ZPTM (Youth center Brežice) Slovenia, is URGENTLY looking for 1 volunteer from Spain. We’re looking for volunteer that are interested in all kind of art, music, theater, multimedia, to work with youngster, to empower young people for active participation and are eager to learn new experiences. He/she should be friendly, patient and sympathetic. We expect open minded, creative and highly motivated young people. We would like to host volunteers who have their own ideas to develop our project, who may have a specialized interest in arts & crafts, sports, theater, multimedia. Volunteer newds to speak fluent English.

Activity time: 1.3.2014-31.1.2015.
If you are interested, please send CV and Motivation letter to: e-tocka@mc-brezice.si. or planjoven@ayto-murcia.es.

Sending organization is: Ayuntamiento de Murcia, Servicio de Juventud, Spain. Email: planjoven@ayto-murcia.es