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Voluntarios EVS “Animate Your Volunteering”, ARAD. Proyecto sobre video y promoción del voluntariado! Desde abril 2014!

Millennium Center Association from Arad/Romania invites young persons to participate in new EVS project with movie theme entitled:


“Animate Your Volunteering”

We would like to apply with it at the deadline of 01.10.2013 therefore please send us your application as soon as possible, but no later than 20th September 2013. If You are interested in participation please read the following message:

Project type: European Voluntary Service

Title: “Animate Your Volunteering”.

Duration: 4 (four) months with stages starting in march / april 2014

Venue: Arad / Romania

Activities: The basic idea of the project is to discover the true meaning of volunteering in local neighbourhood, the need for it and present it to the public in easy to understand, attractive graphic form. Volunteers involved in the project will make street and internet research about all possible meanings of being volunteers and their active role in local neighbourhoods. Volunteers will ask people what does it mean to be volunteers for them, what is the role of volunteer in local neighbourhood and put the answers as database of ideas to create at least 8 short animated movies (with use of free of charge software such as powtoon, or simply frame by frame animation with use of drawn pictures).

Movie 1: who is a volunteer?

Movie 2: how big is the need of volunteering?

Movie 3: what can You learn by being volunteer?

Movie 4: EVS volunteer – presentation of EVS and YiA

Movies 5-8: practical examples of collaboration with local organisations in need of volunteers

Volunteers also on the basis of internet research and street interviews will discover in local neighbourhood possible places of being volunteers and what good can be done there by volunteers, after which they will put the conclusions in the animated movies in order to create the kind of advertisement of such places for recruitment process for other – future volunteers. In the animated series, volunteers will describe competences which are initially needed to become volunteer and especially the competences, which one can acquire while volunteering. In order to test the results of the research volunteers will work for a limited time of two weeks in chosen organisations. This experience will be also put into the movie, which at the end of everything will become animated diary which will summarize not only the volunteering stage but also EVS as an action from YiA Programme at the final stage of it. The EVS stage will finish with an event for public, which will contain as main feature the projection of the created by volunteers movies. Our project is great opportunity for EVS volunteers to go out from own neighbourhood in native country, visit and test oneself in another conditions and eventually come back home with head full of ideas how to work for benefit of local neighbourhood and how to transform oneself from the volunteer to regular paid worker – we put special emphasis on skills and abilities which may be useful to find a job later.

Tasks and objectives:

–        To create at least 8 animated movies about volunteering

–        To collaborate with at least 4 local organisations in need for volunteers

–        To learn Romanian language and Romanian culture

–        To acquire at least 1 new competence

–        To enhance at least 3 competences

–        To reach at least 80 people in total with messages about volunteering through animated movies within 4 months of project duration

Methods: non formal way of education (learning by doing) and informal one; e-learning

All You need to be a volunteer is:

  • strong motivation to spend 4months in multicultural environment of Romania
  • strong devotion to work according to task oriented schedule
  • strong believe in non-formal and informal way of education
  • ability to focus and work 7 hours per day, 5 days per week

Fewer opportunities: This EVS project is addressed especially to persons with fewer opportunities. Please see document attached.

Other conditions: are determined by EVS programme. We provide food, accommodation, training cycle and travel costs refund within Youth in Action programme rules and budget for action 2 (at least 90% of travel costs).

If You are interested and If You are:

  1. 1.     Future EVS volunteer please send us following documents:

– Curriculum vitae;

– Letter of motivation in which You specify the way of engagement in activities.

Mundus escogerá a 2 voluntarios. Lo escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a:  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline es 20 de septiembre a las 12AM.

Se buscan 2 voluntarios EVS para proyecto Centro de Apoyo a la Maternidad y Familiar! Republica Checa

Maternity and Family centre Krucek

EI number 2009-CZ-24


We are looking for 2 volunteers for long term EVS (12 months).

Activities will start on 1st of February 2014 and 1st of April 2014.

Our websites www.mckrucek.wz.cz , http://krucek.blogspot.cz/you can find some photos from our actions in part “fotogalerie”. Unfortunatelly the page is only in Czech language, some parts from our EVS volunteers are in English – look at “projekty”è “Mladez v akci”.

