EVS project “Making choices, doing changes” .


Project will aim in development of virtual community, usage of innovative internet tools for promotion of active citizenship, European Parliamentary elections in 2014 and designing initiatives for local neighbourhood.  Deadline of the application is 3rd of September 2013.

EVS project is divided into two stages: in first stage EVS volunteers will develop local virtual community surrounded around special topics such as healthy lifestyle, freedom of speech or sport activities. Virtual community will be developed through internet tools such as blog, microblog, videoblog, motivational quotes and other tools of interaction between people in virtual world. Through those internet activities EVS volunteers will promote also European parliamentary elections in may 2014. After elections, during the second stage of the EVS with the use of the same internet tools EVS volunteers will develop initiatives for local neighbourhood which can be sustainable in future within framework of virtual community. Total duration of the project is 5 months.

Project will contain elements of sport – through regular sport activities such as weekly running or riding a bike EVS volunteers will get integrated into local society, find target groups and complete tasks / objectives of the project in both dimensions: virtual and in real life. We offer balanced and healthy style of EVS activities: indoors and outdoors.

Project will take place in Arad in west Romania, starting from march 2014. Duration of the project is 5 months.

Conditions are determined by EVS rules. We provide food, accommodation, training cycle and travel costs refund within Youth in Action programme rules and budget for action 2 (at least 90% of travel costs).

We address this project especially to young people with fewer opportunities.

En éste proyecto Mundus participa como partner, enviamos 3 voluntarios, y ya tenemos escogido a uno de los 3.
Por lo que buscamos 2 voluntarios con urgencia interesados en el proyecto y en vivir una experiencia de 5 meses en ARAD, Rumania.
Here you have new info about hosting organization:
Millennium Center reference number is 2011-RO-43
Millennium Center website is: http://centrulmillennium.ro/en/ .
You can find there links to more up to date projects.
We are also present on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211406372224345/
Enviar CV y carta de motivación a ingrid.unmundoatuspies@gmail.com
El equipo Mundus realizará la selección de los candidatos en los próximos días.
Encontrad mas info sobre la ciudad aquí: