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Diversas Vacantes EVS aprobados en Moldavia. Te atreves?

Os adjuntamos en el documento adjunto ofertas en la asociación ADVIT donde tenemos a varias voluntarias realizando su EVS.

Podeis consultar sus experiencias y blogs a través de nuestra página web en el enlace mas abajo.



–        Angelus Moldova Charity Foundation for Public Health, from Dec 2014 (10-12months)  

–        Association for the Protection of Homeless animals  “ALGA”, from Aug/Sepb (10-12months) 

–        Centre of Active Recovery and Social Reintegration of the  Children and Youth with Physical Disabilities. 1 place from      September for 10-12 months.

–        Independent Journalism Centre, 1 place from July, 1 place from Sep for 10-12 months


Consultad el documento con la descripción de las vacantes de diversas temática en el siguiente enlace:




Location: Brioude, France

Period: 05/09/2014 – 05/08/2015

Duration: 11 month




– working in “a Cafe Lecture”, an associative bar (working at the bar and participation in the activities)
– helping the youth center, “Brin the Ficelle” (organisation and participation in the ‘game festival”)
– helping in the organisation of the concerts of local groups
– making the music clips

Description of the hosting organization:

Musikado exist from 1996, the most important activities are:
– organising the concerts, recording the music of local groups
– video workshops, making the short music clips
– photos expositions
– organising the youth exchanges
– organizing the intercultural seminaries

IMPORTANTE! Para que soportemos y empujemos vuestra aplicación, al enviar el mail a musikado@yahoo.fr , poned en copia a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com HASTA EL 25 DE ABRIL!

Asunto mail: EVS Francia Musicado 

Recordad decir que Asociación Mundus -Un mundo a tus pies- con EI reference 2013-ES-63 es vuestra sending organization. 


PROYECTO APROBADO! EVS “Advocacy For The Environment”, Braila, Romania. Inicio 5 MAYO’14!

Éste es un proyecto aprobado para empezar el día 5 de mayo. Urgente recibir las candidaturas lo antes posible. Ya tenemos a una voluntaria en el mismo proyecto que está muy contenta. 

Búscala en nuestra web: Celia Lorenzo.


Title: “Advocacy For The Environment”

EVS Service period : 01.03.2014-25.12.2014
 Braila County, Romania

Volunteers: 4 volunteers, one from Spain

Financial rules – We cover 100% accommodation costs, food, program, visas

and 90% of international transport.


The Project “Advocacy ForThe Environment” promotes explicitly the non-formal education, the voluntary concept regarding the protection and conservation of the environment.

The project “Advocacy For The environment” will engage 4 young people from 4 European countries  who will learn about the importance of the environment, how to identify problems regarding the environment, what needs to be done for the protection and conservation of the environment and also how to work together as a team in order to achieve the objectives of this project.

The highlight of the project will be to transform the young volunteer into active responsible european citizens who will stand up and fight against the environment problems, being aware that the actions we do today will affect the future generations.

The program will combine various non-formal education activities such as: participating at various trainings that focus on the protection and conservation of the environment but also on means of doing this; visiting the town in order to identify the environmental issues, and how to fight against them; performing street animations, organizing debates, round table discussions in order to raise the community awareness regarding the protection and conservation of the environment; street actions such as planting trees involving other young people from the community,  etc.

Mundus escoge a 1 voluntario. Lo escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a:  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Asunto mail: EVS “Advocacy For The Environment”, Braila

Recibimos candidaturas desde YA y el proceso se cerrará tan pronto como se encuentre el voluntario adecuado.


Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Romania, Cluj Napoca

  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Start: 01/09/2014
  • End: 31/08/2014
  • Image
  • Image
  • Image
  • Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center is searching for 3 volunteers to take part in a one year hospital animation project in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • The project has as main objective the personal development of the volunteers, including growth in areas such as communication skills, deeper understanding of the concept of mutual acceptance and tolerance, time management skills, planning and organizing events, team-work related skills , creativity and innovation etc; at the same time at the community level, the project aims at enhancing the healing process of the children hospitalized in the local Children’s hospital by creating an environment that will support that.

What will the volunteers do?

The volunteers will work 4 days a week in the hospital, mostly in the afternoon (from 13-17), in order to prevent their activities from interfering with the medical procedures that usually take place in the first part of the day; the total number of working hours for the volunteer every day is of 6, including the language courses and other type of activities besides working in the hospital; no involvement will be compulsory for the volunteer beyond this limit, any further participation in the activities of the organization being possible only if the volunteer expresses a direct desire for this; the schedule presented below shows an example of how a one-week program would look like;  The volunteers will work in 4 different sides of the hospital: pediatric surgery and orthopedics, nephrology (here they will work with children dealing with dialysis) and the Pediatrics Clinic nr. 3 and nr. 1 (working with children that have respiratory problems).
At the beginning of the project the volunteers will be trained in a few introductory notions about clinic animation by the staff of our organization but also by other local volunteers that have been working already in this field. The specific daily activities in the hospital will require the active input of each volunteer since the EVS volunteers will be the main actors in choosing the activities, planning them, preparing all the materials and delivering them to the children (all this will happen with the support offered when needed by the project coordinator but also by local volunteers). The volunteers will not substitute the medical staff or be involved in activities that are similar to the medical attention given by doctors or nurses, but will bring something new to what a hospital offers in Romania, that is a series of educational and artistic activities such as: storytelling, English lessons (using the methods specific to the non-formal education), planning different games according to the level of mobility of the patients.

