The Associazione Amici della Caritas di Ferrara – Comacchio

Unknownis a non-lucrative association which intervenes in the socioassistential field, fighting every form of disease and promoting social inclusion.

There are two centers of operations:

– the first one gather together all the places for low threshold shelter (the meal center, the kitchen, storehouses, bathrooms and showers) and

– the second one gather together the first and second level shelter, like the dormitory, the miniapartments and the Listening Center.

The main themes and the objectives of the project “Shelter in the time of crisis: from low threshold to autonomy projects” are the assistance to people with social disease and fighting poverty and social exclusion, linked with an awareness of the community to these contents, especially the young.

The project lasts twelve months and involve Italy as hosting nation, for a number of two volunteers.

The implemented activities for the volunteers are: meal service, shower service and clothes distribution, the Listening Center and miniapartments shelter, distribution of non perishable food items, dormitory shelter, guide  to the territory services. There will be also weekly meetings with the tutor and the mentor and an Italian language course. The variety of offered services permits to the volunteers to carry out not only pure manual services but also decision – making activities, which promotes everyone peculiarities increasing personal, cultural and social competences.

Enviar CV y motivation letter en ingles a  Lo antes posible, las selecciones por parte de la Asociación italiana empiezan a final del mes de enero 2014.

El proyecto empezará en mayo 2014 hasta mayo 2015