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Training “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities” en Styria, Austria

Se buscan 2 participantes para el siguiente Training: “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities”.

When: from the 5th the 16th of August of 2014

Where: Styria.



What: “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities” is a 12 days training course hold in Styria, Austria, from the 5th to the 16th of August. 20 youth workers and youth leaders between 18 and 35 years old from 10 countries (Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine, Israel, Georgia and Armenia) will meet in the beautiful countryside of Austria to learn about conflict management and peace education using non-formal methodologies. These activities will be combined with outdoor activities in the countryside, which will give the chance to the participants to discover the great variety of non-formal learning tools that can be done in nature. Working on different topics (self-awareness, concrete methods to solve a conflict, communication, expression of the feelings), the participants will have the chance to learn and experience different ways of approaching conflicts and solving them. The outdoors activities will give the participants the chance to learn about how a healthy and active lifestyle can contribute to make oneself a more open-minded and balanced person that is capable of dealing with difficult situations in a more peaceful and tolerant way. The course also intends to work on the psychological aspects of conflicts in their various dimensions and wants to show the benefits of non-formal outdoor activities to settle the conflicts.

In order to disseminate the know-how, the participants will have the chance to record short video tutorials that will be uploaded and shared on Internet. In those video tutorials, the participants will have the task of showing and sharing the best tools of the course with the purpose to spread the outcome of the course and make the tools accessible to the public.

“Path2peace” is a great opportunity to promote our values in peace education and to establish contact among organizations around Europe and in neighboring countries to create a strong partner network with the aim to make our society a little bit more tolerant and peaceful for everyone.

“Path2peace” is an itinerant training course that will give you the chance to discover Styria and Austria in a very different way.



Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 275 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com lo antes posible con el asunto Path to Peace, Austria lo antes posible.

Evs en Rumanía. Find and practice the sports which fit you the best!

Multisport Experience Sport Club from Arad in west Romania proudly presents new idea for the EVS project with a theme of sport to Erasmus plus programme with a deadline of 30 april 2014. Please read a following message:



Project’s stages:

  • December 2014 – August 2015 – 9 months
  • September 2015 – May 2016 – 9 months

Project’s content:

»Winning is not the most important thing, taking part is; it’s not the victory that counts, but  the achievement«. Pierre Baron de Coubertin


We feel that including more local people in sport events, as volunteers is a moral duty of modern society to improve own health by making sport. In order to do that, we need a strong promotion of the volunteering positions in these areas and a wide recognition of the work of the volunteers!

The project is also great chance of discovering and putting together all the possibilities of having sport for people of Arad city.

Tasks and objectives of the volunteers are split into 4 main areas:

1) Promote the places for local volunteers, in the activities and events which the applicant organization is realizing (select 100)


2) Make a research about the opportunities to make sport in Arad city.


3) Practicing sport at least 15 hours per month


4) Support the host organization in organizing activities in sport area


The volunteers will have the possible to choose which sport to practice. They will be encouraged to join the sports which are highly promoted by the applicant (running, swimming, cycling) but in their research, also, they can test the sports which they describe and discover for the local community.

Details of research about the opportunities to make sport in Arad city:

–          Select a group of 10 local volunteers for this project, persons who can help them with translations and guidance in the city

–          To make a research about other initiatives close to this one and contact the organizers to collect the available data, if provide them

–          To make a map of the sport activities possible in Arad city

–          To insert data on a portal about sports in Arad city

–          To discover and list the main qualifications in sport area, for which there is a formation possible in the region

–          To discover and list the main sport infrastructure from Arad city

–          To discover and list the main sport events from Arad city

–          To find out an estimation of people active in sports in Arad city;

–          To find out how many people from Arad are members of a sport club or organized in sports

–          To make relevant movies which can help the promotion of sports among the people from Arad city

We intend to apply with it at the deadline of 30.04.2014 therefore please send us your application as soon as possible but no later than 17th April 2014 at:


If you are:

  1. Future EVS volunteer please send us following documents:


– Curriculum vitae in EURO format;

– Letter of motivation in which You specify the way of engagement in activities and possible experience already as local volunteer back home


You can send later:

– Proposed activities if desired (not obligatory);

– Medical certificate certifying that allowed participation in sport activities;



MAS info: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyoik8mfaayksld/5.%20Description%20of%20hosting%20organisation%20EMS.pdf

IMPORTANTE! Para que soportemos y empujemos vuestra aplicación, al enviar el mail a experientam@gmail.com , poned en copia a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com.