Envía tu carta de motivación concreta y CV en inglés programecvcn@voluntariat.ro;

LO ANTES POSIBLE. Máximo: 28/03/2014

Asunto mail: Cluj Napoca


  • Organisation: Misericordia di Firenze
  • Location: Florence, Italy

Inicio: 1 DE ABRIL 2014 HASTA EL 31 DE MARZO 2015

  • The Mosaici Project 2014 will take place for the 2nd time in Florence in the Head Office of Misericordia di Firenze and in its branches, ambulatories, rest homes and disability centers. All the structures are situated in different areas of the city except for Villa Alessandro, a ‘Disabled Center’ ina suburban area between Florence and Prato.
    It will run from March 2014 to February 2015, there will be six Volunteers from European countries.
    Volunteers will be closely followed by our staff although they will be free to contribute with their personality, ideas and personal competence.

The volunteers will be involved in the following tasks: Health and social transport, welcoming services: Activities: Escort service of sick, elderly and disabled people; Drawing up documentation; Assistance and reassuring of the user’s relatives At the consulting rooms, volunteers will welcome the users giving information and helping the staff in their daily work, these structures are situated inside the branches of the Association. Personal care: Reading books or newspapers for some hours a day; Little errands, shopping, small payments in public offices, etc.; Phone assistance; Escort service for walks, company to overcome loneliness and social isolation. Activities in Disability Centers and Rest Homes: Company and animation during the day and for vacations, holidays and recreational events; Staging of performances, assistance/teaching at the computer labs; Listening and communication with the guests and especially with their families; Cooking Labs, Craft Labs, Drawing, Photography, etc.;Volunteers will follow a course on how to interact with disabled people; Solidarity markets organized at Christmas and Easter and sometimes for special events during the year and Food Aid. Besides the volunteers are welcome on activities regarding Volunteering Promotion and European Awareness such as Design of information and illustrative materials, brochures, in English or in the language of the volunteers; the main topics will be: Voluntary Service, European awareness and young people; Drafting of the history of our Museum and promotion of it; the welcoming of groups who want to visit Misericordia and the Museum, in English or in their own language. Contacting Schools, Volunteer Organizations, in Italy and abroad, for affiliations and to promote free visits to our Museum; Promotion of the Volunteering World as a way to spend time with and for other people, especially for young people. Involving the young Volunteers of the Association in new activities. Each of these activities will be documented by written/audio/video materials; these will remain in the Association for the realization of “A Mosaic of Lore, Customs and Testimonies from Europe” for subsequent EVS volunteers, for our volunteers, Florentine citizens and for the many tourists who visit Florence. For more information please have a look on EVS data base, Ei reference 2011-IT-150.


Positive, passionate and creative young person ready to offer his/her time for learning a lot in cooperation with the other volunteers and offer his/her time in Social and cultural project. It is important that you are open minded, show initiative, communicate easy with very different people and are flexible, so you can adapt to different circumstances. You also find it a challenge to work with people with limitations, socially, emotionally or physically elderly people. You don’t mind working outside.

ENVÍA TU CV Y CARTA DE MOTIVACIÓN CONCRETA PARA EL PROYECTO LO ANTES POSIBLE A ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com con el asunto de referencia “EVS MISER”

Vacantes EVS en proyecto APROBADO »New horizons« en ESLOVENIA! URGENTE!

In the last few years, Youth center Zagorje ob Savi (MC ZOS) has become a spot, where people of all generations get to learn something new and implement the ideas of their own as well! All the activities are mind-opening and vary from educational ones to the activities of leisure and fun.


This time, 2 volunteers will use their skills and ideas to open up new horizons while making events related to ecology, sustainable development and events, which will respond to the needs of our local community in general. The volunteers will work directly with young people in our daily center, where they will enable a quality spent time to all of our visitors.

In total, the volunteers will work on 5 personalized events, will have 5 multimedia presentations of any kind (photo exhibition, short movies etc.), will act as informators in our daily center and will present the EVS activities to our local institutions (primary and secondary schools, organisations which work with youngsters) at least two times.

In six months of service, from May until October of 2014, the volunteers will truly be a bright point in our community, around which an intercultural expansion of communication will be formed.

We intend to equip the individuals with knowledge and skills needed for organising events, organising space and time in their life and to use the highest level of creativity, which is important to ones work and also for sustaining motivation and firm pointers on a career path of a young individual.  Also, the volunteers will get to know our ways of tackling poverty and upgrading the sustainable ways of living, while educating themselves in nature-related subjects.


