“EU In Parliament”


The period of the service : 01.03.2014 – 30.10.2014

The placement: Braila district, Romania

Volunteer´s profile:

We wish to receive volunteers with reduced opportunities, but who are strongly motivated to perform voluntary activities during the stage, who are willing to learn Romanian, to adapt and to work with young people from urban and rural areas, promoting the principles and the values of the European Union, focusing on the importance of the European Parliament and the vote system.

It would be great if the youngsters who take part in the stage had knowledge of social or political sciences, they knew or wanted to know the electoral system for the European system and wanted to get involved in promoting this information.

Moreover, these youngsters should have the following qualities: punctuality, seriousness, good English language skills, they should be communicative, capable of speaking and make themselves understood by a group of people.

The European volunteers will develop the following topics:

  • The European Union-principles and values
  • The European Union´s Institutions-importance, role, attributions, focusing on the European


  • The reprezentativeness and civic participation at European Union level

If you are interested in being a volunteer in our Project, we ask you to please send your CV and Motivation Letter to the following email address: sev.apd@gmail.com

Deadline 20.09.13

Our Project proposes two important objectives:

The First Objective: increasing the degree of understanding of the youngsters regarding the principles values, institutions and public politics of the European Union.

* The activities proposed to reach this objective:

  • The approach, during some study modules, of topics referring to the principles and values of the European construction, the structure and the importance of the European Union´s institutions, the reprezentativeness and civic participation in the European Union.
  • The organisation of informing campaigns regarding the approached topic through the involvement of the Pro Democracy Clubs from high-schools in Braila;
  • The volunteers from the participating countries in this project will have to learn to work in a team with the Pro Democracy Clubs, developing projects that will have as target groups of poor and rejected youngsters;
  • The organisation of a vote process simulation for the European Parliament, after the informing campaign, about what it means to be a member in the Europeam Parliament;
  • The support of the youngsters from Pro Democracy Clubs who will be proposed to subscribe to be voters on voting cards during this vote process simulation, in order to result an electoral campaign simulation;
  • The preparation of supplimentary materials and the spreading of the information, regarding the European Parliament in EU and the relationship between the citizens and the Parliament.


The second objective: the increase of involving degree of European youngsters, starting from the active citizenship principle and the relationship between the European citizen and the European Parliament.

* The activities proposed to achieve this objectiv:

  • The organisation of informing seminars in schools where there are Pro Democracy Clubs, on

topics concerning the European Union and the European Parliament, participatory democacy and

,      the relationship between the European citizens and the European Parliament;

  • Spreading Pro Democracy Club´s network and the vote process simulation for the European


  • The development of the younster´s capacity to work in a team regarding the organisation of some

projects that will address to the poor and rejected young people;

  • The meeting with European Parliamentaries who will speak about the relationship between the

European citizens and the European parliamentary;

  • The preparation of a brochure called „EU in the Parliament” which will contain information about the European Union and the European Parliament, the organisation of the vote process simulation through the Pro Democracy Club, testimonies of European the volunteers.

Mundus escogerá a 2 voluntarios. Lo escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a:  ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com

Deadline es 20 de septiembre a las 12AM.