Cute-Baby-hdwallpapersPinnochio is a child care center. They gather children from 0 till 3 years. The volunteer will take care of the children together with the staff. The volunteer will always work together with staffmembers in a group.
The mission of Pinnochio is as following:
Pinnochio is surrected for children whose parents work outside the house. In this situation the parents cannot look after their children during the day.
All children between 0 and 3 years old are welcome, every day from monday till friday from 7 o’clock in the morning till 6.30 in the evening.
Their attempt is to organise daycare that is oriented at the child and the family. The needs of the children are their main concern.
All children are welcome whatever their origin, race, life philosophy, cultural background.
Also children who are disabled are welcome.
They have all pedagogical qualities necessary for each individual child.
It is important that the children are feeling good and are happy.

The child care center is situated in a provincial town, named Peer. It is situated in the Dutch speaking north-eastern part of Belgium, in the province Limburg. Peer is known for its beautifull green environnement. The child care center is the only child care center in Peer. It is located in a green area, near the parc of the city. It is also near a home for elderly, with whom Pinnochio does a project together. Peer has no trainstation but other public transport is availabel.

The volunteer needs the necessary vaccinations. It is necessary that the volunteer brings a certificate of the doctor that he/she received this vaccinations. The vaccinations are:
– hepatitis A and B
– tetanus
– polio
– rubella
– mumps
The volunteer will need to undergo a medical examination for employment in Belgium. These are the same main conditions as the staff. This is obliged by the Belgium government because the volunteer will work with children.
AFS, the coordinating organisation, will provide a host family for the participant, as we strongly believe that this is the best introduction to the Flemish culture and a great opportunity to integrate in the local community. The host family will provide lodging and food. They will be living close to the project and will be Dutch-speaking. AFS encourages the host family to use Dutch as a communication language with the volunteer, to help him/her to practise the Dutch language.



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