre video y promoción del voluntariado! Desde

abril 2014!


1 voluntario


EVS for mental health en Cluj-Napoca, Romania, del 1

marzo al 30 Noviembre 2014


1 voluntario


SVE Eco-Village in ICELAND



Se buscan 2 voluntarios EVS para proyecto Centro de Apoyo a la Maternidad y Familiar! Republica Checa




EVS voluntarios para SEEDS, varias plazas en ISLANDIA!

PLazo hasta el 22 septiembre!



8 Proyectos SVE en Belgica (6 meses)



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Nuestro número de acreditación es: 2013-ES-63.

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Mucha suerte! Y a trabajar! Aún quedan algunos días para que podáis ser escogidos!

EVS Get CreACTIVE. Slovenia

March 2014‐march 2015 at the Youth Centre and Youth Hostel Brežice

Volunteers: 2

Schermata 2013-09-09 a 14.29.37We’re looking for volunteers that are interested in all kind of art, music, theatre, multimedia, to work with youngster, to empower young people for active participation and are eager to learn new experiences. He/she should be friendly, patient and sympathetic. We expect open minded, creative

and highly motivated young people. We would like to host volunteers who have their own ideas to develop our project, who may have a specialized interest in arts & crafts, sports, theatre, multimedia

… and are fluent in English.


Youth centre Brežice, amongst other activities, is also organizing and preparing all sorts of events (concerts, festivals, fairs, lessons, courses, arts and workshops for youngsters). We wish that volunteer would be mainly involved in these activities. The volunteer will be encouraged to help to make a plan and run those activities. The volunteers can implement their own projects and get help with this. He/she will also have the possibility to learn and get to know other activities and projects we work at, and he/she could contribute his/her own ideas and personal interests to the programs.

Volunteer will never run activities alone.

  • During one week school holidays (every two months) volunteer will organize different group activities, workshops (sport day, art day, games day)
  • Once a month she/he could prepare intercultural activities (workshop where youngster could learn about the country where volunteer comes from. Example of such activities: music (special instruments, dance, music from your country), literature (story/fairy tales), food (special and local ingredients from your country), culture, …)
  • Native language lessons for youngsters
  • Volunteers will also help to organizesummer camp and other artistic, cultural activities
  • Volunteer has also be able to prepare and design posters & flyers for this activities, therefore some basic computer skills of design programs are welcome
  • Volunteers will encourage local youth for active participation through different activities and encourage them to be creative


We ask for a motivation letter and CV.

Candidates who will be required to attend the second selection will be asked to fill an additional

questionnaire. We are looking for 2 volunteers from two different countries. In any case, only

selected candidates will be informed. For more info, please contact: e‐tocka@mc‐brezice.si

EI number: 2010‐SI‐80


Deadline for the application: 20.9.2013.

Coordinating and hosting organization: ZPTM Brežice (unit: Mladinski Center Brežice /

Youth Centre Brežice), NA Slovenia, Youth in Action


Nataša Kalin

Gubčeva 10a, p.p.29

SI‐8250 Brežice


+ 386 (0) 590 83 791


RECUERDA que tu Send Organization es Asociación MUNDUS – un mundo a tus pies. Nuestro número de acreditación es: 2013-ES-63.

Y si necesitas mas info sobre nosotros escribe a alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Voluntario EVS en proyecto Action Kids. Slovenia desde enero 2014

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Slovenia

  • Contact person: Matjaž Vouk
  • Organisation: Zavod
  • Location:, Slovenia
  • Deadline: 15/09/2013
  • Start: 07/01/2014
  • End: 31/12/2014


  • Zavod O, the local youth center, is strongly connected with three Daily Care Centers in the local area: MDC Blok (Youth Daily Care Center Blok) in Škofja Loka suburb, Daily Care Center DCΩ in the center of Škofja Loka and Daily Care Center Škrlovec in Kranj. First one is run by the NGO, Škrlovec and DCΩ work under the Center for for Social Work in Kranj and Škofja Loka, which are governmental institutions.Despite slight organisational differences they have a common target group, which is children and youth between the age of 6 and 16 years and their families. The fundamental idea of all three Daily Care Centers is based on the desire to offer a programme of activities to the generation/ group of young people who, spend their free time aimlessly and in a disorganised way, in idleness and boredom. They give children and youth a place, where they feel confortable and safe, where they can develop their social skills and get support considering behavioral, emotional, learning and other diffilculties. The program aims to provide support to learners with specific learning needs and to those with adolescent problems. The support is meant to be provided both at the individual level – working with each individual, as well as in cooperation with parents and all family. The programme includes group work and activities with adolescents, cooperation among different institutions, learning help, advisory work, holiday camps, daily excursions.
  • The idea of the proposed project is to include one EVS volunteer in the work of each Daily Care center. All three volunteers will live in the same flat, they will share their experiences and if it will be needed, they will help each other at work in their Daily Care Center. Through their work better cooperation between three daily care centers will be established and environment for the realisation for their future common projects will be created.


The list below contains some of the crucial problems Daily Care Centers are focusing on and corresponding activities for their potential correction.. For most of the listed activities the help of local volunteers is welcome and is going to be upgraded with the help of EVS volunteers. That would give the Daily Care Center the international dimension. The problems are grouped in the following four categories: 1. Children are left alone from different reasons (absence or work overload of parents etc.) Activities to correct these problems: – film, photography, – drama, circus workshops, – comics, graffiti etc-drawing workshops, – manufacturing/hand-making of small and useful objects, – games (indoor, outdoor), – communication workshops, – cooking workshops, – music workshops, – project work: charity work (helping pensioners, handicapped etc.), – camps, excursions. 2. Learning difficulties, lack of creativity, etc. Activities: – Support-lessons for different subject in school, – motivation-raising converstations – in groups and indvidually. 3. Lack of sport/physical exercises etc. Activities: – sports (indoor, outdoor), – dance workshops, – simple work/tasks (project – helping neighbours, elderly etc). 4. Family violence, domestic abuse. Activities: – individual conversations with abused children and their parents, – finding contacts with corresponding institutions. Volunteers are also welcome to realize projects outside of Daily Care Centers in cooperation with other local institutions and with the three European volunteers that will work in the structure of Zavod O. The time schedule is very flexible and can be arranged according to the Volunteers wishes and activities. On the other hand the working week is well structured through regular meetings with work coordinator of their Daily Care Center. EVS volunteers are expected to help with the realisation of the program in Daily Care Centers 4 times per week, one day is intended to help to other related organisation, primarly Zavod O, Škofja Loka Youth Center. The openning hours of the Daily Care Centers are every working day between 13:00 and 19:00. During the school holidays they are closed for one month. This period can EVS volunteer use as vacation (traveling, visiting home).


Only applications sent by email will be checked. Flexibility and open mind is welcome. Candidate should be ready to live in a small town such as Škofja Loka. Ability to communicate in English would be welcome. Very welcome also positive attitude towards working with young people, creative and self-initiative personality.


First we will select the applications of interested people on our e-mail. After this selection, we will contact those, who will be most appropriate. Those will be invited to further skype meeting. Please send us your CV and motivation letter on the address:  zavodo@zavodo.org.

Deadline: 15/09/2013

RECUERDA decir que Asociación Mundus con referencia EI número 2013-ES-63 es tu Sending Organization.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

SVE Slovenia. Noviembre 2013 (12 meses) ya aprobado!

Persona de contacto: Brigita Vilar

Organización: Društvo BARKA, Asociación de Ayuda a las Personas con Problemas de Aprendizaje
Ubicación: Medvode – Ljubljana, Eslovenia
Fecha límite: 31/08/2013
gente mayorInicio: 15/11/2013
Fin: 14/11/2014

En este momento, Barka ya tiene un voluntario de Turquía y quiere dar la bienvenida a otro.

Se trata de fomentar el diálogo entre los jóvenes y la reflexión sobre la diversidad. En este contexto, se promueven las mismas posibilidades de las personas con problemas de aprendizaje (el derecho al trabajo, alojamiento, asistencia médica …).

La principal tarea de los voluntarios es la participación en ayudar y acompañar a personas con problemas de aprendizaje en las casas donde viven o durante su trabajo en los talleres. El papel de los voluntarios es que con su presencia enriquecen la vida cotidiana y laboral de personas con dificultades de aprendizaje.

1. Ayudará por la mañana para despertarlos y por la noche ayudará para que vayan a la cama, preparar la comida juntos, cocinar, hacer la compra semanal para el hogar y la necesaria limpieza de las habitaciones, etc, acompañándolos en actividades deportivas, juegos, actividades sociales (bienvenida a los visitantes, o un viaje, …).  Los voluntarios también están invitados a las celebraciones, eventos que se preparan con regularidad en la asociación. También participan en la reunión semanal de los asistentes.
Estamos buscando voluntarios jóvenes y dinámicos, mínimo 22 años. Le estamos dando la oportunidad a los jóvenes con menos oportunidades. Se pide que los voluntarios hablen Inglés o italiano y con permiso de conducir.  Que no hayan sido perseguidos por ley.
El proyecto ya está aprobado.  Aceptamos solicitudes hasta la fecha límite de 31.08.2013.

Envíenos CV y ​​carta de motivación en inglés, a este correo: gitip365@gmail.com

Explicanos ¿Por qué te gusta hacer este tipo de voluntariado en Barka. ¿Cómo te imaginas vivir con las personas adultas con discapacidad, escribir un poco sobre tus actividades favoritas (trabajos manuales, música, deporte, …).

RECUERDA decirles que Mundus es tu Send Organization

y si necesitan mas detalles de nosotros contacta con alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

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