EVS project  “Social volunteering for youth empowerment”

Associazione Informagiovani, with the support of Youth in Action
Programme, is going to implement an European Voluntary Service project.



Full description of all open vacancies is in the attach and is
available online at


In order to apply for the EVS project it is necessary to be citizens
and legally resident in the country involved: Estonia, Latvia,
Portugal, Spain, Ukraine. It is necessary to send your CV in European
format whose template is available at the following link
together with motivation letter in English.

All necessary documents should be sent to
selections@informa-giovani.org clearly stating the corresponding code
which appears in the first column if the table attached below. E.g. if
you want to apply for Greece you should state  in the object of the
mail”  EVS-GR-SCI”.

Incomplete candidatures, not written in English or sent after the
deadline won’t be taken into consideration and no request for further
documents will be sent after the deadline.

However it is possible to apply for more than a EVS project sending a
separate mail for each project according with the countries involved
in ( see table below).

Deadline for sending documents is 18th November at 00.00 p.m for  EVS
projects taking place in Ukraine, Greece, Portugal Italy ( except
Isola delle Femmine) and Iceland.

Deadline for sending documents is  on the 2nd of December at 00,00
p.m. for all for  EVS projects taking place Isola delle Femmine, Italy

For further information regarding the application procedure or
additional information, it is possible to write at


Potential candidates will have time to apply for each EVS projects
according with the deadline appearing in the corresponding column of
the table attached below. After the deadline IG staff together with
the hosting organization will make a first selection and will contact
candidates, according with the additional selection criteria indicated
in the table, for a further Skype interview with the aim of assessing
motivation, knowledge of the EVS programme, deepen knowledge
concerning each specific project.

After final decision, selected candidates will be contacted to prepare
their departure, insurance enrolment and to follow a pre-departure
training in cooperation with each sending organization.

All EVS projects will last 12 months, with the exception of Italy/
Isola delle Femmine  which will last only 7months and Greece/TRAG
which will last 10 months.


All EVS projects foresee international insurance scheme, a language
course, and a mentor assigned who will follow volunteer especially in
the first phases of the project, will help her/him living in a foreign
country. Concerning tasks and working activities and programme, a
Tutor will be assigned to supervise her /his tasks.

Holidays are foreseen: 2 days will be gained after each month of
service implemented and will be taken in accordance with the hosting

If foreseen to implement activities during the week end, one free day
will be taken in the following day during the week in agreement with
the hosting organization. All volunteers will have the opportunity to
receive Youthpass certificate after the end of the whole EVS project.

For some hosting projects, as IG, or Sci Hellas or Seeds it is
possible to have a peak of activities, especially in the summer
therefore it is requested flexibility and availability in that period
especially for what concerns  long holidays which will be agreed with
the hosting organization.

Each project detail will be specified in the Skype interview and will
be clearly defined through an activity agreement which will be signed
by Coordinating organization, hosting organization, sending
organization and the volunteer.

RECUERDA decir que tu Sending Organization es Asociación MUNDUS – Un mundo a tus pies.

Nuestro número de acreditación es: 2013-ES-63.

Y si necesitas mas info sobre nosotros escribe ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com