Maternity and family centre Krůček Svitavy, o.s. is international, educational, commune and multigenerational centre for families with small children. Every day we offer pleasant and friendly environment with wide variety of activities and services for the families- from exercise for pregnant women, through baby clubs for mothers with babies, creative activities, musical and moving classes for toddlers, English for pre-school children, educational courses for parents, to weekend actions for public. It’s a place of meeting for families with children. It offers services and activities, which have goal to support healthy, active and working family and prevention of social outcast of family with children (from birth to pre-school age). Services and activities allow families to spend free time meaningfully, support them both in the activity and outside, which prevents their social isolation and strengthens the family role in the society.

Goal of Maternity centre Krůček is to help preventing social outcast and isolation of mothers and families with small children, prepare pregnant women for their role as a mother, pass on knowledge about raising children and psychology of family life and to support bringing up to responsible manhood.

Children (mostly between 0 and 6 years, but also their older siblings) in Maternity centre Krůček find new friends, improving their emotional and social intelligence and learn many new abilities, which help in their future adaptation in nursery schools and primary schools. Also, Maternity centre Krůček helps them and their parents to live the time from baby to pre-school age more meaningfully and gives more joy to this time.

Our centers activities can be separated to several areas:

Regular activities during whole week -playroom, creative English for children or adults, creative, moving and musician workshops, logopedics, ecological activities, suburbian camps, trips (mostly for families with children around 1-3 years old)

Babysitting (mostly for children between 1-4 years old)

Irregular actions for families, actions during the holiday and weekends (games in the park, presentations, activities with partners…)

Education of mothers and parents (effective parentship, first aid, gender courses, business and family-how to connect it, how to learn with children, PC courses…)

Other activities (psychological and lactation consulting)

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

We offer an open and friendly enviroment in a small collective of the Maternity and family centre. We are used to invite two volunteers for one year. We allready had volunteers from Russia, France, Spain and Georgia. The volunteer can learn cooperation that is important for the Maternity and family centre run. He/she will learn how to offer our service to the families with children and also how to use the feedback to develop our activities. The volunteer will be motivated to be active and to bring his/her own ideas and projects to make our service better. We think that the volunteer can gain new knowledge and abilities that can be utilized in organizing actions for family groups. Parents are mainly 25-40 years old.  Age of children is from 0 to 6 years old mostly.

  1. Regular workshops for mothers and children– their preparation, working out and realization of the program, helping the  activation workers. The volunteer will be present on the workshops that is once a week. The workshop’s theme is Playing with English for mothers and children. The volunteer can prepare the workshop or can help families and children to participate on workshop activities. We expect that the volunteer’s competences for working with families and children will grow. That will be reached due to the transparency of the theory and the practice. Every workshop is for 10 mathers with children, more or less.
  2.  Monthly program preparation, participation on Maternity centres’ campaigsn in the Czech Republic (e.g. about active fatherhood, natural childbirth).
  3. Babysitting-lot of parents need to go to work, when children are not 2 years old and in CR we have problem with vacancies in kindergartens. So we decided to offer babysitting for their small children. Volunteers cooperate with us and help with babysitting too.
  4. Preparation of the bigger actions for public – we arrange at least 1 bigger action for public per 2 months. These actions are usually on weekends and are prepared and realizated by the whole team including volunteers. The actions are for example: lampion parade, carnival or st. Nicolas celebration. The volunteer will have oportunity to realize own ideas and we will teach him/her how to organize these actions. About 200 people come to this kind of action.
  5. Comunication with parents, children – comunication skills increasing, gaining the information about the families in the Czech Republic, their social situation, about the multicultural questions, enviromentalism, etc.
  6. It is possible to cooperate with another organisations in object Fabrika, e. g. library or Salvia, it workes with disabled people (rentiers and mentaly handicapped people). It should be about 10 % of whole service here. It depends on volunteers will.
  7. Czech lessons-volunteer will have possibility to learn Czech language with a very good and professional teacher. Volunteer´s speaking Czech soon is for us very important.

Working hours: From Monday to Thursday  9-12 a. m. and  2-6 p. m. Friday 9-12 p. m.

The working hours are not the same every day, this is only for ilustration. Working hours are made in cooperation between volunteer, team and needs of our activities.

Working hours are not more then 35 hours per week. Mostly less.


Personal occupation:

Here are around 10 employees for full-time or part time. They are women about 30 years old.


Voluteers live in a block of flats. They have one flat in 6th floor with 3 rooms, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Each room is for one person. We usually have 2 volunteers, in the third room lives a girl from The Czech Republic and she helps as a support of volunteers.

