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SVE Letonia

Proyecto EVS en LATVIA en Centro de juventud

Hosting/Coordinating Organisation: Youth Open Centre “JACis”

Ref.Nr.: 2013-LV-47

Location: Rezekne, Latvia

JACis on the web:http://jacisyouthpartners.blogspot.com (blog of the previous EVS project “Youth Partners”)

Time of the project: 01.09.2014. – 31.08.2015. (12 months in JACis)

In total 4 volunteers will be involved in the project.


File:Flag-map of Latvia.svg


Youth open centre “JACis” is non-formal education organization financed by local municipality. Aims are:

  • to develop and to organize youth leisure time and non-formal education activities;

  • to involve youth in the local and international youth projects;

  • to develop tolerance, understanding and respect to other cultures;

  • to provide necessary information about healthy life style, studies and work possibilities;

  • to promote youth active participation in society and voluntary work;

  • to support children/youth from social risk groups/ disadvantaged families and to organize activities for them;

  • to develop youth work in the city.

Centre is open for youngsters from 12 until 30 years old. They can use the Internet, play table games and leam games, pool, participate in youth projects and realize their own ideas. Different kind of activities are provided by JACis. All activities depends on the interests and needs of youth and children (Hip-Hop festival, Pop-iela festival, educational quizes, creative workshops, preventive activities, photo-orientation activities, writing and realizing of small cultural projects, karaoke evenings, musical Fridays, different kind of discussions, meetings with Erasmus students and EVS volunteers, pool and novuss tournaments, mutual events in cooperation with Rezekne’s Central Library, with societies „Jaunatnes Čemodans” („Youth Case”), „Rezeknes entrepreneur society”, „Angels with us”, with a society of creative artists „Artistence”, etc.). All activities are for free.

There are 2 full time youth workers and several local volunteers, who help to plan and organize activities for children/youngsters.

Youth Open Centre ”JACis” is looking for a motivated volunteer for an EVS project, who would like to take part in EVS project.

We are looking for a volunteer who is interested in the target group (children/ youth) and in the development of activities in animation (culture, art, expression, sport activities, leisure time activities, etc.) As we work a lot with children from poor/disadvantaged families and anti-social families, volunteer should be open minded and able to face difficulties in the work. The volunteer should be at least 18 years old, given the fact that he/she will take part in working with under-18 years.

The role of the volunteer:

  • to integrate in the project and in the community with the support of the organisation;

  • to bring new ideas and to give a view about his/her own culture.

  • The volunteer will be a part of the team and will participate in the stuff meetings.

The tasks of the volunteer:

  • To plan and to organize different educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities for young people and youth;

  • To express his/her own initiative in the organization of activities and actively participate in the work of the youth centre;

  • To set his/her own learning tasks and to achieve them with the help of the mentor and youth workers;

  • To realize his/her individual event/project/etc.

The volunteer will organize and help the youth workers to organize the educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities for youth and young people. Volunteer will have an opportunity to adapt himself/herself in rural area, to learn new social competences and how to work in a team.

There are several activities, which are already a tradition, for example, art-terapy workshops, photography exhibitions, “Popielas” festival, where young people from Rezekne schools make a mucisally-theatretical performances for a mix of songs; The Hip-hop music and dance festival in summer.

As the youth centre is active in the EU programme “Youth in action”, now “Erasmus+”, a volunteer will also help to plan and organize international activities.

RECUERDA enviar tu candidatura con el asunto Youth Open Centre “JACis” LATVIA

a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com LO ANTES POSIBLE!


SVE en Riga, Letonia desde Septiembre!


In Touch with Europe” – EVS in Latvia from 01/09/2014

The Club „The House” – Youth for United Europe (2010-LV-43)

La organización Youth The Club “The House” en Riga, Letonia, está buscando 2 voluntarios para realizar distintas actividades como  informar a los jóvenes acerca de la UE y de sus oportunidades como ciudadanos de la UE, así como para desarrollar sus propias iniciativas de acuerdo con las metas de la organización.

Para más información consulte aquí:  http://ej.uz/EVS_in_Club_The_House

Si te interesa esta oportunidad no dudes en enviar tu curriculum y carta de motivación a con el asunto: SVE_LETONIA_042014

The Club “The House” is looking for two volunteers for European Voluntary Service project “In Touch with Europe” starting in September, 2014, until September, 2015. The main activities of the project are to inform and to educate young people about their opportunities to participate in different programmes and activities, as well to help them to see themselves as part of Europe.

Additional information:

The Club “The House” – Youth for United Europe is a pro-European non-governmental youth organization. The mission of the organization is the promotion of the idea of United Europe and its values, based on the work of active, motivated and determined youth to reach those goals.

Our organization has an experience in hosting and sending EVS volunteers since December 1, 2006. During these years we have hosted 12 volunteers from different countries – Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Georgia. Hosting EVS volunteers is a possibility to show in real life the realisation of European ideas. We are open for new ideas and new cultures, for learning and teaching.

The Club “The House” would like to host volunteers that are interested in European Union and youth exchange programs, that are open minded and willing to help The Club “The House” to promote the idea of the united Europe and its values, such as democracy, pluralism, tolerance and human rights. The maximum number of volunteers is two.

