Helping disabled children

  • Contact person: Josette MULHEIMSHOFFMAN
  • Host: Institut pour Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux:
  • Location: Strassen, Luxembourg
  • Deadline: 01/05/2014
  • Start: 01/10/2014
  • End: 14/07/2015
  • The “Institut pour Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux” (Institut pour IMC) is the only school for physically and mentally disabled children and young people, aged from 4 – 18 years, in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

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The volunteer enable the multiple disabled pupils taking part more efficient in different activities. They help to teach by different means and activities to improve the skills of the pupils, this means from very basic knowledge (like a baby. They assist the pedagogic team in the daily tasks with the pupils with special needs. In different workshops the volunteer helps the pupils: In potterie: putting the glay in the hand of the pupil and forming the glay her hand In the rhytmic workshop: Singing and dancing with the pupils in wheelchairs In painting workshop: holding the pupil’s hand with the pencil to draw (as the pupils don’t paint themselves, it will be in fact the painting of a third person) In the cooking workshop: helping the pupil to cut vegetables, helping to hold the mixer, helping to form the coockies, preparing meals from the country of the volunteer Assiting the physiotherapist by training a pupil in one to one walk, in swimming with a single pupil (that means undress the pupil, putting on the swimsuit, showering and holding the pupil in the water and in reverse order), accompanying the pupils on the airtramp. Assiting a pupil with chewing problems to eat at lunch Accompanying the pupils to the “snoezelen” like holding a pupil in the ballbath For special occasions the volunteers help the pupils to make presents, like for father’s day and mother’s day, as well as painting eggs for Easter. In the project the volunteers will have the possibility organise the Halloween party, to help to develop the performance for the Christmas party , so that most of the pupils are able to take part. The creactivity of the volunteers is very welcome to design the decorations and costumes for that day. A powerpoint show may be prepared by the volunteers with activities of the pupils to be shown at the Christmas party and on the school party in Spring.


There are not any special skills required, only be willing to work with disabled children and young people at a very basic level.


In a meeting we analyse the CV and the motivation letters of the candidates. When the CV and the convincing motivation letter fit our expectations, we contact the volunteer again and explain clearly the tasks to assume, to be sure that the project will be the right choice for her/him.

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