Project environment

Maternity centre Krůček is located in town Svitavy, which has approximately 18000 inhabitants. It is a small town with historical square. It’s in lightly hilled country of Svitavy highland in the northeast of Czech Republic. It is important transport junction; it has good position for tourists and interesting surroundings. There are plenty of touristic paths and bike roads.

There is an opportunity to visit cultural actions, for example a theatre, cinema, concerts, balls, museum, markets and library. Sport actions are on hockey pit, swimming pool, or sports hall. There is also a bowling centre, football and volleyball club and in-line trails.

More information’s about the town on www.svitavy.cz.

Maternity centre is located in multipurpose educational and community centre, in building called Fabric Svitavy, where are several other organizations placed- like library, social services centre Salvia, centre of cultural services, rest home. There is also big hall for actions, several study rooms. More informations on: http://www.fabrikasvitavy.eu/

Maternity centre Krůček has its rear here, room separated to play room and workshop, you may use the printing machine, copy machine, work cell phone, internet or kitchen here.

There is a very nice environment, like country (Toulovcovy maštale…), like historical cities in the neighborhood- Litomyšl, Polička, Moravská Třebová, which every one of them is worth seeing.

And you can also find a lot of photos from our actions here:

Mundus escogerá a dos voluntarios. Los escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline es 22 de septiembre a las 12AM.

Mucho ánimo y suerte!

Voluntario EVS en Cremona, Italia. Inicio Febrero 2014

  • CisVol offers free services to support the various voluntary associations that operate within the province, in order to:
  • – provide instruments and initiatives for the growth of the culture of solidarity, the promotion of new voluntary initiatives and the improvement of the existing ones;
    – provide information, expert assistance, methods and instruments to plan projects, to start activities and put them into effect;
    – organize trainings for the members of the voluntary organizations;
    – give news, documentation and data about local and national voluntary activities.
    The seat of CisVol in Cremona is located in the outskirts of the city in an ancient building called Palazzo Duemiglia, reachable by public transportand by bike. In the same building there are also the Social Studies and Research Center, the Center for Families, the Foster Children Center and a Social Center for the elderly of the City of Cremona.


Cisvol does not have any preference for age, background or nationality of the volunteer. The young, however, should possess a strong motivation to work in the world of volunteering. The volunteer should have spirit of adaptation and should be openness to new activities. Our organisation will read the curricula and the motivation letter of all candidates; it can be arranged some telephone interviews (in English, French or Italian) in the event that the volunteers speak these languages.


Send CV and cover letter to: comunicazione@cisvol.it

RECUERDA decir que Asociación Mundus con referencia EI número 2013-ES-63 es tu Sending Organization.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


Nueva info sobre el proyecto! Urgente! EVS project “Making choices, doing changes”, ARAD, Rumania

EVS project “Making choices, doing changes” .


Project will aim in development of virtual community, usage of innovative internet tools for promotion of active citizenship, European Parliamentary elections in 2014 and designing initiatives for local neighbourhood.  Deadline of the application is 3rd of September 2013.

EVS project is divided into two stages: in first stage EVS volunteers will develop local virtual community surrounded around special topics such as healthy lifestyle, freedom of speech or sport activities. Virtual community will be developed through internet tools such as blog, microblog, videoblog, motivational quotes and other tools of interaction between people in virtual world. Through those internet activities EVS volunteers will promote also European parliamentary elections in may 2014. After elections, during the second stage of the EVS with the use of the same internet tools EVS volunteers will develop initiatives for local neighbourhood which can be sustainable in future within framework of virtual community. Total duration of the project is 5 months.

Project will contain elements of sport – through regular sport activities such as weekly running or riding a bike EVS volunteers will get integrated into local society, find target groups and complete tasks / objectives of the project in both dimensions: virtual and in real life. We offer balanced and healthy style of EVS activities: indoors and outdoors.

Project will take place in Arad in west Romania, starting from march 2014. Duration of the project is 5 months.

Conditions are determined by EVS rules. We provide food, accommodation, training cycle and travel costs refund within Youth in Action programme rules and budget for action 2 (at least 90% of travel costs).

We address this project especially to young people with fewer opportunities.