One of the most important tasks of The Club “The House” is to inform and to educate young people about their opportunities to participate in different programmes and activities, as well to help them to realize themselves as part of Europe. We believe that the best way how to show this is with a real example – a story from a person who has experienced some of the opportunities and who can share his experience and cultural background is better understandable than just a theory. For this reason we are planning to offer EVS volunteers to share their experience and point of view with other young people in Latvia.

The volunteers will have a chance have experience in non-governmental field, using non-formal education’s methods, participating in organization’s everyday work and arranged activities and developing their own ideas. An important topic for 2015 is also Latvia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union and the project will include activities connected to that. The Club “The House” has 19 year experience in non-governmental field and experienced members.

Message from our previous volunteers:

If you are thinking where to do your EVS in Latvia: do it at Klubs “Māja”! This is a thing we both agree on, that we had the best project and coordinator from all the projects in Latvia. This is a project for you if you are creative and dynamic, and if you want to work with youth. You should have initiative of your own and you will work with initiative of others as well. You have lots of structure and chaos around you at the same time. Everyone in Club “The House” speaks English, so you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t be able to communicate with them. And when you start learning Latvian, there are always some people who are very happy and patient to speak Latvian with you as well.

You will learn a lot: what is a real winter, what happens to people when they don’t see any sun for 4 months etc. But also things like how to prepare events, lead workshops and classes and all that stuff.

Plus, Latvia is such a beautiful country to do your EVS. Especially the summer in Riga is awesome with lots of cool places to spend your leisure time. And Latvia has a very good location, you can travel all around Baltic Sea and further from Riga: to Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia and Belarus. And the good thing is, the travelling is really cheap as there are lots of good offers by bus and ferry companies!

Selection process:

Send your CV and motivational letter to contact:

Anna Lielpetere, anna@klubsmaja.lv ASAP and no later than 20 April 2014 ( a decision can be taken earlier, so send your application ASAP)


NOTA: Pon en copia a alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com para que podamos controlar el proceso de tu candidatura!

Voluntario EVS en Letonia, en The world at our home!

  • Deadline for submitting your CV and ML is 18th of August.
  • All documents needed to be sent to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk
  • Only applications sent to this mail will be reconsidered.We would also like to ask you to send us information and contacts of your sending organization when applying.


Detailed description of the tasks and responsibility you can find following mentioned link.


Deadline for submitting your CV and ML is 18th of August. Documents is necessary to send to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk We would also like to ask you to send us the information and contacts of your sending organization when applying. Only selected candidates will be informed in order to contact their sending organizations to send us the necessary documents.


Factors that will be important for the future volunteer work: – Be interested in European issues and/or art and cultural topics; – Like and be able to establish contacts with both young people and adults; – Have the ability to organise their own work and be ready for independent acting; – Have the ability to take initiative; – Speak English on at least intermediate level (basic Russian may be useful as well); – Have basic skills concerning computers (Word, Internet…) All European sending and hosting organizations are invited for cooperation in EVS program.

RECUERDA decir que Asociación Mundus es tu Sending Organization.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con: alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


SVE Letonia (Medioambiente) Enero 2014

La Organización ambiental homo ecos está buscando 2 voluntarios SVE

583_6_riga_nightUbicación: Riga, Letonia
Fecha límite: 31/08/2013
Inicio proyecto: 15/01/2014
Fin proyecto: 15/01/2015


18-30 años de edad;

capaz de trabajar como parte de un equipo;

apasionado por los temas ambientales, actividades creativas;

dispuestos a organizar diferentes eventos creativos e informar y educar a la gente sobre cuestiones medioambientales
Ecos homo es una conocida organización ecologista en Letonia con la misión de crear un movimiento social que no sólo apoya emocionalmente las ideas favorables al medio ambiente, sino también los pone en la práctica y las vive a través de las actividades que son beneficiosas para el medio ambiente y los seres humanos. La organización también trabaja para promover el uso diario de materiales y tecnologías sostenibles para el medio ambiente y el ser humano.
Principales actividades y proyectos:  (“Letonia – el país más verde del mundo” y “10/10/10 – Internacional de Soluciones Climáticas”),

actividades de educación no formal para jóvenes,

actividades educativas (noches de cine, debates).
En este momento hay 5 personas que trabajan en la oficina, la organización cuenta con una red de 60 voluntarios y colaboradores locales.
Colabora con ONGs, autoridades locales y municipios de Letonia.


Reuniones / Talleres,

Organizar eventos en el centro, por ejemplo, talleres creativos, noches de cine, encuentros con voluntarios, eventos promocionales,

Trabajar en la web,

Cooperación con socios internacionales,

Trabajo de oficina,

Documentar los eventos y actividades de fotografía y vídeo, en las redes sociales (Twitter, Facebook, Blog),

Creación de diferentes materiales para promover la vida sostenible y el medio ambiente,

Enviar CV en inlges y ​​formulario de solicitud (se puede descargar desde aquí: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pfzjhrhi9oeml9a/EVS_application_form_08.2013.docx)

a este correo: evs@homoecos.lv

hasta 31.08.2013

RECUERDA decir que Mundus es tu Send Organization.

Y si te piden mas detalles de nosotros contacta con alberto.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

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