Venue – Rustavi, Georgia, Kvemo Kartli Region

Dates: 01.10.2014 – 30.09.2015 (1 year)


Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” is a non-government organization founded in 2006 by active leaders of Kvemo Kartli Organization of the Scout Movement and is located in Rustavi city, Georgia.

The mission of GYE is to empower youth of Kvemo Kartli region in Georgia to achieve their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potential both as individuals and as responsible citizens.

Target group – with which EVS volunteers would work GYE mainly works with 12-25-year-old young people who are regularly visiting GYE office and Youth Centers. Almost every Georgian youngster can communicate with foreigners at least in basic English.

They also know Russian. All GYE staff members fluently speak in English and Russian. If there are situations when a person with whom an EVS volunteer communicates doesn’t know any foreign language, someone from GYE staff or a volunteer’s mentor can help him/her to fix this problem by translating their conversation.

GYE is aiming to promote, with support of EVS volunteers, available initiatives and non- formal education activities for youth in Georgia. GYE is trying to extend opportunities of local youth and children to express themselves physically and intellectually, and actively participate by developing and implementing local youth projects. We want to contribute to changes in the society by providing the after-school education activities, through non-formal education and volunteering. The aim is to change geographical and social isolation of young people in Rustavi and other small region cities to the active participation based on possibilities.

Working conditions

In the office of GYE, wireless internet will be provided to the volunteers. Also we have computers in our office and volunteers will be provided with their own work space and all necessary tools for working –including stationery, a computer, a desk, etc. Of course, for more comfortable use, we advise you to bring your own laptop.

Living conditions of EVS volunteers

Long-term volunteers will share with a flat will share a flat with one another – about 5 minutes walking distance from the town centre and 1 minute – from GYE office. Each volunteer will have his/her own private bedroom. EVS volunteers will be given money to buy their own food. There is a kitchen in the volunteers’ flat where they can prepare meals. Shops and restaurants are close-by (a 2-5-minute walk)


Disability Centre Support

Volunteers working at the Disability Centre will entertain different groups of people (from 7 to 40 years old) with games and creative activities.

Needed: positive, patient, Creative, previous experience with disabled persons a plus International project management

The volunteer will be asked to work as an assistant to the different project coordinators. There are 3 project coordinators responsible for different kind of projects: training courses, seminars, international youth exchanges, study visits, scouting and environment activities. EVS volunteer together with Georgian volunteers will be working, according to the up-to-date need, with one or another project coordinator on planning, implementation and evaluation of these projects. Also the EVS volunteer can be asked to communicate with our national and international partners, find new possibilities for cooperation, networking, etc. EVS volunteer will be always coached and be able to discuss what he/she is thinking about the activities and projects and how much responsibility he/she wants; suggest modifications. The staff will of course always welcome any creative ideas coming from the volunteer, for instance, in the youth area.

Needed: responsible and good intercultural communication skills, serious toward taken tasks, good team work skills.


The club provides after school food and fun to children who live in difficult conditions. Once in a week, about 10 kids come to GYE to enjoy life with games, food, art, and team building activities.

Needed: Loves kids and cooking, creative, energetic, can easily communicate with children who don’t speak any foreign language.

Media Club

This task involves arranging practicalities, preparing leaflets about our activities, preparing monthly organizational newsletter BULLDOZER, updating the GYE website, Facebook page and other little jobs depending on the need of the organisation. Also we have movie club where volunteer will be involved and making GYE video promotion materials together with local volunteers.

Needed: Self-motivated, hard working, collaborative, interested in IT, graphic design programs and experience in web-site maintenance.

European club

To foster young people’s sense of European citizenship, to raise Volunteering awareness among Georgia youngsters with fewer opportunities and less-privileged backgrounds. Volunteers can tell or make presentations, culture days about their countries, European Union and European Citizenship, Human rights, promote EVS, raise European awareness, etc. Volunteers will present the information in informal way as well as organize informal games and quizzes about chosen topic and short games to fight prejudice against minorities or people anyhow different.

Needed: Interest in different topics what challenging and can make better our lives, interested in actual topics/issues in our societies, tolerant, open-minded with sence of interculture understanding.

Ourdoor club

To help us to plan and realize Leisure type indoor and outdoor activities during a year:

• Work with GYE initiatives realized in Eco village

• To assist and lead events related with Nature Adventure – Fishing competition, orientation, survivals, basic

scout techniques

• To organize thematic educational presentations which will helps local youth to gain new useful skills, for

example renewable energy, recycling, biodiversity, nature and wildlife, organic farming.

• To assist or lead different outdoor / ecological competitions – Geocatching.

• To help educators to plan and realize Leisure type indoor and outdoor adventure activities during year:

Hikes, Weekend camping, Wall climbing, rafting, etc.


Active, interested in sport and outdoor/environmental education and activities, experienced in camping and adventure.

Hobby club

To rise interest in hobby education related with different Handy crafts and arts for local youth. As well each week there can be a different topics: fitness, film, going to the theater, visiting museums. Be fun and be local. This volunteer should be really motivated to discover all that Rustavi has to offer so that Rustavi residents can be proud and aware of things to do in this city.

Needed: Creativity, outgoing, handy, interested to find out new things in Rustavi.

Conversation club of foreign languages

For the past 5 years GYE has been offering different level of English, German, Spanish, French, Russian etc language, classes with the support of EVS volunteers. English and other language classes are not always taught by native language speakers in order to expose local youth to different accents, as well as to demonstrate the importance of the foreign languages to international interactions. We also hope to offer an introductory English class for the teachers at the disability center.

Needed: Patience, positive attitude and who have advanced level of English or other languages and wish to teach language

NOTE: We are expecting to host 7 long term EVS volunteers.

Please mark in which clubs you would like to run activities ( choose at least 2 fields) . As well we expecting all volunteers to support one another leading and organizing clubs.

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