En éste proyecto Mundus participa como partner, enviamos 3 voluntarios, y ya tenemos escogido a uno de los 3.
Por lo que buscamos 2 voluntarios con urgencia interesados en el proyecto y en vivir una experiencia de 5 meses en ARAD, Rumania.
Here you have new info about hosting organization:
Millennium Center reference number is 2011-RO-43
Millennium Center website is: http://centrulmillennium.ro/en/ .
You can find there links to more up to date projects.
We are also present on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211406372224345/
Enviar CV y carta de motivación a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com
El equipo Mundus realizará la selección de los candidatos en los próximos días.
Encontrad mas info sobre la ciudad aquí:

URGENTE!!!! EVS “European Mobility can make Volunteering really count!” in Braila, Romania

“European Mobility can make Volunteering really count!”: an ambitious EVS project about Youth European citizenship Have you ever wished to act for a better Europe? Join us and:

  • discuss European issues influencing the lives of young European citizens;
  • influence public opinion via on-line-press coverage
  • awareness young people on the added value of volunteering in building a successful career;
  • experience the reality of the Union by crossing the borders


Project title “European Mobility can make Volunteering really count!”
EVS service period: 01.02.2014 – 30.11.2014 (10 months)

To be selected
send your CV in Europass format and a ML with your personal and specific motivation to participate in this project (why did you choose to be EVS volunteer in this project and not in other else EVS project) untill September the 2nd 2013 .

The  EVS project “European Mobility can make Volunteering really count !” is about how this european human right: Mobility can support the youngster with fewer opportunities (minorities, unemployed youngsters) to become a socio-professional integrate person.
In our project the EVS volunteers have the opportunity to develop themselves as activ citizen and to achieve useful competences for involving in their future professional activitis.  Also they can improve various aspects of the local community while being actively involved in volunteering projects initiated by themselves.

Their own experience and actions can play an important role in changing the mentality and attitude of local community’s members regarding the involvement of young people in solving the communities’ needs. Also the EVS volunteers will act for constience the local multicultural community of Braila about it’s integration’s potential for all his members.

The tasks and activities of the EVS volunteers:

a) – will organize 3 public debates for youngsters on problematical themes : job/employment, how does volunteering and mobility help them in getting a job, European citizens rights of the youngsters and minorities. Non-formal method used: social debates.

b) – Will realize (from design to full content) 3 editions of on-line news-paper (on Social -media) : “EVS= European Mobility + Integration for Youngsters“ involving young people from local community.

c) – Will initiate 3 volunteering projects in the local multiethnic communities involving youngsters from the local communities..

d )- will hold non-formal sessions for young people about how to write a CV europass, a letter or motivation for success and how to prepare themselves for a job interview: useing non formal methods of education: Forum theater , role-play, brainstorming, working in teams.

The beneficiaries will be especially the local youngsters with fewers opportunities: unemploieds, from rural or socially marginalized communities, helpless from their own family.

As EVS volunteers youwill receivetrainingin the following areas for developing in good conditions the EVS activities :
      –     Democracy and European Human Rights,

  • Comunication and publishing in Social-media
  • Management in YiA Programme context
  • Search techniques for a job (how to design a successfull CV and ML, how to prepare for a job Interview)
  • Romanian Language courses,

Note that: This project needs a permanent initiative, involvement and creativity efforts from all the EVS volunteers participants in.

To be selected as EVS volunteers in this project you have to:

  • be willing to make a change in your life and your mentality,
  • make the effort to adapt and live in a completely new multicultural community,
  • to finalize your volunteer projects despite the difficulties:
  • be determined  to promote volunteering through your own volunteering activities

Will have priority to be selected young people with fewer opportunities: member of an ethnic minority community, unemployeds, from rural communities, have never had a multicultural experience.


To be selected send your CV in Europass format and a ML with your personal and specific motivation to participate in this project: “ European Mobility can make Volunteering really count !” (why did you choose to be EVS volunteer in this project and not in other else EVS project) NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER the 2nd 2013.

The Host Organisation is responsible for making all the practical arrangements of the project.

Food: Each volunteer will be given a certain amount of money every month for food- 80 Euro in RON. It will be paid to volunteers in Lei. It will be the responsibility of the volunteers to prepare/buy meals for themselves. The volunteers can buy ready made meals, go to cafes, bars and restaurants in the town or buy food in the shops and supermarkets.


Accommodation: Volunteers are going to be ensured with separate flat in a block of flats, at the address:  Braila. Each volunteer will have her/his own room. They will be provided with a standard equipment/ essential household goods, shared cooking, washing, laundry and social facilities. Thhey are responsible for cleaning their own room and the commun space in the flat: kichen, bathrooms, hall.


