Asociatia Nationala de Dezvoltare continua a Tineretului din Romania is looking urgently for 2 volunteers for 9 month EVS stage in Craiova, Romania.
The beginning of the stage should be as soon as possible (march-april).
About the project:
Red Bracelet: is a project in the frame of European Voluntary Service in which 5 volunteers, with few opportunities, along 11 months of service in Craiova (RO):
–    Will promote among Craiova’s community the importance of blood donation;
–   Will develop step-by-step learning to learn competences through practical experiences;
The main activities that the volunteers will implement in the hosting community (in mix teams of 2-3 youngsters):
–   Recruiting activities for blood donors and promoting activities of the urgent cases in need of  blood  transfusions;
–   Development activities of the “Red Bracelet Club” (public events and campaigns pro-life);
– Workshops for the youngsters in need of blood transfusions and with other health problems (like: quilling, origami, collage method, painting etc.);
ANDCTR Craiova – National Association of supporting youth developmentfrom Romania is organized and functions in accordance with the laws in Romania, as a legal entity, being a democratic organization, professional and independent of and political or Governemnt organization. The association has its central headqaurters in Craiova City, Imparatul Traian Street, No. 7,0 Dolj County, being established on 10.04.2010 and having the acronym ANDCTR. ANDCTR was established on 2010 following the need of training and strengthening the level of youth atitude towards understanding the concept of volunteering, looking to create local points of information, surveillance and control through the promotion of research. The purpose of the association is to promote lasting development of the surrounding environment and creating eco-civical conscience for the young people concerning the implementation of a behavioural model designed to contribute to improving the atitude of young citizens on their habbitat and the quality of the environment in general. Also, ANDCTR wishes to support any young people’s intiative be it an ecological issue or social, cultural or civic, thus sustaining their implication in the life of the community. ANDCTR has a great experience in implementing YIA projects, both in coordination and partnership. ANDCTR aim is to support and promote the social responsible development of the society and the environment, through social, cultural and learning activities. Through our projects we intend to develop and to exchange good practice in the youth work with other associations around the world, aiming to provide support for youngsters from our community into any type of social initiative that they will have.
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