EVS vacancies. Mundus Association is looking for 6 EVS volunteers 18-30 years old for the long term European Voluntary Service “ReactEVS!” project which will take place from 1st of September 2017 till the 1st of July 2018 (10 months) in Santa Coloma de Gramenet , Mataró and Barcelona. Depending on volunteer´s profile they will help in different tasks related to activities for youth, helping youth with fewer opportunities or helping in Mundus office with communication, dissemination and visibility in the local community.

Location: Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Spain

Term: 1st September 2017– 1st July 2018 (10 months)

Coordinating organization: Mundus Association

Deadline for applications: 5th April 2018

Profile of candidates:

-Young volunteers (18-30 years old) from any UE or programme countries.

-Able to communicate in English or/and Spanish.

-A motivated, sociable, proactive, open-minded, tolerant, creative, self-reliant person.

-Someone who has no problems with sharing an apartment / bedroom with other volunteers.

-Someone who doesn´t want to come to Barcelona for vacations.

Description of the project and activities

Mundus Association is an organization that manages mobility opportunities for young people and promotes volunteering, values-based education, intercultural learning and non-formal education in the local community. Our main office is located in the youth centre of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a town next to Barcelona (20 minutes from city centre by Metro) but we cooperate with different organizations in different cities.

“ReactEVS!” is a long term EVS project designed to enable European Volunteers to develop their personal and professional skills through helping in different local projects and activities.

Placements for voluntary service

1. Fundación Mans a les Mans (Barcelona):

The volunteer will take part in daily activities of Fundación Mans a les Mans for youth and children of La Marina de Port (a neighborhood of Barcelona). The activities are related with homework support, social integration and leisure time activities (sports, arts & nature).

2. Mas Fonollar (youth center) & Santa Coloma de Gramenet city hall:

The volunteer will help the youth workers of Santa Coloma town hall and Mas Fonollar (main youth center in the city) implementing and developing leisure time, educational activities & workshops four young people with fewer opportunities. For example: street art events, sport leagues and workshops.

3. Mundus Office (Santa Coloma):

The volunteer will help Mundus team promoting our local and international activities offline and online: designing posters and flyers, sharing and implementing ideas for our social media profiles, participating in the dissemination of our local events and activities (photo & video shooting or editing) and creating new communication materials.

4. Rialles Centre Obert (Santa Coloma):

This youth center offers different activities, workshops and social attention to youngsters and children in risk of exclusion (few opportunities). The volunteer working in this center will help the youth workers developing different activities. They need creative people able to carry out new ideas.

5. Moises Centre Obert (Santa Coloma):

This youth center also offers different activities, workshops and social attention to youngsters and children in risk of exclusion (few opportunities). In this case they are looking for somebody who has or wants to have experience in social work. You will help the social and youth workers carrying out the daily activities and different workshops.

6. Pere Quart CRAE (Mataró):

Pere Quart (EVEHO Foundation) is a Center for unaccompanied minors (until 18 years old) located in Mataro (25 km from Barcelona on the sea side). The volunteer will help the social workers in their daily activities in the house and will practice English and carry out different leisure acitivities with the children.

Common activities

All the volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their own personal projects and will carry out some common activities (already implemented by former EVS volunteers) in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. For example: language and culture courses for youth and the  “Lingüistic Café”. Moreover, they will have the chance to be part and help in some of our workshops, events, meetings and projects with the local community.

EVS Conditions

This project is founded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. The project covers:

-Travel costs (up to the limits established in Erasmus+ Guide distance calculator)

-Accommodation: you will share a flat in Santa Coloma de Gramenet or Barcelona with other volunteers. It will be fully equipped (kitchen, bathrooms, washing machine, etc). It is possible that you will share your bedroom with other volunteer of the same sex/gender.

-Monthly food + pocket money: 250€ approx.

-Insurance (CIGNA for EVS).

-Language course (classroom or online, Spanish/Catalan).

How can you apply for one if these EVS placements?

If after reading this you think this is your project please send us (reactevs@asociacionmundus.com) your CV (in English or Spanish) and fill in this online mandatory application form: https://goo.gl/forms/5bBg6gho8K0h1WED3

When will you know the results of the selection process?

We will receive CV´s and Application Forms from candidates until 5th of April 2017. After that we will have Skype meetings with the participants that match with the requirements and we will submit the project in April deadline of Erasmus+ programme with the identified volunteers.