Working hours: The volunteers together with the project coordinator will agree about the working hours and a weekly schedule. The amount of volunteering should not exceed 30 hours per week: 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, two consecutive days off per week and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project


Holidays: The volunteers work 5 days a week. For every month of work each of them can get two extra days free. They can accumulate the days and take longer holidays. Nevertheless, they have to obtain the agreement regarding the dates from the Host Organisation.


Insurance: Sending Organisation are responsible for the volunteers’ insurance. All the parties are obliged to get acquainted with the insurance rules.


Local TransportA monthly local transport allowance is provided .


Comunications: Internet and mobil phone acces is provided (in the apartment and in the office of HO).


Volunteer Allowance:  The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of 60 EURO, in RON

.The activities will take place respecting a fixed program. However, you will have the opportunity to come up with own ideas of how to actively involve yougsters in our activities. We are flexible and open for volunteers’ ideas. The volunteers are welcome to come up with their own proposals for activities. They can organize their own classes for our target groups according to their needs, skills or hobbies.”



Mundus escogerá a 1 voluntario. Lo escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a:  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline es 20 de septiembre a las 12AM.


EVS en Polonia para candidato español. APROBADO. WORK with children with disabilities. Inicio 1 octubre 2013.

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Poland

  • Contact person: Paulina Podolak
  • Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowej i Miedzykulturowej Wymiany ANAWOJ
  • Host: Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy im. W. Kikolskiego: http://www.sosw.bialystok.pl/
  • Location: Bialystok, Poland
  • Deadline: 23/08/2013
  • Start: 01/10/2013
  • End: 30/06/2014
  • Bialystok is the centre of the region with a population of almost 300 thousand. The project will take a place there, at The Special Educational Center, which is located in the midtown of Bialystok and it is an important place for handicap and retarded children from all over the region. At school children can use things like: housework workshop, studio of Tomatis’s method therapy, experiencing the world studio, place for rehabilitation (gym, swimmingpool) etc.



The volunteer will have a basic responsibility to assist the teacher at school. The volunteer will join the tasks, which encourage the students to grow emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. To give an idea of the volunteer’s duties we mention here different sorts during the whole project: Assist/ conduct in social/ recreational programs for the students: at the boarding school: helping students doing their homework, doing crafts, watching movies together, playing games, quizzes, organizing common meetings like teatime, birthday parties, going out, taking part of different evening activities etc.


We would like to host someone, who wants to help the others, who is open for new activities. Because the special center is a special organization, we would like to host someone who is not afraid of contact with mentally and physically handicapped. We are looking for someone interested in music (volunteer will assist music teacher), creative and open-minded.


All interested people are asked to send us their CV. We’ll also ask to fill in the special form, containing more detailed questions about the motivation of the volunteer. The coordinating organization will pass them to the hosting organization. The final decision will be made by the stuff of the school involved in the project and working directly with the volunteers. Please, send your application to Paulina: anawoj.evs@gmail.com

RECUERDA decir que Asociación Mundus es tu Sending Organization.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Voluntario EVS en Wroclaw, Polonia. Desde 1 septiembre 2013


Title  “Jump into the volunteer’s ferry” group EVS project will be developed in Foundation of Social Integration Prom from Wroclaw, between 1st
Sept 2013 and 31st July 2014.

4 volunteers will work during 10 months (activity starts 01.09.2013 finish 30.06.2014). Main task of the project is equal opportunities and roma communities. This project embraces different levels of interventions towards different populations (Polish children, Romani communities and adults with mental disorder).

It’s aimed to develop solidarity and to promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people. Volunteers will work in integrating community centers for youth and children from polish and Romani group, in You are not alone- a club for people with mental disorder and their families, sometimes in the office helping by ongoing project in the frame of Governmental Romani Programme.

Four hours a week will be dedicated to polish lessons. Volunteers will actively take part in all the activities and working methods to be used in the center (workshops, observations, presentations, exchange of ideas, cooperation process, group dynamics) assume that volunteers will actively take part in every stage. Through participation in the project four young people will get acquainted with Polish culture and the Roma minority, will increase their interpersonal, intercultural and language skills, learn interesting ways to work with groups at risk of exclusion, increase self-reliance and
responsibility through a confrontation with another culture.

contact on email: ania@fundacjaprom.pl

Telephone nr: 0048 502843228

Deadline to send aplication for volunteer 20of August 2013.

Please, send us: cv with picture, motivation letter and info about your sending organisation.

Please put your name and country on each file you
send 😉

RECUERDA decir que tu organización de envio es ASOCIACIÓN MUNDUS.

Si necesitas mas detalles sobre nosotros contacta con alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

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