Asunto mail: EVS Rumania Deportes Millenium

Recordad decir que Asociación Mundus -Un mundo a tus pies- con EI reference 2013-ES-63 es vuestra sending organization. 




EU in Parliament: proyecto democracia participativa en Rumanía, 18 al 28 de mayo

The placement: Braila district, Romania

Volunteer´s profile:

We wish to receive volunteers with reduced opportunities, but who are strongly motivated to perform voluntary activities during the stage, who are willing to learn Romanian, to adapt and to work with young people from urban and rural areas, promoting the principles and the values of the European Union, focusing on the importance of the European Parliament and the vote system.

It would be great if the youngsters who take part in the stage had knowledge of social or political sciences, they knew or wanted to know the electoral system for the European system and wanted to get involved in promoting this information.

Moreover, these youngsters should have the following qualities: punctuality, seriousness, good English language skills, they should be communicative, capable of speaking and make themselves understood by a group of people.




The European volunteers will develop the following topics:

            The European Union-principles and values

            The European Union´s Institutions-importance, role, attributions, focusing on the European

            The reprezentativeness and civic participation at European Union level


Our Project proposes two important objectives:

The First Objective: increasing the degree of understanding of the youngsters regarding the principles values, institutions and public politics of the European Union.

* The activities proposed to reach this objective:

            The approach, during some study modules, of topics referring to the principles and values of the European construction, the structure and the importance of the European Union´s institutions, the reprezentativeness and civic participation in the European Union.

            The organisation of informing campaigns regarding the approached topic through the involvement of the Pro Democracy Clubs from high-schools in Braila;

            The volunteers from the participating countries in this project will have to learn to work in a team with the Pro Democracy Clubs, developing projects that will have as target groups of poor and rejected youngsters;

            The organisation of a vote process simulation for the European Parliament, after the informing campaign, about what it means to be a member in the Europeam Parliament;

            The support of the youngsters from Pro Democracy Clubs who will be proposed to subscribe to be voters on voting cards during this vote process simulation, in order to result an electoral campaign simulation;

            The preparation of supplimentary materials and the spreading of the information, regarding the European Parliament in EU and the relationship between the citizens and the Parliament.


The second objective: the increase of involving degree of European youngsters, starting from the active citizenship principle and the relationship between the European citizen and the European Parliament.

* The activities proposed to achieve this objectiv:

            The organisation of informing seminars in schools where there are Pro Democracy Clubs, on

topics concerning the European Union and the European Parliament, participatory democacy and

,      the relationship between the European citizens and the European Parliament;

            Spreading Pro Democracy Club´s network and the vote process simulation for the European


            The development of the younster´s capacity to work in a team regarding the organisation of some

projects that will address to the poor and rejected young people;

            The meeting with European Parliamentaries who will speak about the relationship between the

European citizens and the European parliamentary;

                        The preparation of a brochure called „EU in the Parliament” which will contain information about the European Union and the European Parliament, the organisation of the vote process simulation through the Pro Democracy Club, testimonies of European the volunteers.


Mas info: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/otlas-partner-finding/organisation/asociatia-pro-democratia-club-braila.1452/



Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante el proyecto, así como el 75 % del importe de los vuelos.

Los participantes tan solo deberán pagar el 25% de los vuelos y hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com lo antes posible con el asunto EU in Parliament lo antes posible.



Ijgd Organization wants to announce one place we would like apply for the Deadline 30.04.2014 and we are looking for a motivated person who is willing to work with children and youngsters with handicaps.

The EI number of the project is 2012-DE-8. You can find all the info here USING THE EI NUMBER: http://europa.eu/youth/evs_database


Project start will be 01.09.2014 and the project have a duration of 12 month.


