“YouthInsight” with “Youth inside” is a project by
Youth Public Organization “Nashe Podillia”

and is focusing on:

  • Art
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • European citizenship
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Media and communication
  • Non-formal learning
  • Volunteering


Taking place:

from 2014-10-01 till 2015-06-01
DEADLINE: 1.03.2014

The project will gather a creative, conscious, intercultural group of young people with the task of producing short audiovisual works carrying useful messages.

The project’s main idea is to gather a creative, conscious and energetic group of young people composed of representatives of different cultures with the main task of producing short audiovisual works that wield social, educational, inspirational, professional, recreational and awareness value. The videos will be disseminated in electronic networks to reach the biggest audience with the aim of entailing knowledge, impact on attitudes, reflection and positive change in the end-receivers. Along with this the team will organize the regular off-line presentations of their work called “YouthInsight” in the local community of the project’s venue multiplying the impact and informing the local community about the new “Erasmus+” youth mobility Programme. These “YouthInsight” meetings will be concluded with an audiovisual festival where other interested local youth groups will contribute their own works. The project is expected to reach the main following objectives: promoting media literacy and communication technologies skills in the participants and the end-receivers of deliverables; creativity and artistic expression of the participants; impacting the audience with the audiovisual materials’ messages and giving chance to participants to speak out on the burning topics of today; intercultural dialogue in the multinational working team and in the local community; equipping participants with leadership, language and media-oriented skills and competences for their future professional careers.
The project’s visibility and its results exploitation are reinforced with the project’s sustainability because its idea is embedded into a long-term concept under the name “Youth Intercultural Studio” which is planned to host in future more youth international initiatives based around youth media. In the current project the intercultural group will be composed of 4-5 European volunteers from different countries each having a separate sending organization and plus 4-5 Ukrainian volunteers.

– In an intercultural team producing audiovisual products: from the plot and when needed – acting, up to mixing; – Dissemination of audiovisual products in the electronic networks; – Organizing audiovisual presentations; – Organizing a final audiovisual festival; – Participation in the follow-up activities of the “Youth Intercultural Studio” project based around international youth media initiatives; – Leading language clubs on the basis of the local library [optional]; – Helping with other office duties of the host NGO.

Envíanos carta de motivación y CV a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Nosotros gestionaremos tu candidatura directamente con la organización.