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junio 2014

Feedback del evento Sant Jordi Mundus: 1000 ways to buy a book without money!

“Regala tu libro a un amigo importante”. Esa fue la tarea solidaria que una de las participantes en nuestro Stand de Sant Jordi el pasado 23 de abril tubo que realizar. Y, así hizo! Nos manda su foto para dar prueba de ello!

La idea para el día de Sant Jordi de 2014 fue “vender” libros recolectados a cambio de buenas acciones como: llamar a tu madre para decirle que la quieres, comprar una rosa a tu abuela, enviar una carta a un viejo amigo, bailar la conga en medio de la calle, comprar bombones a tus compañeros de trabajo, abrazar a la señora que vende periódicos en el quiosco y un gran etcetera.

Esperamos volver a encontraros el año que viene para vender libros sin dinero a cambio de buenas acciones!


Young Innovators Competition, deadline 31 Julio 2014!

The Young Innovators Competition seeks for 18-30 year old entrepreneurs from around the world with social start-ups which use open source technologies for disaster management. This could include disaster preparedness, early warning, emergency communication and response, and recovery from natural disasters.Image

Often, the most vulnerable areas and communities which have the hardest time preparing for and recovering from natural disasters are also the poorest parts of a country. For these areas, open source technologies can prove the ideal solutionin disaster and emergency situations, as they are inexpensive, adaptable and scalable across different circumstances.

Natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and epidemics, and other forms of natural disasters pose a growing threat in terms of both frequency and the levels of damage associated with them. Disasters, in addition to causing death and injury, can destroy infrastructure and shatter communities, displacing people and devastating economies. As human populations rise in numbers and density, and as the effects of global warming cause more frequent and powerful natural disasters, these risks are only set to increase.

We urgently need new tools to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters on this increased scale. The tools we need could include communication technologies, teaching tools, new equipment to save lives during a disaster, and new tools to help clean up, recover and rebuild after the event.

Open source technologies such as 3D printing, UAVs, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other open source computer programs and systems could hold the key to providing solutions in the poorest and most vulnerable areas, and are already a crucial element of the emergency management systems of many countries, as they strengthen the capacities of communities threatened by disaster.

The current generation of young social entrepreneurs, with their ambition, creativity and innovative mindset is perfectly placed to develop these ideas. Plus, a focus on open source tools is a call to a new tech-savvy generation since the technology is created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes with the community.

In addition, we are also looking for innovators who have ideas for taking the iconic technologies of the community of do it yourself inventors, creators and designers known as maker culture and applying them to saving lives, in combination with low cost, low entry barrier technologies to help reach the most vulnerable communities around the world.

The closing date for entries in this challenge is July 31st 2014.

Two winners will be selected per challenge, and will receive up to USD 10,000 of seed funding, in addition to mentorship, dedicated workshops and an opportunity to showcase at the InnovationSpace of ITU Telecom World 2014 in Doha, Qatar.


Check ideas.itu.int for our challenge brief and tell us about your start-ups and business plans. We’ll be running a number of challenges throughout the year, partnering with leaders in the innovation economy, and focusing on the hottest technology topics, so keep an eye on the platform and on our Facebook page, keep your ideas coming, and maybe we’ll see you in Qatar.


More info: young.innovators@itu.int

Diversas Vacantes EVS aprobados en Moldavia, hasta el 25 junio!

We are urgently looking for volunteers for the following places. Please send us the CV, motivation letter and  not later then June 25.


1. Independent Journalism Centre :
from Sep for 9-12 month, 1 place is available


2. Centre for Contremporary Art KSAK:
from Oct/Nov for 9-12 months, 1 place is available

3. Dog shelter ALGA
from Sep for 9-12 months, 1 place is available

4, Hostpice Angelus,

from Nov/Dec for 9-12 months, 1 place is available


5. Centre for Assistance and Protection of Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficiking
from Sep for 9-12 months, 1 place is available

IMPORTANTE! Para que soportemos y empujemos vuestra aplicación, enviar el mail a  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com. RECUERDA QUE TODOS LOS DOCUMENTO DEBEN ESTAR EN INGLÉS.

Asunto mail: nombre proyecto+ numero+moldavia

Plazo máximo: 25 junio!


Participantes para “All Different- all included” en Georgia, del 22 al 30 junio!

Mundus busca 4 participantes over 18 residentes en España para un Intercambio Cultural en Tblisi, Georgia del 22 al 30 de junio de 2014. El intercambio se llama “All Different – All Included”.