DESCARGAR ÉSTE DOCUMENTO PARA LA APLICACIÓN: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvgck1ly1zjk4l6/P.docx

juan carlos


IMPORTANTE! Para que soportemos y empujemos vuestra aplicación, al enviar el mail a

ild.bonn@ijgd.de , poned en copia a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com. Asunto mail: EVS BONN

Recordad decir que Asociación Mundus -Un mundo a tus pies- con EI reference 2013-ES-63 es vuestra sending organization. 



Fechas de inscripción: Del viernes 24 de enero de 2014 al lunes 31 de marzo de 2014


El Comité de las Regiones ofrece prácticas en Bruselas para:

– Titulados universitarios que hayan completado al menos 3 años de estudios .
– Titulados universitarios que hayan completado con éxito 4 años ( ocho semestres ) de estudios universitarios.

La duración de estas prácticas será del 16 de septiembre al 15 de febrero.

Los seleccionados recibirán una dotación económica de 1.000 € al mes .

La fecha límite para presentar solicitud es el 31 de marzo de 2014

Información adicional : http://cor.europa.eu/es/about/traineeships/Pages/cor-traineeship.aspx

Vacantes EVS en proyecto APROBADO »New horizons« en ESLOVENIA! URGENTE!

In the last few years, Youth center Zagorje ob Savi (MC ZOS) has become a spot, where people of all generations get to learn something new and implement the ideas of their own as well! All the activities are mind-opening and vary from educational ones to the activities of leisure and fun.


This time, 2 volunteers will use their skills and ideas to open up new horizons while making events related to ecology, sustainable development and events, which will respond to the needs of our local community in general. The volunteers will work directly with young people in our daily center, where they will enable a quality spent time to all of our visitors.

In total, the volunteers will work on 5 personalized events, will have 5 multimedia presentations of any kind (photo exhibition, short movies etc.), will act as informators in our daily center and will present the EVS activities to our local institutions (primary and secondary schools, organisations which work with youngsters) at least two times.

In six months of service, from May until October of 2014, the volunteers will truly be a bright point in our community, around which an intercultural expansion of communication will be formed.

We intend to equip the individuals with knowledge and skills needed for organising events, organising space and time in their life and to use the highest level of creativity, which is important to ones work and also for sustaining motivation and firm pointers on a career path of a young individual.  Also, the volunteers will get to know our ways of tackling poverty and upgrading the sustainable ways of living, while educating themselves in nature-related subjects.


MC ZOS (EVS BLOG): http://www.mczos.si/evs-blog/

MC ZOS (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/mladinskicenter.zagorje?fref=ts

ENVÍA TU CV Y CARTA DE MOTIVACIÓN CONCRETA PARA EL PROYECTO LO ANTES POSIBLE A ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com con el asunto de referencia “EVS ESLOVENIA”

Oportunidad de EVS en IRLANDA, 5 proyectos EVS!

Depaul Ireland homeless services in Dublin Ireland is now open for applications for our EVS programme 2014-2015 which includes 5 EVS volunteer opportunities in 5 of our specialised services for 12 months.


  • 2012-IE-15

DEPAUL IRELAND – Sundial House,  05.09.14-04.09.15

  • 2012-IE-16

DEPAUL IRELAND – Orchid House, 05.09.14-04.09.15

  • 2012-IE-18

DEPAUL IRELAND – Back Lane Hostel,  05.09.14-04.09.15

  • 2012-IE-19

DEPAUL IRELAND – Peter’s Place, 05.09.14-04.09.15

  • 2012-IE-17

DEPAUL IRELAND – Tus Nua, 05.09.14-04.09.15

Puedes consultar las descripciones de los proyectos aquí.

Depaul Ireland provides accommodation and key services to people who many others struggle to work with street drinkers, women in prison, families who others have given up on, those with behavioural, self-harm and addiction problems.

Si te requieren información sobre tu Asociación de Envío, ésta es la nuestra: Asociación Mundus con referencia EI número 2013-ES-63.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline for volunteer applications is 31.01.2014 as we are applying for March 17th deadline.
Applications and further information available from lisa.byrne@depaulireland.org

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