Se buscan 2 participantes para el siguiente Training: “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities”.

When: from the 5th the 16th of August of 2014

Where: Styria.



What: “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities” is a 12 days training course hold in Styria, Austria, from the 5th to the 16th of August. 20 youth workers and youth leaders between 18 and 35 years old from 10 countries (Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine, Israel, Georgia and Armenia) will meet in the beautiful countryside of Austria to learn about conflict management and peace education using non-formal methodologies. These activities will be combined with outdoor activities in the countryside, which will give the chance to the participants to discover the great variety of non-formal learning tools that can be done in nature. Working on different topics (self-awareness, concrete methods to solve a conflict, communication, expression of the feelings), the participants will have the chance to learn and experience different ways of approaching conflicts and solving them. The outdoors activities will give the participants the chance to learn about how a healthy and active lifestyle can contribute to make oneself a more open-minded and balanced person that is capable of dealing with difficult situations in a more peaceful and tolerant way. The course also intends to work on the psychological aspects of conflicts in their various dimensions and wants to show the benefits of non-formal outdoor activities to settle the conflicts.

In order to disseminate the know-how, the participants will have the chance to record short video tutorials that will be uploaded and shared on Internet. In those video tutorials, the participants will have the task of showing and sharing the best tools of the course with the purpose to spread the outcome of the course and make the tools accessible to the public.

“Path2peace” is a great opportunity to promote our values in peace education and to establish contact among organizations around Europe and in neighboring countries to create a strong partner network with the aim to make our society a little bit more tolerant and peaceful for everyone.

“Path2peace” is an itinerant training course that will give you the chance to discover Styria and Austria in a very different way.



Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 275 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

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