Cuándo: 22 de junio – 30 de Junio

Dónde: Tbilisi, Georgia

Idioma: Inglés

Paises Colaboradores: Turkey, Italy, Armenia, Slovakia, Spain and Georgia.



The project called “All different – All included” is the 9 days Partnership Building Activity to deep cooperation in youth field on international level for the promotion of the mentally disabled youngsters through non-formal education and volunteering and to share experience regarding the working with mentally disabled youngsters and to deep partnership among the organizations. PBA will lead the participants to the improvement of their skills and competencies, to get new experience, knowledge, develop their attitudes and approaches towards different things, leading to the personal and professional development of all participants and promoters involved. In order to achieve these objectives, project will be based on the principles and practices of non-formal education. A variety of non-formal learning methods and techniques will be applied in order to address the different needs of participants.



The project will be based on a learning process stimulating initiative and active participation. Different methods will be used during the project, like power point presentations, peer to peer education, workshops, study tours in different organizations which are focused on youth with mental disabilities etc. Host organization in Georgia LEPL Children and Youth National Center: http://www.cync.ge (280 sq mi)


About Tbilisi:

All the information about Tbilisi bars, cultural places, events you can check here: http://www.info-tbilisi.com/ Transport: bus and Metro are the best transportation to use in the city. It cost 50 tetri (25 Cent), also Minibus (Marshutka) which is cost 80 Tetri (40 Cent). There are 3 main airports in Georgia: Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi. The closest one is situated in Tbilisi (around 20min by car from the city center). Host organization will provide transportation from the airport to the place of venue. Please do not forget to ask for the confirmation of the host organization for your flights.



Participants will be located in the Armazi Palace Hotel on Armazi street no 8, 5 min walking distance from Avlabari metro station and 10min walking distance from the Tbilisi Old Town. Due to high prices of the accommodation in Tbilisi, a room will be shared by 2-5 participants of same sex, but different nationalities. Some people will be sleeping on extra beds and some people will also be asked to share a double-bed (with separate bed linen), so, be aware about the conditions before applying! In any case, we hope that you will enjoy it, as the location is really great and you can enjoy the views there. The seminar room and dining room are located in the same building. Organizers will provide participants with three times food and two coffee- We strongly recommend participants to inform the organizers about any special needs of participants such as dietary, vegetarian, or any other special needs.




– 70% of travel expenses will be reimbursed after providing as with all requires invoices and originals of tickets,

– all accommodation and food costs will be covered for the duration of the project.

– cuota de participación en el intercambio: 40 euros


Si te interesa esta oportunidad envía tu Curriculum Vitae (español) y tu carta de motivacion en español o ingles a través de éste form.


También puedes contactar con ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail para mas info y dudas.


100 becas Pro Paz, aplica hasta el 1 de julio!


100 becas Pro Paz




Personas que demuestren dedicación e interés a la causa de la paz, que
posea licenciatura universitaria, con excelentes logros académicos o
experiencia laboral


Hasta el 1 de julio


Fomentar la paz en el mundo y, una vez finalizado el curso, suelen
trabajar en la administración pública del país de origen así como en
ONG, las fuerzas armadas, las fuerzas del orden público y en organismos


Rotary Club Madrid
C/ Marqués de la Ensenada, 16
28010. Madrid
Tel.: 91 310 23 57

Intercambio juvenil “Second life” en Eslovenia, 6 plazas!

Mundus busca 6 participantes para el intercambio juvenil “Second life” en Eslovenia.

Fechas: 19 al 29 de septiembre de 2014

El intercambio promoverá el trabajo en equipo en grupos multiculturales.

The main aim of the training is to raise the youth awareness on the importance of sustainable development and allowing them to develop “green” skills alternative eco-friendly behaviour.

Mas info:

Haz clic para acceder a Second%20life-description.pdf




Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 170 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a través del siguiente formulario lo antes posible.

Training course: “MAXIMIZING VOLUNTEERING”. 9-17 Septiembre 2014 – Costesti, Moldavia

Mundus busca 1 participante para éste training en Moldavia.

Las organizaciones asociadas en los países EECA que han comenzado recientemente su trabajo en materia de juventud han expresado la necesidad de un curso de formación, para que puedan estar mejor cualificados y más activo en la participación y motivación de los voluntarios nacionales en sus respectivas redes, así como para garantizar un mejor apoyo y gestión de voluntarios en sus respectivos países.

2 Objetivos de la formación:

-permitir que las organizaciones asociadas en la UE y en los países EECA mejoren la calidad de las actividades de movilidad de jóvenes.

-compartir conocimientos sobre la forma de reclutar, y reconocer a los voluntarios nacionales dentro de sus distintas estructuras nacionales y locales.


