Organisation: Millennium Center

Place: Arad / Romania

Project type: Mobility Project for Young People and Youth Workers

Title: “Meetings with Languages”.

The idea: The complex project has in aim to fight youth unemployment by developing necessary competences during EVS stage for the volunteers to become competitive at job market.

Activities: The EVS project will have two stages of total lenght of 5 months:

First step: long term training course (1 month) increased and intense Romanian language course combined with complex and unique non-formal education training course for EVS volunteers to get necessary competences in teaching languages with the use of non-formal methods as scheme of their future work with 3 different target groups

Second step: (4 months) EVS volunteers are using skills and abilities obtained at first stage to multiply the result of own learning by teaching others English language and/or national languages using non-formal methods

Stages (5 months) will be in 2 periods:

Stage A: starts in 1st of September 2014 – 31 th of January 2015

Stage B: starts  in 1st of February  2015 – 30th   of June 2015

Methods: non formal way of education (learning by doing) and e-learning (working in virtual space) with elements of hand craft

Tasks and objectives:

ü  EVS volunteers to organize on weekly basis language courses with elements on non-formal education for 3 different target groups.

ü  To gather at least 5 people from each target group to participate in at least 3 consecutive language workshops

ü  Promotion of Erasmus plus and non-formal education

ü  Integration to local neighbourhood

ü  Gaining skills to be independent unit at job market

Outcomes: Future EVS volunteers will learn how to become non-formal teacher of languages.


Target groups and beneficiaries: EVS volunteers will have a task to approach 3 different target groups:

a)      Kids from (0-18) – teaching languages by usage of hand craft

b)      Youth and adults (18 -50) – teaching languages using non formal methods of education

c)       Elderly (50+) – teaching languages by using e-learning methods

The point of having 3 different target groups is for the EVS volunteers to learn better all possible methods of work while teaching languages and on the same time, filling in the needs of learning methods adapted to target groups. Kids are in the need of craft work – this is the most popular and desirable method of work with this target group. Youth and adults are in need of learning non-formal methods of work after leaving school and formal education. Elderly are in the need of get in touch with IT technologies in order not to stay behind with IT and stay competitive at job market which becomes crucial at that age …

Results: the main aim of the project is to train EVS volunteers and verify in practice their abilities. Learning of how to be language teacher using the whole range of methods, with underlining their non-formal character and use these skills and abilities gained during EVS stage is for volunteers a start to become more competitive at job market back home (after EVS) or in any other EU country. Project is addressed to young people with fewer opportunities on the basis of long term unemployment.

Inspiration: project’s idea is based on multilingualism as the languages have prior role for people to become competitive at job market – it is one of the cornerstone of EU strategies because lack of language skills is the main obstacle of getting a good job as well as prevents from better education outside of own country of residence. The project is also a part of MC strategy of creating career center for young people. Career center is the facility where not only young people can get advises of how to create own career but most of all how to get new skills and abilities needed to be competitive at job market – no matter country.

Final materials: good practice guide with elements of diary – how to become non-formal teacher of languages 2014.


If You are interested and If You are:


Future EVS volunteer please send us following documents to:

– CV in EUROPASS format

– Letter of motivation in which You specify:

a). the way of engagement in activities

b). possible experience already as local volunteer back home

c). the stage period preferred


Envía esos dos documentos a especificando en el asunto “EVS ARAD LENGUAS” LO ANTES POSIBLE!