” Think once,think twice,think Dance-3′ is finally ready!

Volunteers will have an amazing experience of Short Term EVS in Bodrum.


What is our project about?

We organize International Bodrum Dance Festival every year in May.
Many dancers from all over the world meet in Bodrum and take part in
several cultural activities as well. Our volunteers will be working
with us on preparations of this festival and also they will be
actively taking part during the festival. Our EVS activity starts on
1st  of May 2014 and ends 1st  of June 2014.

What are the proposed activities for Volunteers?

The program of the project for volunteers is based on one block:

Work related activities:

·       to promote YiA programs and EVS program itself by writing
articles on our club magazine, website, blog

·       to join club activities with local members

·       to work on info stands and festival promotion desks in bodrum
centre and surrounding towns to promote Dance Festival.

·       to take part in the dance cerography with other volunteers to
perform on the first day of the Festival and take photos or shoot
videos from preparation period in order to make a film to introduce
EVS Project and Festival in the future

·       to work in the Bodrum Dance Club EVS Office 1 day together
with another volunteer. During the day volunteer will find new
contacts for future cooperation with possible dance and youth clubs
from Program countries regarding festivals and volunteer’s home
country itself. Additionally to promote the event in European youth
Networks by sending information about Festival.

·       To help the festival committee members on guiding the festival
partner country groups during the Festival days.

·       to introduce their country and city , culture to local
community by informal meetings

The draft program might be flexible due to changes in the festival
organization. However volunteer will be informed about the changes in

Working hours will not exceed 35 hours in a week. Volunteer can use
weekends for attending our cultural activities in Bodrum Peninsula.

The total amount of volunteers are 30. Each NGO will send 2.

Mundus escogerá a dos voluntarios. Los escogerá directamente el equipo Mundus de entre vuestras candidaturas.

Enviadnos CV y carta de motivación en inglés a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com


Mucho ánimo y suerte!