El curso está dirigido a profesionales y voluntarios compañeros  de las organizaciones internacionales de jóvenes.

Fechas del proyecto: la llegada – 09 de septiembre 2014, la última 18:00

Salida – 17 de septiembre de 2014, después de las 11:00

Sede del proyecto: Costesti (15 km de Chisinau), Moldavia

Costos: alojamiento, manutención y el 70% de los gastos de viaje serán cubiertos por el programa. El 30% de los gastos de viaje y del seguro los cubrirán los participantes *.

*** Los gastos de viaje internacionales se reembolsan al 70% de los costes reales de viaje, previa presentación de los documentos probatorios originales (factura + entradas + Boarding Pass) Sin embargo, el reembolso máximo solo cubre viaje de tren en 2 ªclase o vuelos en clase Economíca.

Condiciones de participación:

– Ser mayor de 18 años

– Tener experiencia en el trabajo con los jóvenes

– Tener un buen nivel de Inglés.

 Idioma de trabajo: Inglés


Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto,  el importe de los vuelos con un máximo del 75% del total.

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com lo antes posible con el asunto “Maximizing Volunteering Moldavia” lo antes posible.

Training “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities” en Styria, Austria

Se buscan 2 participantes para el siguiente Training: “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities”.

When: from the 5th the 16th of August of 2014

Where: Styria.



What: “Path to Peace: non-formal learning tools for conflict management using outdoor activities” is a 12 days training course hold in Styria, Austria, from the 5th to the 16th of August. 20 youth workers and youth leaders between 18 and 35 years old from 10 countries (Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine, Israel, Georgia and Armenia) will meet in the beautiful countryside of Austria to learn about conflict management and peace education using non-formal methodologies. These activities will be combined with outdoor activities in the countryside, which will give the chance to the participants to discover the great variety of non-formal learning tools that can be done in nature. Working on different topics (self-awareness, concrete methods to solve a conflict, communication, expression of the feelings), the participants will have the chance to learn and experience different ways of approaching conflicts and solving them. The outdoors activities will give the participants the chance to learn about how a healthy and active lifestyle can contribute to make oneself a more open-minded and balanced person that is capable of dealing with difficult situations in a more peaceful and tolerant way. The course also intends to work on the psychological aspects of conflicts in their various dimensions and wants to show the benefits of non-formal outdoor activities to settle the conflicts.

In order to disseminate the know-how, the participants will have the chance to record short video tutorials that will be uploaded and shared on Internet. In those video tutorials, the participants will have the task of showing and sharing the best tools of the course with the purpose to spread the outcome of the course and make the tools accessible to the public.

“Path2peace” is a great opportunity to promote our values in peace education and to establish contact among organizations around Europe and in neighboring countries to create a strong partner network with the aim to make our society a little bit more tolerant and peaceful for everyone.

“Path2peace” is an itinerant training course that will give you the chance to discover Styria and Austria in a very different way.



Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 275 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com lo antes posible con el asunto Path to Peace, Austria lo antes posible.

Llamada a participantes al training ‘Pathway to inclusion’, 6-10 October 2014 en Holanda


In October 2014 we like to have a training and networking activity for organizations working with youngsters with fewer opportunities in order to meet potential partners and brainstorm about how to include our youngsters in projects under the new program Erasmus+. We would like to create a network with a cross-over youth care – education and develop new projects together.

Training and networking under the Erasmus+ program is an event organized with a view to allow participants to find partners for transnational co-operation and/or for project development.




Especially when you work with youngsters with fewer opportunities you need good reliable partners with understanding of your target group. Aim of this activity is to find these partners and start working on project ideas within the possibilities of the new Erasmus+ program.


For people working or volunteering in organizations that:

– are working with youngsters with fewer opportunities, (potential) school dropouts and young job seekers or are willing to have projects with this target group – have experiences with Youth in Action projects/ or want to get experiences with the Erasmus+ program

– are looking for -strategic- partnerships to have these projects with

– are in the Erasmus+ program countries


This project is funded by the Erasmus+ program. Board and lodging of the participants, as

well as all the cost of activities on the training will be fully covered. Travel costs will be paid.



Los gastos de alojamiento y comida estarán cubiertos durante todo el proyecto, así como el importe de los vuelos con un máximo de 275 euros. 

Los participantes tan solo deberán  hacerse socios de Mundus (40 eur/año) con el derecho a participar en todas las actividades que Mundus organice.

Envía tu candidatura para éste proyecto a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com lo antes posible con el asunto Pathway to inclusion lo antes posible.




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