We urgently look for an approved and financed project for a Spanish volunteer to join a kindergarden project.
The project starts in February 2014, latest in March 2014 and lasts for 1 year in Hungary, close to the capital.
mmw_kindergarten_626_articleThe volunteer will work with kids aged 1-5 in a kindergarden and nursery school.
This includes training courses, summer camps and a lot of practical work.
Organization: Babuka Nonprofit Kft.   is located in the northern part of Pest county. The inner area of the town is located in the Zsámbék Basin, it is surrounded by the Buda Hills. Population: about 13.000 people. 20 kms away from Budapest.
The organization intend to host 3 volunteers at the same time. 

The Organization can provide living in the building of the day care centre (kindergarden). It is a very safe area surrounded by family houses. The working environment is established based on the needs of children. Among the colleagues they established a friendy atmosphere. Internet can be reached from the day care centre but also from public places. The project leader speaks fluent English and German, one of the nurses learns English. They can provide Hungarian language courses at the easiest in Budapest  either with private teacher or in a group, depending on the preference of the volunteers. 

Enviar CV y cover letter en inglés a: alessia.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com