Project will run from 01/04/2014 till 31/12/2014 if funding is approved.

The activities in which the volunteers will be involved, are our regular activities, which are created to help the volunteers’ personal development while they’re providing us their volunteer help.
Namely, the volunteers will work together with our staff, which means it’ll will provide the volunteers the necessary help, basics, introduction and knowledge for the activities, so they would expand their knowledge of active citizenship.
They will have an opportunity to learn and to work with the methods of non-formal education and to be introduced, to learn and to work in the whole process of developing, implementing and disseminating a youth project, especially YiA 3.1. project from our project managers.
The volunteers will get to know more about European awareness and the youth activism through new and old media- web 1.0 and especially web 2.0 from our informatics engineer.
They’ll be provided the technical, graphical, oratory, writing and photography skills from our artists and designers, which can be useful in their future engagements.

The volunteers will be provided a mentor, with who they’ll have a possibility to learn how to adapt in a new environment and to learn something more about the culture they’d live in and about the local mentality.
A Macedonian language lessons will be provided during the whole project, to help the volunteers learn the language.

The role of the volunteers would be helping the organisation and the staff in the regular activities connected with raising the European awareness of the local community, especially among the young people. This involves spreading all the information using the new media, making the whole EVS action more personal and closer to the future volunteers and also, giving the European dimension to the regular activities.

The tasks are designed in a frame of 30 to 35 working hours per week, Monday to Friday, from 10:00 – 17:00.
In case there are activities during the weekend, the volunteers will be given the next 2 days free.
The volunteers can take 2 days free per month.


Volunteers must be from a Programme Country!!
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