MC ZOS (EVS BLOG): http://www.mczos.si/evs-blog/

MC ZOS (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/mladinskicenter.zagorje?fref=ts

ENVÍA TU CV Y CARTA DE MOTIVACIÓN CONCRETA PARA EL PROYECTO LO ANTES POSIBLE A ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com con el asunto de referencia “EVS ESLOVENIA”

URGENTE! EVS-volunteers at AAP Rescue Center for Exotic Animals, Netherlands

AAP is a European rescue and rehabilitation center for exotic mammals. The animals that end up with AAP often come from illegal trade, research laboratories, circuses, illegal zoos or directly from private people. The foundation specializes in rescue and rehabilitation of primates and other exotic mammals, like raccoons, skunks and prairie dogs. When the animals arrive they often have been seriously abused and severely neglected. At AAP they receive the professional care needed for their recovery. AAP aims on making the animals mentally and physically healthy and to place them in a more natural environment, such as in a natural enclosure or in a renowned zoo. Parallel to the direct focus on rescue and rehabilitation of animals, AAP has developed activities in advocacy and education as well.Unknown

The animal rehabilitation process is conducted by a team of about 50 professional animal caretakers at two locations: the Netherlands (Almere). They are supported by staff specialized in veterinary or behavioral rehabilitation. Next to paid staff, large number of international volunteers and interns help with the daily care for the animals and other duties within the NGO.

Already since 2008 AAP Almere has participated in the European Voluntary Service (EVS), being part of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. This has enabled us to host six to seven long-term volunteers per year under the favorable EVS-conditions. Since 2013, AAP’s Spanish branch Primadomus is accredited as EVS Receiving Organization too. Soon we will apply again for the EVS-grant and are for both facilities looking for

6 EVS volunteers for a full period of 12 months

(September 2014-September 2015) to work in

  • Animal Care (three volunteers in the Netherlands)

Please note that for the Netherlands only non-Dutch candidates can apply.

Two EVS-volunteers will join the teams of caretakers, respectively our communication officer, for the period of 12 months enabling them to learn about the working field of animal rescue and rehabilitation center thoroughly. In this project the animal care volunteers will assist in the daily care and rehabilitation of the animals at different departments, they will help in the maintenance of the premises and assist in activities organized by AAP. The communication volunteer will help out with broad spectrum of communication and educational activities. The EVS-period will provide all of them not only with insight and valuable work and life experience but will also help them establish contact with many other young Europeans committed to animal welfare.

For a detailed information on this EVS-vacancy at AAP, please, download the official call for candidates:

Vacancies in Almere, the Netherlands

General information on Erasmus+ / EVS is available at the website of the EU.

Interested in experiences of those who spent their EVS year at AAP already? Read these interviews with Anthony and Miina (in Dutch).

Si te interesa esta oferta debes mandar tu curriculum y carta de motivación con el asunto Netherlands  a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com LO ANTES POSIBLE

Vacantes EVS en República Checa. Urgente!

FREE EVS PLACES IN Středisko volného času, Ivančice, okres Brno-venkov



1 EVS volunteer from 01.09.2014

1 EVS volunteer from 01.10.2014

1/ The volunteer will cooperate on creation, preparation, organization and realization activities for youth in the club (activities like table tennis, table football, darts, billiards, social games, playstation, Xbox, workshops, diskoteques, tournaments, competitions, …) and outside of the club (tournaments, competitions, ceilidhs, weekends stays, trips, camps …)

2/ The volunteer will communicate with young people on various themes from his/her native town, he/she will provide information about EVS, Erasmus+, he/she will cooperate on actions like prezentations, exhibitions, seminars, …

3/ The volunteer will cooperate on practical matters (lending games, ensure opening club, ensure repairing materials, …) and promotional activities (creation posters and leaflets, writing articles, taking photographs, making photos, films, clips, music, updating webpage, …)


-from 01.10.2014

The volunteer will cooperate on preparation, organization, realization sporting activities like sporting hobby groups for children and youth (Handball, Basketball, Football, Floorball, Tennis, …), sporting actions (Floorball cup, Handball cup, Skatepark cup, Trips to rope centre, Tournaments, Competitions, …), sporting camps, weekend stays and stay programmes for schools (Teamwork, Communication, Adaptation programmes, Review, …).


-from 01.10.2014

The volunteer will cooperate on preparation, organization, realization creative activities like creative hobby groups for children and youth (Ceramics, Painting, New creative technics…), creative actions (Stapling, Work with beads, Original T-shirts, Napkin technics, Painting on glass, …), creative camps, weekend stays and programmes for schools.


-from 01.02.2015

The volunteer will cooperate on preparation, organization and realization activities (like creating, painting, sporting, learning simple games, …) for children in Children centre.

The volunteer will cooperate on preparation, organization, realization activities for children and their parents like hobby groups (sporting, creative hobby groups, ceramics, clubs for mum and babies, …), actions (funny, creative, sporting actions, …), camps, weekend stays with programmes for this group.

We prefer long-term EVS minimum 6 months.

Envía tu CV y carta de motivación a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com con el asunto EVS Republica Checa LO ANTES POSIBLE

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