• Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Greece

  • Contact person: NGO CIVISplus
  • Organisation: NGO CIVISplus
  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Deadline: 12/09/2013
  • Start: 01/02/2014
  • End: 31/01/2015


  • We are looking for volunteers for the project “We R Game”, a European Voluntary Service plan in the context of YiA program, Action 2, with duration from September 2013-August 2014.
    It will take place in Athens, Greece and it will last 12 months. Our organization, NGO CIVISplus, will organize the action and will host two (2) volunteers.The volunteers will participate in two actions.Action 1
    Our organization will “adopt” the park «88 Stremmata”, in the Municipality of Korydallos, and it will undertake its care, training activities to preschool children to promote interaction with the environment, as well as the implementation of activities that will raise awareness of children and adults in order to make their town more beautiful through volunteering.Action 2
    As part of our interest in creative exploitation of the young’s leisure time, our organization will uptake the creation of an interactive-moving chess, in which children and young people are going to participate, as well as anyone interested in mind and strategic games.The action will take place in cultural halls of Athens, cinemas and theatres, and players will be primary school children. The activities will concern: theatrical plays so that the children will meet and learn chess in a creative way, games where the children themselves will participate as pawns but also as players, projections with chess’s history, strategic and mind games, seminars from specialists and players of chess.If you are interested please download the volunteer data form, fill it in and send it to: youth@civisplus.gr


Action 1 tasks •Cleaning and taking care of the park •Basic activities on gardening in order to promote the place, making it more friendly and teaching gardening to preschool children •Helping the children throughout the activities of creating a herbarium, adopting and taking care of plants to promote volunteering and the spirit of an active citizen •Updating and promotion of the action at schools and the community, promotion of volunteering •Creating things depending on their own personal knowledge and abilities (ex. making sites or videos, designing posters etc.) •Promotion and dissemination of the action (through the internet, the local media, etc.) •Exchange of opinions and cultural elements, interaction with children Action 2 tasks • Preparation and help on the plays, and the backstage • Preparation and implementation of the projections, use of projector • Participation in teaching the children chess • Playing and interacting with the children • Contribution with their ideas- and their implementation- for a more creative and effective presentation/planning of the game etc. • Participation with creations depending on their own personal knowledge and abilities (ex. making sites or videos, designing posters, ideas for the children’s costumes etc.) • Creative activities of their own inspiration and initiative • Making of memorabilia • Communication and interaction with children and people • Informing the children of better ways to pass their leisure time • Exchange of cultural elements on the strategic games of their own country The volunteers will be responsible to implement their activities and to take initiatives in the context of our action throughout their service


• Age 18-30 • No specific training/knowledge (training will be provided) • Knowledge of English language • Interest in environment & strategic games • Love to interact with children • Believe in volunteering

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