La entidad alemana Auslandsgesellschaft NRW eV ( ) busca tres voluntarios SVE para empezar en noviembre de 2014.



We are looking for volunteers who demonstrate obvious interest in intercultural work within a cultural institution and who are willing to put their interests and their abilities to use in the project work. For us it is important that they are able to work well in a team and are committed to getting on responsibly with tasks on their own once the initial training period has been completed. This includes also putting their own ideas into practice to carry out activities. Assistance will be provided by the intensive educational-support measures. Candidates are expected to show an interest in cultural exchange and events. Knowledge of the standard MS-Office programmes is necessary. Interested persons are asked to submit their CV along with a letter explaining their motivation, from which a pre-selection of candidates will be made. We will look carefully at the social and intercultural motivation, readiness to fulfil the programme requirements, social disadvantages, compatibility of personal interests with the project concept, etc. We will then deal with further details with the volunteers by telephone and by mail and resolve any issues concerning expectations, wishes and interests on both sides.
We are happy to take on disadvantaged volunteers if they are motivated and show a constructive readiness to get on with the work.
Close coordination with the sending organisation is therefore necessary in order to ensure that the profile of the participant and their interests are compatible with the project requirements.
For us it is important that the sending organisation undertakes adequate preparation measures, involving considering such aspects as role of the volunteer in the project, tasks, problems and concerns, co-operativeness, rights, duties, risks, insurance issues, the Programme JUGEND (Youth-in-Action) and EVS as part of their future personal plans.
We have contact with numerous EVS-Organisations and can pass on information about free EVS-placements. In principle we are happy to enter into co-operations with new EVS-Partners.




Volunteers will assist the country circle leaders with the preparation of evening programmes, exhibitions, concerts, museum evenings, country and/or cultural weeks (based on China or the Baltic or Czechia, for instance), and, not least, the International Christmas Festival.
Examples of preparation
Volunteers will assist with
o organisational planning (rooms, technics, programme)
o compiling and distributing info material and readers
o producing flyers and posters
o decorating and setting up the room(s)
o schedule management
o etc.

Examples of implementation
o acting as and supervisor for guests
o setting up and supervising sound, lighting and stage equipment under supervision
o providing support for catering activities
o acting as a contact person for younger helpers.
Following the induction period, there is a possibility of taking on tasks with greater content responsibility – e.g. the planning and coordination of programmes, writing up event reviews, co-supervising country circles and much more.
Volunteers are expected to contribute own special skills and interests and to choose a focus activity (35%).

2.- Organising an own project on the theme of “We In Europe”
Examples here might be: carrying out a simple practical project; giving a talk about the situation in their native country; the organisation of reading evenings; writing articles for the AG NRW magazine; planning and implementing EVS info events; meetings with German and ethic minority school students et cetera, the aim being for the volunteers to develop and express their own ideas on the theme of “learning from one another”.

3.- Acting as contact person for guests of different nationalities and for visitors at the meeting points (5%)

4.- Under supervision, preparing and accompanying seminar excursions to Berlin and Brussels centred on the theme of “European integration” – e.g. locate interesting places for outings and organise the travel, compile material, assist the team manager where necessary. (10%)

5.- Supporting office work, telephone service, getting invitations ready etc. (5%)

6.- Attending a further education course at the AG NRW (5%)

7.- Preparing and organising EVS info events (5%)

The target group in all areas are people committed to a Europe without borders and wishing to work on a voluntary basis.
It goes without saying that the volunteers will be given an induction course and invited to attend the team meetings.
The volunteers will be supervised by a full-time colleague and a tutor who will be on hand to provide support on any issue. The tutor has the office next door, therefore all questions, problems and ideas can be discussed at any time.
Since all activities are designed on a project-oriented basis, there is no conventional homogenous workday.


Motivation and EVS experience
The Auslandsgesellschaft NRW e.V. (= Foreign Society North Rhine-Westphalia) is a voluntary educational body operating in the field of international cultural exchange in NRW. According to the ordinance of the Auslandsgesellschaft NRW e.V. the commitment is to international understanding in the sense of humanity and tolerance. We wish to motivate people of all ages to take a look at other cul-tures by means of discussion, travel and languages, to experience for themselves what we all have in common and to undergo joint learning processes. The AG NRW places a special focus on European integration. As a recognised “European Acad-emy”, we hold numerous seminars and events dealing with Europe’s development, run study trips to Brussels and Strasbourg and organise joint events with European partners. In this context the European voluntary service is an example for a vivid and modern european understanding. During our european seminars the european volunteers are wahrgenommen as an example for a young Einsatz for the european integration. Overcome prejudice. Get to know other cultures: Combat racism and xenophobia”. These are the goals pursued by the honorary officials of the more than thirty bilateral “country circles” – i.e. unpaid members who, under the aegis of the AG NRW, commit to the promotion ofunderstanding between the peoples of the world. It is perfectly natural, then, to take on two European volunteers who, against this background, would be free to introduce themselves and their experiences.
Since the AG NRW takes on so many other responsibilities, the EVS as such is not defined as a core task. However, it is supervised by several co-workers with great commitment.

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