“Unlock Your Creativity: Be Entrepreneur” will be organised in Çıralı “Olympos Ancient
City”/Antalya (Turkiye) on 27 September- 3 October 2013 by participation of organisations
from 12 countries. (Armenia, Albania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain,
Lithuania, Russia and Turkiye). Each partner organization will have 2 participants for this
training course. The hosting organisation will be International Relations Studies of Turkey.
There is no age limit for participants who will take part in this training course.
The training course “Unlock your creativity: Be Entrepreneur” is developed with the motto
that “a goal of every living creature is to break out of the box.”
Creative entrepreneurship is a path to stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative, their
ability to think imaginatively and originally, their readiness to take risk in order to achieve
economic, political, social or environmental goals.
During the six days training course we will implement activities and exercises that strengthen
some of these basic creative entrepreneurship competence: team-building, facilitation,
communication, intercultural competence and creative thinking skills.
We will explore why creative thinking is considered a core entrepreneurship skill and
enhance participants’ power as entrepreneurs by increasing their ability to think creatively.
The training course will contribute not only to the personal development of the participants,
but also promote exchange of best practices and establishment of new connections among
all over the Europe.
%70 of transportation costs of all participants will be covered by project budget. So all
participants (by their partner organisation) will have to buy their tickets from home to Çıralı “Olympos Ancient City” (Turkiye) and we will pay %70 of it during project activities by cash.
During project we will host you in complex which is one of the most famous pension in
Olympos Ancient City “Olympos Captain Eudemos Pansion” with its charming bungalows.
You can find more information about Project Venue and hosting place below.
All costs related to accomodation, and food (3 meals per day “breakfast, lunch, supper” &
coffee breaks) will be covered by project budget as well. Limits of transportation costs for
partner countries are:

*Participants from Spain: %100 “500 €” – %70 “350 €” will be reimbused per participant
total %100 for whole group will be 1000 € and %70 will be 700 € (max.) reimbursement for
whole 2 participants.

Don’t forget to bring invoices of your tickets, since we can not reimburse anything without
documentation. Boarding passes are also very important as well.
Antalya is easy to reach from all around Europe since it is one of the most important city in
Turkiye with developed touristic facilities. You can find direct flights from Istanbul and
Ankara easily. (3-5 flights per day). You can also try to transit via İzmir if it will be necessary
as well since you have opportunity to use buses. You can check tickets and flights from,,,,, for domestic flights. If we will be able to decide
about common meeting place for most of people or airport then we will also arrange
transportation from these points to Project venue for you not to have any difficulties,
otherwise everybody will be responsible with their own transportation. You can also contact
with us about transportation issues for us to support you during whole process.
Comfortable clothes and shoes for workshops which we will organize in indoor and
outdoor atmosphere, slippers. Camera if you would like to keep your memories after the
project and laptop you can bring on your own risk. Photos will be taken during project by our
team as well and at the end of the project we will share DVDs with all partner organizations
before departure.
Don’t forget to bring good mood since you will have chance to spend your time during end
of summer for Antalya. Be ready for unlimited fun and party as well.
Traditional food, drink and souvenirs for intercultural night activities. It would be nice to
prepare some interesting presentations of your country but not Youtube videos. You can
teach your songs and dances to all participants when you will have the stage.
The participants are themselves responsible to get a travel insurance. If anyone who uses
medicine should bring with themselves. We don’t give any medicines and we don’t cover
insurance fees.

If anyone who is vegan or vegetarian in your group (or who has some allergic problems),
please inform us about this. It is especially important for us to know about
diets/allergies/special needs. We would not like to give kebab to participants who are
vegetarian so we should prepare some alternatives for them from before😉


Alojamiento cubierto 100%

Transporte cubierto 70%

Cuota de socio Mundus: 40 euros que da derecho a participar en todos los intercambios de 2013 y 2014 (Promoción actual).!hazte-socio/co6q