The mission of the Association IKS is: Developing community by strengthening civil society, promoting information technology and socio-economic empowerment of marginalized citizens. Strategic guidelines of our association for the period 2012-2014 are: 1. Promote volunteer work to improve communities; 2. Development of Civil Society; 3. Social entrepreneurship and employment; 4. Organizational DevelopmentIf you want to know more about us, you should check out our web page: Anyway, we have a lot of experience in EVS projects and we want to carry that experience even further. So here are some basics concerning this project.

The project would start in September 2014 and it would last for one year. The main theme are puppets and puppet theatre. Volunteers would pruduce puppets, make shows for children in our local community and make videos for the “Puppet TV”.

Here’s the summary of the project:

With the help of the staff and local volunteers at Association IKS, EVS volunteers will make hand puppets (Muppet puppet) for educational purposes, they will also prepare scenarios and scenary for the Puppet theatre. The puppets will present an amusing and innovative way to transfer new knowledge and messages to children on topics such as: human rights, children’s rights, gender equality, women’s rights, antidiscrimination, culture and similar. The puppet/doll is a friend of the child with the help of which they analyse the world around them and within themselves. It makes a significant impact on the child and many times the puppet has a stronger influence than that of the authority/teacher. Puppet plays develop children’s curiosity and creative thinking and unobtrusively encourage their own expression. EVS volunteers will use the puppets they make to record them and produce Puppet videos that we will put on our YouTube chanel.


The EVS volunteers will, in an existing production workshop in IKS, make hand-made dolls mostly from locally produced raw and recycled materials, visually tailored to the target group of children and will cover all aspects of receiving and processing new information.
In addition, EVS volunteers will learn Croatian language and lead creative workshops in our Community centre for children and adults. Also, they would have enough free time to enjoy beautiful city of Petrinja and its nature.

Envíanos tu carta de motivación y cv en inglés a antes del 12 de abril de 2014.

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